Jack In The Box

1131 E Colorado St, Glendale
(818) 240-0450

Recent Reviews

Juana Montes

No me dieron mi orden como la pedí , tampoco me dieron mi ticket

Cynthia Chee-Gonzalez

Usually a great real FAST food place in Glendale.... hate to say worst time of service ever... Carson pulled after long gone.... took from 7:01 to 7:09pm

Milan Stokes

We like a lot to go out. Last night we came to this fine place which friends told us about. We spent a delightful time there with excellent cooking and a well-trained team and a talented chief cook. We added this restaurant in our list and we will surely return very soon. We highly recommend.

Chris Castro

Guy in drive thru is not capable to take orders took too long. He said they couldn't make shakes because the machine was been wash but I thought they made hand scoop ice cream shakes. Instead I didn't buy anything and decide to take my money to Carl's jr. They didn't make any excuses to not serve shakes. Ps weather is hot people are looking for something to cool them selfs with keep that in mind.

Nikki Casas

Manager with gray hair is rude never puts the cherries in my kids shakes and when I ask for large cup if ice water he only gives me the smallest cup. On thre other hand everyone else there is fine.

Jenny Priego

I order for delivery and they forgot 3 items in my order. They forgot to add the extras we asked for. Wheres the cheese on the burgers, the extra mayo , tomatoes. AND I WAS CHARGED FOR THEM. Like OMG ? SERIOUSLY. I tried calling them but they would not answer. Very bad service. They should read the orders carefully. I waited for maybe an hour and they even messed up my order. Wth smh. I wish I can give a zero star review. Burger tasted horrible btw.


ManagerS always rude af

Monkeys With Matches

When I was a kid the big draw to Jack in the box was their super tacos. No more super tacos so they only get 4 stars.

Jennilyn L.

Not a good service with the representative. Not able to get my orders and went home looking for other order

Sonny L.

I am really disappointed that I went to this Jack in the Box location. When I pulled up to the window I saw that the person who handled our food did not wear a protective face mask as required by the city. Seriously we are dealing with COVID 19 people!! If I'm required to wear a face mask to buy food its only fair that the person serving us should have one on too.

Eddy E.

bas customer service and food quality- i get it you guys are busy that doesnt give you guys a reason to service cold chicken and old/cold fries to customers waiting in drive thru line for 30 minutes. i went back returned my food to Victor i think from the outside, didnt even do anything to better the situation. who is the manager at this store. please speak up

Jerry H.

3/26 03:00 AM When I used drive through to order, the clerk sounded impatient. After ordering, She also loudly told me to drive the car to the next window, and then took the order At that time, a face that had never seen such a bad manners appeared in front of my eyes. I do n't know what I did wrong. I do n't know why she did this to me. I gave one star because there was no worse choice. Actually, it was the negative five stars.


Typical fastfood place, decent offers

Meeaz1 ಠ_ಠ

So epic. I opened the box and Jack was actually there! he gave me a hug and said thank you for freeing me, he was actually enslaved by the employees at this location. Once he was free he picked me up and carried me across the street. he gave me a card for unlimited food. Very epic.

Sarah N

My food was cold! The manager mix curly fries with old ones, then he excuse himself by saying is not breakfast so how can they be fresh and my coffee was cold. When I told him I was going to report him he offered another meal but never excuse himself or believe me?. I just wanted breakfast served right!

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