Ameci Pizza Kitchen

3800 Foothill Blvd, Glendale
(818) 249-0400

Recent Reviews

Osiris M.

Really delicious pizza always fresh great costumer service 2nd time and might stop by next week

Celina Paternostro

The customer service here, is awesome. They got me to try their new peach pizza and it's fire! Try it!

Paylyn A.

One of my favorites pizzas in town! I usually order from the La Cañada location. I've always just ordered take out. Its obvious they use fresh ingredients and order never takes to long to deliver!

Marissa A.

The gluten free option is a frozen pizza. I am 99.9% sure of it. It was gross and not near the same quality as any other pizza I have ever ordered. This was enough to keep me from ever ordering from here again.

John Eh

I called in advance to order a medium margarita Pizza. They gave a total price of $19 and some change. I said "woah", do you have any pizza deals?He replied yes you can upgrade to a large pizza for same price. So I did.When I arrived for the pick up, I saw a sign on their window stating 1 large 1 topping pizza for $10.99. I guess he forgot to mention that deal over the phone.When I arrived home and opened the carton, the pizza smelled wonderful.Unfortunately the crust was soggy and limp. If the crust isn't that important to you, Ameci pizza should be good for you, but if the crust is what makes your pizza a real pizza then I wouldn't recommend this place.

D. de Silva

Great pizza. Great ingredients! Thoughtful, and aware staff.

M. B.

We moved to the neighborhood recently and Amici's was the first food we ordered and we loved it! It came so fast, the ingredients were so tasty and fresh, the crust had great texture and flavor. We've had their pizza about 3 times since and it always comes on time and is delicious!

Lyz Reblin

Exactly what I expect from a pizza by the slice, price and taste-wise, but won't give 5 until I try it again for consistency.

Rusty S.

Delivery man was very nice. Pizza was soggy and tasteless. Maybe we caught them on a bad day.

Reuben Frank R.

Awesome Pizza. Always on time and pizzas always taste great! Highly recommended for pick up and delivery.

Shakira Wolhar

A little cheesy but nice staff and clean restaurant

Lauren A.

Quick and easy delivery, great pizza and something for everyone. Sides are not as good, haven't had the wings but the garlic bread was cold and stale. Cheesy bread was basically just a cheese pizza vs, breadsticks. But pizza is solid and makes up for it. Lots to try with their gluten free and cauliflower crust options.

Reyes F.

Last minute I didn't have a chance to cook, so I looked on pizza places in my area, " WOW" I ordered from Ameci Pizza Kitchen and it was DELICIOUS .. the pizza was hot, fresh and tasty. I ordered jumbo supreme and crust was cooked perfectly , the sauce was tasty and the toppings were plentiful! I will definitely order again! The delivery service was quick and driver pleasant. Thanks Ameci for great food! My family said, this is our new pizza place ! Try it, you will be happy! Just good food!

Varand O.

Pizza is good. Calzone is heavenly. My go to is the BBQ chicken, but deluxe and meat lovers are great too!

Vahagn G.

I love Ameci so much!! One of my favorite pizza spots. Whether its a slice or two for lunch or delivery they always nail my order. Their Mediterranean And BBQ Chicken pizzas are a must try in my opinion. They have gluten free and thin crust too for healthier options.

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