Urhal Cafeteria

2016 Central Ave, Ceres
(209) 918-2010

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John N.

Hello we went to bingo the other day
Me and my wife we attend quite a bit but that night we won so it was our night I guesss but then we win three time that evening blazing balls olive oil and Betty boop
I was shocked but it is what it is
So I would tip the people but there was one person that wanted bigger tip since she was the one giving the pool tabs to us but it happen that we won by her selling us the pool tabs then this particular volunteer her name is Julie she was nice at first and then she would come and sell us some pool tabs everything going great until she talked around to the other volunteers and told them don't go to that person cause he don't tip well so no one came to us and sell us any pool tabs or anything Mind you I was tipping the caller and the person counting me the money plus I was nice enough to give the person that sold me the winning pool tab but she was expecting more of a tip and. She told me directly to me and my wife the only one that was grateful was Alfred the bingo caller he. Was nice to us all night long we love this place but the greed has to stop and if you can't handle it don't be a volunteer if you want to contact me my name is John my phone number is 2093031209 I would love to speak to the owner of urhai
I spoke to the owner tony and he is resolving the matter thank you very much

Bluddy M.

There cool friendly people the bingo is fun and exciting not too hard to catch on the price is reasonable. And I feel like I have a chance at winning although sometimes I go for a long period of nothing it's a fun night with the family always.

Jackie George

Could be a little better variety

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