Fosters Freeze

2373 E Whitmore Ave, Ceres
(209) 538-8620

Recent Reviews

Julie Duran-Soriano

Very nice staff, clean eating area, good food, indoor & outdoor seating options

Marisela .Alcantar

The Texas Toast BLT is delicious! Food is great and service too!

Cole Robert

Very friendly workers and the food i got was awesome,I dined inside and as I was walking out the door a worker told me to have a great day and thought that was really nice that I was noticed

Laura Powell

Foster freeze what can I say but Mmmmmm Banana splits are awesome,burgers are great service is good kinda high priced but worth it.

Jane Gutierrez

Been coming here since high school back in the 90s. Great place to get a corn dog, burger, chicken sandwich with milk shakes. And still have the weekday special for the day.

Sherryl L.

Fosters Freeze failed me today. Hadn't been here in years, and won't rush back. Long slow drive thru line, $10 for a basic combo meal (which they got the special order wrong). Got cold fries. Asked for sweet and low sugar, told there was none only later to be offered a packet out of a large jar of sweet and low packets, and couldn't get a receipt as machine was not working. Too many choices in Ceres for a burger, this location lost my business today.


Love this place, food is delicious homemade sooo good!

Eddie R.

Placed an order thru grubhub. After 20 minutes I arrived to pick up my order. The girl at the front counter informed me that they had not turned on their tablet. An older Indian lady came to the counter, I showed her my email verifying my order. She was very rude and unapologetic. With all that's going on these days and so many businesses failing, customer service is key. I will never return to this Foster freeze.

Monica H.

Ordered a Number#2. Hamburger patty was rubber on the outside and frozen in the center! It wasn't busy either. LAAAAAAZY!!

Jose Tachiquin

Stopped by today and us Some great Burgers

Kayla Hudson

Fries are super fresh and really good and their twisters are something I will always come for. Pricey but worth it!

Carrie Brambila

Frosted freeze will be my lunch place at least 1 or probably more a week fast food! The food was delicious! To fully for desert but they will see me REALLY SOON. THANKS F.F LOL

Trish Rocha

This place is the best. My fave is the single bacon extreme cheeseburger and a large cold brew mocha shake. Their food makes up for where their lacking everywhere else.

Angel Parmley

The food was good and fresh, customer service just as good and my order was accurate which don't happen at other places often so that was great. But it is a little pricey for fast food. But overall it was a good experience and I will return.

Steve Soto

One of the worst experiences I’ve had, we waited 40mins for our food to be ready, which it wasn’t then the manager finally got involved and was insinuating that we received our food and we weren’t leaving the premises. How are we going to leave if we never got our food. Horrible service and attitude from the manager.

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