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8/6/2021 The morning cook has no experience at all. He or she did a very sloppy job on my food. I also ordered a side of hash browns and i feel like i got ripped off. Never coming here again due to the fact that the cook did a very sloppy job on my food and ripped me off.

Frank Garcia

Got seated fast given the time we went, but when we got our drinks the server spilled the coffee on one of us. And kinda just stared at him while he was trying to wipe the hot drink off him. No urgency to help out. When she came back she brought a stack of napkins and cleaned the table.. not asking once if he was okay or apologized

Susan Huerta

Had the pot roast carets need a lil more cooking but it was good

Jane Gutierrez

Family favorite place to go. Have many options to get food. Would like to dine in nect time

Jenny H

I like that they do kids eat free every night but its 2 adults per 1 free kids meal but hey a free meal is a free meal. We had quick service which was a pleasant surprise. Extra points bc my hubby loved the french toast. He noticed that the cook that night dusted them w cinnasugar which he had never had at any other dennys. I got a half order of the zesty nachos and didnt finish them , they were so filling!

Lee J.

Cmon Denny's on Herndon, y'all screwing up the orders. Me and my wife's order was messed up. She said no lettuce but theres lettuce on her burger. I didn't get a hashbrown on my slam burger. These are simple and they're still messing up the orders. Im giving the location 3 stars because the order was done the time they said it would be done. And because the meal was still very much edible.

Laura R.

The food is good! BUT the service is so bad. I come from work super tired around 1 am just wishing to go eat something after a long day. I go in and the cashiers/servers talking while I was standing there for five minutes, I get someone after that time and I take a seat then again I'm here sitting down for 10 minutes now and no one came to take my order...I let 5 more minutes pass and guess what? No one has came to take my order :/

Ashley Lawrence

Worst experience ever it was late I got there around 10:10 PM we were there late because I’ve been going to the hospital every day for the last week so I’m tired and my kids are hungry nobody came to our table to ask us for drinks or anything no menus for about 30 minutes finally got the menus and drinks we ordered first my daughter got her plate another 30 something minutes later then 10 minutes after that my son got his plate about 20 to 30 minutes I got my plate by the time I got my plate they were done and with my daughters meal she didn’t even get her pancakes until right before we left and my son was still waiting on his hot chocolate and it wasn’t even busy I never and the girl was completely rude Mind you I’ve been at the hospital with my husband for four days already so I was super tired all-around bad experience

Samantha Holdaway

Very slow service. Very crowded and noisy. It took a while for someone to come take my order. Food came out at a decent time. My server wasn’t very attentive. The food wasn’t good and not worth the price raise.

Amber S.

If you want burnt sandwiches order from here. We tried speaking to a manager & she completely blew me off. I understand business are busy so I tried to talk to the manager about the situation & she told me I had to take it with Door Dash. Why then? They didn't cook my food. I can see now why they 2 stars

Eric Morrison

Was seated fairly quick. Sat for 20 minutes with just menus, no water or drink order. Had to go to the register to get service.

Blanca Durán

great service delicious food

Krystal Garcia

I ordered ahead via App, very simple,only took 20 mins or so. It was on time nice and hot.the order was right and the food was really good!! We even got plastic forks and some paper plates. This order was also later in evening if that makes a difference????

Kirenia Ayako

This place used to have good food. What we had today was terrible. My grandmother's tea was off colored and tasted awful. They didn't have soup, there was only one kind of diet soda, her burger had no seasoning. My marinara sauce was watery, my "seasoned" fries, were barely seasoned , shriveled up, and close to burnt. My onion rings where mushy and slimy on the inside, and my chicken was so hard I could barely get my fork in, and there was no chance of cutting it. The only decent part of the meal was my mozzarella sticks, but even they had problems as the cheese was tough and chewy. While the restaurant had a bad odor that was like sewage.We agree that this was by far the worst meal we've ever had.

Mario Flores

SERVICE was perfect. Food was so good we didn't talk until we were done.

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