Kra Z Kai's BBQ

1218 Magnolia Ave STE 110, Corona
(951) 268-6968

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Jois Lee

The best food around here. I don't even like BBQ that much but wow. The sticky rice, som tum (or the Laos version of it), and variety of bbq meats were incredible. Oh and Laos iced tea was fire too.

Sarah L.

Their mixed plate is bomb dot com! Get it so you can try each of the meat that they offer. It also comes with I think two different sauces which go well with the meat and rice. I like to shred all the meats off of the bone first and mixed it in the rice with the sauces. Their papaya salad is on point! If you're not a huge on spicy foods, make sure you get the mild papaya salad. Even the mild makes me sweat a little bit! I'm writing this review as I'm eating it because it's so good I couldn't wait to share it with the world! **drools**

Haviz K.

Food wass fab, will definitely visit them again, seevice was amazing, so do their work!

Kevin K.

Was in the area and saw 5 stars with over 500 reviews and decided to stop by. WOW throughly impressed by the food I usually don't get pork because I hate how you can kinda smell/taste that porkieness? LOL but their pork bbq was so good and my friend got beef short ribs that were equally delicious. The flavor is just right perfect blend of sweet and savory for both dishes. Staff was VERY friendly and gave good recommendations. Definitely coming back ! If you're in the area or craving some bbq come here!

Cilla P.

5 stars! Very fresh authentic and made to order. I love the meat combo w sticky rice papaya salad is good too.

Victoria S.

My goodness! Finding an authentic Lao restaurant has been a hunt. But THIS IS IT!!! Growing up in a Lao household, I've noticed that my tastes are particular and I only like my mom's cooking. This is the only Lao restaurant I've found worth trying, as of now. We were greeted warmly by the workers and decided to dine in. Service was great! We were checked in on every so often and were more than satisfied with how attentive the workers are. I have not had Lao beef jerky in years. I used to eat it homemade and this dish brought me back to eating beef jerky in the summer time as a kid. Absolutely addicting especially with sticky rice. The other plates with the BBQ mix was delicious. The meat was tender, flavorful, and went well with the papaya salad. This papaya salad was delicious: spicy and crispy. Texture is everything. If you've never had Lao food, this is your sign to try it. PRO TIP: eat with your hands.

Mike L.

It's been several weeks since my family stopped by the Corona location for dinner on a Saturday night. The reason for delay was I was trying to come to the realization that unfortunately, despite the multiple glowing five star reviews for Kra Z Kai's Laotian Barbeque, I knew I was not going to be one of them. We walked in to an empty restaurant around 1845 hours. The staff was friendly but not engaging or really that helpful, even when I mentioned this was our first time trying Lao cuisine. We have never had papaya salad so that was something my wife and I wanted to try. We also ordered two plates of the Lao Beef Dip and I ordered the Lao BBQ Mix plate with sticky rice. My wife and son enjoyed their marinated beef. While all the meats on my BBQ plate were flavorful and moist, the only item I really enjoyed and would definitely order anytime from Kra Z Kai's would be the Lao sausage. That was sheer porky goodness. The chicken while flavorful and moist, reminded me of my own marinade I make for my BBQed chicken. The same for the BBQ beef rib. The papaya salad was not in the flavor profile we were expecting and while I enjoy fish sauce, I prefer not be able to smell it in any dish, like I did with this salad. Overall, I realize that both locations of this restaurant are very popular, seeing the lines for the one located at Rodeo 39, but we won't be part of those crowds.

Oscar A.

Food was great, service pretty good too. Just a bit more casual than what we expected. Pricing was fair, and portions were good too (got 2 bbq mix, beef jerky and papaya salad - plenty for 4 people).

Shaun C.

Hidden gem. Great food and great service. We tried: Pork ribs Short ribs Sausage Beef dip Chicken thigh Every single item took us to flavor town, to quote the one and only Guy Fieri(unfortunately not the case with his restaurants). The pork ribs, the spicy sauce for the beef dip, and the sausage were the standouts. Looking forward to trying the jerky next time because that looks great as well.

J Bad

You seriously need to do yourself a favor and visit this Amazing spot.This is one of my favorite BBQ spots in California service is unmatched The staff truly cares about your experience. The food is absolutely amazing everything we tasted is delicious Try the fried Rice & the beef Short Ribs ,the chicken Is delightful too .Absolutely the best meal we had anywhere outside our home in while .Highly recommend!Well done ✅.

Maryanne M.

I just recently moved to the IE from Northern CA and I was really craving a good substitution for Hmong food! This location really hit home for me. I usually get the BBQ Mix plate w/ Sticky Rice which comes with a little bit of everything so I could try it all. This plate is a good amount of food so it can be easily split between two people or saved for leftovers! However, if you aren't looking for too much food, the sausages are a must try (always with sticky rice!). & while you're at it, order a Lao Iced Tea as well - it's creamy and sweet! The service here is always great! They don't make your drink until your order is ready which is nice so it doesn't get diluted by the ice. & the cooks are accommodating; willing to substitute meats if they run out of others. Give this place a try & you won't be disappointed!

Joe B.

You seriously need to do yourself a favor and visit this Amazing spot. This is one of my favorite BBQ spots in California service is unmatched The staff truly cares about your experience. The food is absolutely amazing everything we tasted is delicious Absolutely the best meal we had anywhere outside our home in while . Highly recommend! Well done .

Ntxhi S.

I was really excited about Laotian food near me. I order two combinations platters and substituted the salads for papaya salad. While I was eating the papaya salad, I bit into something hard and found that it was a piece of plastic!!!! Not what I wanted in my papaya salad. Overall, the taste of the food was only ok. I'm very familiar to Laotian food as I'm part of a small ethnic group from Laos. I found the restaurant through a Laotian community group and was looking forward to support. Very disappointing.

Byron Jackson

LOVE this place. This was my first time here as well as my first time trying Laotian food and I am so glad I did.

Manuel Urieta

First time here, and it's really great Bar B Q. Real authentic and fresh.

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