Sunlight Indian Cuisine

1775 Mitchell Rd, Ceres
(209) 538-3300

Recent Reviews

Vignesh Raju

Cheap home cooked meal. They were about to accommodate our vegan requests

Kimberley I

Awesome food!! This was only my second time having indian food and I am so happy I chose this place. I will be back real soon!!!

Nick Sam

$11 for a small order of butter chicken, and this is all the chicken in it (not counting the butter chicken curry). Waste of money, barely enough meat for one person.

Gary Burns

Fabulous FoodLove their flavorsClean Restaurant

Best B.

First visit to this restaurant and it was a very good experience. I was craving some butter chicken and Naan for lunch. Popped in to place an order to go. The service was very good and very friendly. Took about 20 minutes to complete my order and they even apologized for the wait. (Not necessary). Order was as expected and I like the plastic wrap applied to the container so to prevent spillage. The butter chicken had excellent flavor and just the right level of spice as I asked for. I will return to order other items as well as more butter chicken... Thank you.


Hours were updated as Monday being open, showed up and that was not true. Closed on Mondays ?‍♂️ not making the trip here anymore if their info is inaccurateEdit: business responded and claim Mondays bring close is a recent change even though their hours were updated 2 weeks prior to my visit. BTW verify your business on Google if you feel like owning the company is the only option to change info, I have a business page on here too and know how it works

Ernesto C.

Not sure about all the recent bad reviews. Just started trying this place and I will forever be a customer. My food has been on time the last 3x I have ordered. Customer service was good. My food has been hot and ready. I've had the tika masala and the butter chicken. Sooo good. Will be ordering again.

Vibin Aravindakshan

This place was awesome, with wide seating areas and excellent service. Grabbed some snacks yesterday and would have grabbed lunch if we had planned in advance. High quality and inexpensive food. The manager and attendants were very courteous. Wanted to offer a 50% tip, though they were fine with no tips. A must visit for any Indian gastronome.

Misti S.

Horrible customer service!! Ordered food on the phone and told it was going to be an hour. Showed up to pick it up and they gave our food to the wrong person or lost the tag, they weren't sure. Told us we would have to wait another hour if we wanted to reorder and didn't even try to make it right. Stay for away from these crazy people!!!!

Joshua Smith

Words can't say how good the food is or how nice the staff is

Zachary B

I told my friends about this place with my warmest recommendations. I go their often. This recommendation is always successful. The the cooking is delicious and the crew is attentive and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place we enjoy a pleasing time. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Jezy L.

Service was terrible! I ordered at 5:15pm, the person answering said in 30 - 40 min. I arrived to pick up my food at 6. She asked what my order was. I said there was a lot, I don't remember but I told her a few of the order that I could remember. I waited and waited, she helped everyone with their order but mine. After waiting 20 more minutes, I asked how much longer, she then responds, what was your order again? Others came in who called in after I arrived & were still helped before I was. That's when I walked.


Second time trying this place. Ordered chicken curry with a side of rice for a whopping $13 which was over priced. Asked for spicy and got mild, chicken was tender but the curry was more soup and less saucy. Overall very bland tasting and would not recommend. Indian is supposed to have flavor and this did not. Hope they improve.

Vishal S.

Chef was too rude, when we asked him to change little bit in our order, as we like to eat spicy food. But he didn't changed anything and given us food, which was not fully cooked too.

Jesse Chong

Took my wife to try out Indian cuisine for the first time(she didn't grow up in a cultured environment). The staff was courteous and patient and knew exactly what to suggest and even made modifications to their butter chicken recipe. My wife loved it and said it was right up her alley. Kudos to the owner of this establishment, You have a talented team working for you. Treat them well.

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