Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

101 N Brand Blvd, Glendale
(818) 240-7119

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Brian Vasquez

For the first time ever, I finally decided to check the place out. Especially after hearing how good their breadsticks are.To be honest, it's not the best bread stick/appetizer bread I've ever had. Not even close. Nevertheless, it was okay, at best.I ordered many items, and my personal favorites were the salmon and the chicken Alfredo, also, the chicken soup.I ordered many desserts as well, but i honestly wasn't impressed with their desserts, I wouldn't order desserts if I ever came here again.I would have given this review 3 stars, because although the service was good, it was rather slow, considering we got there before the rush hour.Nevertheless, what helped bump it up was Sierra, our server. She was kind and genuine, and we felt relaxed as she served us. She's the only reason I bumped this review up to four stars.I feel Olive Garden is a safe place to eat at, meaning, you can trust it'll taste good always. However, i would suggest sticking to just one dish, so it's not that expensive for your budget as it was with mine, nevertheless, I would definitely return to one.

Mel Debrincat

My wife and I decided to go to this Restaurant nearby. We both love to eat Italian dishes, and surprisingly, the food was delicious! The waiters greeted us with that big smile, and they directly showed us to our seats. They will also answer all your questions, sincerely. We will come back again and recommend this restaurant to my friends.

Ian Maxwell

Super delicious! The thin crust was perfect. Not so thin that it got soggy, or cracker like. Great balance of toppings and flavors. A little pricey, but well worth it.

Berny M.

Loved it here it was super delicious, the bread soup was the best, will be coming back soon , service was good

Terr M.

I enjoyed most of the evening not because of food but with the quality of service their staff delivered to us. He received us with warm greeting & took our order with ease. He even extended extra salad & fresh bread while waiting for our food. In no time all of the items arrived. The pasta with shrimp I got was only average in taste nothing spectacular. I could actually do this pasta at home without having to spend that much ;) But one thing I appreciated was the server who went beyond his way only to provide an A+ assistance. Million thanks for making our dinner a special one.

Robyn Popescu

This Olive Garden is very beautiful with lots of large windows. There is a nice waiting area outside to sit at if you can't get in right away. We waited 45 minutes on a Saturday afternoon. Paige was our server and she was great! I am a big Olive Garden fan and always get the Soup, Salad and Breadsticks, which I think is a fantastic deal ( all three are unlimited). My husband ordered the Tour of ?? Italy.

Yajaira Ramos

Thank you Wendy, for an amazing service. Wendy was attentive, fast and super friendly, everything came out perfect, food and service, amazing. There are sanitizing stations available and social distancing is being practiced. Staff is perfected with masks and face shields. Beautiful location too.

Robyn P.

This Olive Garden is very beautiful with lots of large windows. There is a nice waiting area outside to sit at if you can't get in right away. We waited 45 minutes on a Saturday afternoon. Paige was our server and she was great! I am a big Olive Garden fan and always get the Soup, Salad and Breadsticks, which I think is a fantastic deal ( all three are unlimited). My husband ordered the Tour of Italy.

Laura Baker

We had to wait an hour, but the pager works on the whole block so we had some drinks before dinner which worked out perfectly. The Ciopinno was incredible & I don't think my friend and I even spoke to each other as we devoured it's deliciousness. I would definitely come back next time I'm in San Fran.

Raj Batra

Horrible experience - We ordered online 30 minutes ahead and arrived for pickup at the designated time. After 10 minutes we went in to ask about our food and they said it wasn't ready yet. We waited another 20 minutes and I went in again at which time the man at the front said before I could even ask about our food that I had to wait outside. When I explained to him that we had been waiting for 30 minutes in the pickup parking spot after the time the app said our food would be ready he told me ” waiting was your choice". First off, rude and insensitive. What other choice do I have when I've already paid and I have 4 adults and 3 kids waiting for a meal that cost me over $100? What was my other choice? To walk away and not ready and lose $100+ to boot? 15 minutes later we finally got our food, we left to go to our family to eat. When we got home the order was wrong, no salad dressing (ketchup was in the containers attached to the salad) and 7 French fries were in the order of fries... 7 only. Possibly the worst experience and least value of any meal I've ever had. I try to be understanding under these new Covid 19 realities but rude and and incompetent is what this was playing and simple. We will never patronize this place again. I'd love to speak with the general manager on this directly

Mia Hill

The restaurant is wonderful and spacious, the meals was yummy and the prices were very economical. rapidly, effective service and very personal staff members. I highly recommend this place.

Jennifer F.

Like many basic people, I ordered Olive Garden for Mother's Day. I expected the wait to be long and I understood the low staff they had and the fact that this is a dine in restaurant and not typically a take out only restaurant. I applaud all the staff that worked that afternoon shift because for the most part you guys kept your cool! I wish I could of gotten the names of the employees working because 12/10 on keeping your cool for the condescending entitled customers that were waiting for their food. Will comeback and will try to remember the faces of the staff working that day so I can add more tip in the future! Thank you guys, my mom was happy with the food

Jay N.

The car pick up was a catastrophe. I understand it was Mother's Day, but there was not organization. I purposely placed my order a few days ahead of time and figured that should be sufficient. When I arrived, it was chaos. There was no signage to direct people on where to park or if they need to check in. My pick-up time was for 4:00 but arrived 15 minutes early just in case. I got to the lobby and there were people everywhere. No one was sure if they had to check in, or they would be called at their pick-up time. I checked in with a girl that seemed friendly enough. So 15 minutes passed, then 30 which became an hour. Now I am pretty irritated. In that time, I checked in with another girl and the same girl again, that makes three times now. After an hour, one of the other servers (maybe a supervisor) came out and asked us to go outside or back to our cars and they would call us when our order was ready. so we can observe social distancing. I had no faith in that and neither did anyone else in the crowd. So we remained, that supervisor now took my name (4th time) and had the nerve to say "Oh your order should have been done already." No sh**! I was talking to a few other people and found out they had pick up times at 3:30 (It is now 5:00). They got their food finally and wished me luck. During my wait, I noticed a lot of people going upstairs to California Pizza Kitchen and coming back down with bags in about 10-15 minutes. I am thinking that I picked the wrong place to order from. At 5:15, the same first girl came out and took my name again. This time I grabbed her pad and wrote it for her with a big 4pm pick-up time next to it. I know it was a little rude, but I was tired of them doing this and having to spell my name every single time. Finally at 5:30, she (the first girl) brought out my food. She then asked me if I wanted to wait for my chocolate milk or just take regular milk. I am pretty perturbed at this point and angrily replied "Get me what I ordered." She ran back into the restaurant and fetched my chocolate milk for my daughter's meal. When I got home, they had forgotten to pack the grapes for my daughter's meal. This only was fitting. Before this review, I wrote a scathing complaint to their corporate office. I am sure that it will not be the only one, but it did help me feel a little bit better. I let them know that they made this Mother's Day memorable for all of the wrong reasons. I made it clear that I will not be visiting or spending any more money at this location or any other Olive Garden, and I would let my friends, family and the Yelp community know of my experience.

Miranda P.

My family and I have been coming to this olive garden for years. Service is a hit or miss. Today I want to leave 5 stars for DJ the manager and Emily the server because they kept up a nice kind attitude and truly they were hustling out in the parking structure delivering orders and apologizing for the delay, checking in with people, and I appreciate their service. I have patience and when my mother and I receive that type of kindness and professionalism. I don't mind waiting AT ALL. I regret not having cash, cause they deserved a big tip on a busy holiday even during a pandemic.

Amanda L.

We arrived on time at 11 am for our Carside pick up order, waited TWO HOURS with no updates, and got home to 6 FROZEN salads with our order that are no longer edible. Please be more organized, prepared, and get it together. Change management or whatever y'all gotta do. This cannot and should not be happening. I work at a small business restaurant and have never had this happen before, even with a huge number of orders. We can't even call about our order because their phones are not working. Just terrible. You ruined our Mother's Day. Will probably never come back.

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

101 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203
(818) 240-7119