Kozy Korner Thai Food

213 W Wilson Ave #2607, Glendale
(818) 242-6608

Recent Reviews

Cory B.

My favorite yellow curry in Los Angeles! They're always pleasant and my food is always perfect.

Everett Mercer

At the moment you arrive in this place they give you an enjoyable feeling. Very warm stuff, it is a lovely restaurant to enjoy with friends or with your date. heavenly cuisine, skillful chief cook and stuff, decent pay and professional service. Highly recommended.

Cheyenne I.

it took longer than i was expecting but they have probably one of the best pineapple curries ive ever had, and i've spent an extended amount of time in thailand. so delicious you must try it !

Jonathan L.

It's good, it's reasonably priced, affordable, with good menu variety. If you live nearby this is a great lunch spot. It's not so remarkable that I'd drive any distance to eat here though. I just happen to live across the street so I get takeout from here quite often.It's definitely better in all aspects than Spice Season right next door.

Lola Lopez

Visited this place today, not going back! I checked out the prices on their site, when I paid I asked for a receipt, the guy said it was in the bag? It was not! Had to go back to get it, when I checked the itemized prices they had charged me 2 bucks more for every item! I had ordered a fried tilapia, $10.95 charged $13.95, the guy said it was a seasonal fish? Seriously? If you order make sure and check the prices! Do not get ripped off!

Missy P.

I really like their food. It's a hidden little gem. Their chicken with vegetables is delicious. Also, if you go at a specific time, they have a lunch special, which includes plenty of food.

Patricia L.

They ripped me off! Charged 2 bucks above price shown here! Then the guy did not want to give me a receipt so I would not see what he had charged me! Never going back!

Richard O.

I was going to give this place a 1 star review due to the fact they screwed up my order. I ordered Pork Fried rice with brown rice, but they gave me chicken instead. Overall, the food here is good, but I don't want to give a negative review right now due to Covid19. I've been a regular for years, but I've refrained from writing a review due to inconsistency in the food. Sometimes they give very little meat, or accidentally don't give you brown rice. Aside from the mistakes, the food here is good.

Ann C.

The best items are the spicy fried rice and pad Thai. Portions are on the small side, so can be a bit pricey for what you get.

Lyn Maclang

Home away from home with their authentic dishes cooked and served from the heart

Felicia N.

We literally ate this Thai food three days in a row. The kids request was the chow mein and got me it was the Pai Thai was the best.

Lilit C.

Not the best Thai spot but also not the worst. I'd eat here again only because there aren't other good Thai places close by. I ordered take out which I know is never as good as dining-in so I'll give them another try when the rona is over with. I got the tofu pad Thai which was pretty good but a little too salty. The egg rolls were a no go. They were soggy and lacked flavor.

Dee D.

Their menu clearw says free items for delivery of a certain price and I ordered that price and when I tried to get the items that were falsely advertised... They made All these excuses why it wasn't " Really" included... I mean... Their food is ok but I like free stuff and don't advertise free stuff if you really don't want to give it away... That's FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! PERIOD!!!... You Would've Been Better Off not even mentioning the"supposed" free stuff... I hate when ppl do that...

Michael F.

We called last minute to order delivery and they obliged. The food was fantastic and very large portions. We will absolutely order here again.

Marie A.

Craving for Thai Food so I ordered Panang Curry Chicken, tom yum seafood, pad thai shrimp and fried rice. Very flavorful!!! Best thai restaurant in Glendale City! I will order again!

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