Tokai Sushi

2279 Eagle Glen Pkwy, Corona
(951) 340-0443

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Honestly the lowest grade sushi I’ve ever had I absolutely hated it

Houzhen Q.

This sushi restaurant is located in a commercial area, only 7 minutes away from my home so I often pass by and see it. I haven't tried it before due to COVID-19, but recently I decided to buy some sushi home, so this week I came to Tokai Sushi. After arriving at Tokai Sushi, the waiter greeted us. Since I was taking away, I waited ~25 minutes. During the waiting time, I observed the entire restaurant. The restaurant is small but the decoration is exquisite. You can directly see the sushi chef making sushi when you enter the door. The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is very good. In addition, I also used their restrooms, which are very clean and well decorated. This time I ordered 6 dishes in total, namely Crunch Roll, Seaweed Salad, Soft Shell Crab, Shrimp Love Roll, Miso soup and Squid Sushi. After I went home to taste, Soft Shell Crab and Miso soup were similar to other Japanese ingredients. The crunch roll has a crispy skin and tastes very good, and it is very refreshing with ginger slices and mustard. Seaweed Salad has no fishy smell and is a very good appetizer. Shrimp Love Roll tastes very good too, the shrimp inside is very elastic. The last one is Squid Sushi. I just want to try this sushi, but I like this sushi very much after eating it because its squid meat is very tender and elastic, and it tastes very good with soy sauce. I think this sushi restaurant is very good and will try other kinds of sushi in the future.

Ross Farina

Favorite sushi restaurant in Corona. Staff is always friendly and the fish is fresh and delicious

william pineda

Excellent place for taking you dinner good food

Karie T.

Delicious! Fast! Friendly! I ordered and was told it would take 20 minutes, came back in 12 minutes and they were just wrapping it up for me to pick up. Everything tasted great. Super fresh ingredients. Perfect tempura veggies and delicious sushi!

Savannah Rose S.

Great Quality. Best Salmon Nigiri I have had in a long time. The fish is good quality and they give enough rice under the fish cut. Also pictured is the chicken fried rice which was very delicious. I'm here on vacation and have come back three times because it was so delicious!

mario zapata

Always great sushi. Never disappoints. ??

Lara Lingwall-Overstreet

Friendly service, big portions.

Shabe A.

Wasn't worth the money and you can go eat or you can eat cheaper price and I would understand at the quality of the fish was good but mediocre quality high price don't waste your time Mediocre quality high price !!! For this price you could go down the street and get all you can eat High prices low quality No all you can eat Great customer service though

Glenn Roath

the best sushi in the Inland Empire

Amy L.

We finally found a sushi restaurant to take out. My husband I tried to find a good take out Sushi restaurant for past years. We placed orders for delivery and take out from many sushi places. However we were hardly satisfied with the qualities and the services. Tokai Sushi is the one we could get the same pleasant as dining in experience with take out food. We ordered Chirashi bowls and it came with good size of sashims and so fresh. We loved it. The packaging was awesome and clean. I would definitely come back again for take out and dine-in for future. We highly recommend Tokai Sushi for sushi lovers!

Lee K.

We have been living in the area for the past 10 months now after moving back here and often drove passed this Sushi establishment. We could have ordered out and enjoyed the food at home, but I would not have been able to write this review. Finally, tonight was the day we got to try this place out. If I was to say that "All sushi place are all the same!", then it would not be fair as a food establishment reviewer to say that this place is the same as other place. Bottom line, I found this place to be of a better accommodation especially when we only had 30 mins till closing. Upon arrival, there are plenty of parking among the parking lot sharing spaces between the other tenants such as Staters' Bros, Subway, and Chevron Gas Station among other eateries. Even after 8:30pm, parking was pretty full. Once we arrived at the establishment entrance, we were greeted by the receptionist asking for our party info count. We had to wait a few minutes as they put together a few tables for our group. After the receptionist seated us, our waiter introduced himself and got our drinks along with our menu. We ordered the "Boat of Love", which is a wooden boat filled with Sushi, Sashimi, Rolls of Sushi, Tempura and Teriyaki Chicken/Beef items; All placed on the boat. It was a lot of food! The price was about right for all that food (~$59.99). The place is a bit small but definitely holds its fort down pretty good. Inside seating area has 4 Tables seating 4-6. Outside seating area under the Tent has 5 Tables seating 4-6. The view of the Sushi Chef station is visible from the entrance. Restroom is pretty clean and and the floors are very well kept and cleaned up given who knows the amount of traffic establishment gets these days. I'm recommending this place to everyone looking for comfort food and solid proven sushi.


Polite staff, good service. The place smelled and looked fresh and clean. Our food was excellent.

Lila B.

This place's sushi is always good! Tried a crunchy roll for the first time here and it was very yummy! Will come here again!

Jonathan Aguirre

Great service, our server was friendly and helpful, and the food is delicious and fresh tastin, it did take a little time for our food to come out but it was well worth the wait.

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