La Michoacana Bakery & Taco Shop

9810 Stephens St, Delhi
(209) 664-9247

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Amy Trost

It doesn't look like much, but we noticed the outside eating area & people, including families, eating tacos. You tell them what you want & pay inside. You also can buy snacks or soda inside. After paying take the paper out to the cooks. Here you get your tacos or whatever you ordered. Have them plain or have them add some goodies. There is a salsa bar inside where you can serve yourself different salsas. You must wear a mask at the salsa bar! These were some of the best tacos I've ever had. I ate some & then ordered more & those too! The people we talked to were bilingual & the men who were cooking were very polite & showed us where the bottle opener & napkins were.

Ravi Singh

Bakery is very good & bread size/portions here are bigger than most other places.Never tried the Mexican food menu but place smells delicious as you enter, will try food here soon & will update post.

marco rodriguez

I like the tacos and Donuts

Sky&Callies Mommy

Family owned and operated. They make very good fresh homemade food!! Also they are all very friendly ???

pedro torres

Delicious and fresh Pan dolce.

Vanessa Hoerner

Loved this tacos were great I visited this spot while visiting Modesto I really enjoyed the fresh bakery items but hands down best tacos were so good loved them my favs were the fried ones with the meltty cheese

Carlos E.

Strictly on the tacos. So much flavor. I ordered two asadas taco and two pastor tacos. Both were really good. Double the small Tortillas for each taco that where heated up perfectly and they had some kind or oil to them that made them come out just right. Meats were flavorful with no to very little fat if any, and cooked just right to were the meats came out tender. I added the works, and I tried two different sauces which weren't very spicy but were very tasty. I must have been very hungry because I feel like I would definitely stop by again if I'm around. Bonus they have a bakery right there waiting for after your done! Delicious!

Victoria Contreras

Love the tacos here

Jennifer Herbert (Jenn)

Their Pastor is the best Ive jad thus far

Jennifer Herbert

Their Pastor is the best Ive jad thus far

Bobby Raymayn

They always have amazing seafood and the prices are decent.

JR 145

The bread is tooSmall and it’s frozen two And too hard as a rock

Supreme XD Records

The bread is too Small and it’s frozen two And too hard as a rock

Frank Plasencia

A+ service and super friendly.

Charc 76554

A+ service and super friendly.

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La Michoacana Bakery & Taco Shop

9810 Stephens St, Delhi, CA 95315
(209) 664-9247