Gen Korean BBQ

390 McKinley Street #114 & 115, Corona
(951) 737-7739

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Allen Y.

This shit is straight TRASH! Food is horrible, MFs said we were getting food that they didn't even make twice! Service is trash, no liquor at this MF, and you literally have to season and cut up your own food! I could've just made dinner if I was gone have to do all the fuckin work! Fuck this place! Gen Korean BBQ House you MFs suck!

Kristen V.

The food is AMAZING! The service is great, and the atmosphere is a fun experience. It's worth the long wait for a table, This is a good place for any occasion, a casual Sunday dinner to a stellar birthday celebration!

Kevin Aparicio

Staff is super friendly and helpful. Food was good. The experience is interesting but if you are cooking the meats and you got a big group, you can feel like a line cook.

Albert N.

Watched a curly hair guy walk from using the restroom, to the sink, proceed to wash his black gloved hands instead of tossing them, and then pick up fallen papertowels from the overflowing trash bin, then head directly into the kitchen...hope he isnt handling food, or exchanged his gloves out. Had a decent time though, waited a whole hour but the food was near wait-less the moment I sat down and ordered. Lychee sojul is really cool.

Yesenia C.

Was so excited to show my husband this place. Unfortunately it was a bad experience. When we arrived we were told 30-45 mins. An hour later we asked how much longer and the hostess told us 15-20 mins. 45 more mins passed and we were told a table was being cleaned. Fast forward 15 more mins we were ready to leave. We waited a total of 2 hours and 30 mins. We finally sat down and my husband rice had a hair in it and our plates were dirty. The waiter saved the day tho. I don't remember his name but he made the night better by being very attentive to us. Unfortunately today was a overall bad dinner experience. If your not hungry and don't mind waiting 2 plus hours, this is the place for you!

Hannah D.

Great food, great staff, and great music blasting for a great night out. I love their glass noodles!

Cadi Gal

The wait was worth it. Tasty food, good ambiance and the service is good too. Always asking if we were OK, if we needed any more items, etc.

Raul Cervantes

Waiter spilled sweet ice tea all over my girlfriend's clothes, purse and food. I would have figured management would at least offer some sort of discount or something but they did not. We kept calm the whole time after the experience. All they did was replace the affected all you can eat food. VERY bad experience!

Lucian G.

Justin was great; thank you Justin for providing such a professional service . Fast service; kept track of all orders and requests.

Theresa M.

Wow! This place is not how it used to be. Their standards have dropped significantly!!! The sides weren't brought out to us in the beginning of our meal like it used to be. And when we finally received our sides, we were halfway through our meal! And the only sides we received were the kimchi, some pickled radishes and the cucumber. Those three items. We didn't get the potato salad or the salad bowl. The pickled cucumber had also gone bad. It tasted stale and old. It wasn't fresh. The rice bowl they brought out was a little Krispy and cold. You can tell it had been sitting out for a while before brought to our table. The music was too loud. I don't remember it being so loud. We couldn't hear our server w his mask on. As dinner service was progressing, the server eventually dropped his mask down so we can see his lips while he was helping us. The only thing that was good was the constant grill change. This place used to be good, but the standards are not the same and I won't be returning. Just FYI. Go to Orange County if you want really want good quality Korean BBQ. But if you're ok with lower standards in quality of food, then knock yourself out with this location.

Lisa S.

Amazing food!! This was our first ever Korean BBQ experience and it did not disappoint!! Great customer service too! We have been back twice and we've gotten the same waiter twice now. Ask for Sebastian or "Seabass" for short! He's awesome!! We'll definitely be back!!

Yadira C.

Good food but great service by Joanne. K. She recommended a ton of options, and was very polite. Gave great customer service.

Arthur P.

Cory is such a party. He sings well. The service was awesome. The recommendation on the brisket was my favorite. I hope that Cory serves us next time. Great job, GEN staff! Positive experience.

erika t.

Everything was good but the waiter was rude. He dropped the hot sauce on me and it landed on my shirt and jeans and sandals and even my son got some on his leg. He just said oh sorry but in a rude way and he walked away, didn't bother to bring napkins instead he went to go sing happy birthday to another person. I had to walk to the bathroom to clean up. I love Gens but that guy was just rude and he had an attitude the whole time we order food or anything in general.


Woulda been 1 star but the food was decent.Can't split a check "due to the safety of employees touching two different payment cards" (cuz, y'know, they aren't touching plates, cups, utensils, tables, and other surfaces).Who runs out of rice paper at 8 o'clock on a Monday?Also, out of beef tongue (due to supply issues) - I guess all the cows got COVID and lost their taste?

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