Panda Inn

201 N Maryland Ave, Glendale
(818) 502-1234

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Kathy Smith

This is an excellent restaurant. Service was fabulous and food was scrumptious!

Pop L.

2 mistakes on 1 order: I placed a delivery order using Uber Eats. I requested the black bean sauce separated, but when it arrived the sauce was mixed with the fish so the fish was soggy. Also, one side of rice was missing. The order was placed around 4:40pm, for delivery at 6-6:30pm. The restaurant had plenty of time to double check the order, so 2 mistakes on 1 order should not have been made. I'm giving 2 stars, because at least the chicken with cashew nuts tasted good.

Satenik G.

I have been going to this restaurant for at least 20 years. Hands down it is the best Chinese food restaurant. Not only are their dishes delicious, but their customer service is above and beyond. My favorite dishes are orange chicken, Kai pow chicken and Mongolian beef. Their hot and sour soup is wonderful as well. The dishes are pricey, but totally worth it. I do take out order at least 2 times a month! The only thing I would not order for take out is orange chicken because it does get soft (unless you don't mind). Also, do check out their lunch specials. $14 lunch special includes chicken or beef side, rice, egg roll and soup.

Carlos Ramos

We had a great, welcoming service at Panda Inn this afternoon. It was summer weather on a Thursday and the service we received from Carla and the other staff were great. The Al fresco experience was awesome and always satisfied with the food we had not to mention the Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake to finish the meal was well worth it. Thank you.

Caroline K.

I used to regularly dine here post covid and was sad when they went to take out only . I checked back recently and was happy to see they added outdoor dining ! The Phoenix chicken , Fried Rice , Hot & Sour soup are my Go Tos. The Honey Walnut shrimp is great as well and those fortune cookies at theend! I prefer white over dark meat chicken and wanted to try the sweet and sour chicken but it was dark. They were able to do it as white meat when I asked, and it might be my new favorite! The service was quick considering limited staff and a fairly busy Friday night . The Owner or Manager came over at the end to ask us how our food and experience was, I appreciated that!

Shauna M.

We had dinner outside last week and felt SOOO SAFE! My husband and I really appreciated all the precautionary measures that were taken to insure our safety during this pandemic. From temperate checks to gloves to handle the food to giving us our own hand wipes before our meal... all of it makes such a huge difference! You guys are going above and beyond and we Really Appreciate It!!! And the food was, as always, delicious as well. Thank you for an overall safe, great out to dinner experience

Krystal D.

Oh no! :( I truly wanted to be pleasantly suprised, but unfortunately wasn't. This review is for weekday takeout.ATMOSPHERE: Very clean and beautiful. The space is calm and the cashier was pleasant to work with. PARKING: Can be super hard to find, but luckily I snagged a spot out front in the metered parking area.FOOD: Just ok, but lower than average. I kept seeing reviews for the Orange Chicken so I placed an order (comes with choice or brown or white rice). I also ordered eggrolls. The price...$27 for orange chicken and eggrolls? Usually most places charge around $5 less per comparable entree and the eggrolls, were $8. Let me say they only come 4 per order and the inside vegetables were mushy which is a clear sign that this was pre-frozen. For the amount and price you would have expected them to be made in house. Also they were more spring roll (rice paper) than thick egg rolls. Save your money on this add on. And the orange chicken? It had no sign of sweetness at all. I actually would have preferred Panda Express.Overall, for the price you expect a higher quality and flavor profile from familiar dishes. I'll definitely check out other places in the area.

longChw longChw

We enjoy going out. Yesterday we came to this excellent restaurant which we didn’t know before. We passed a delightful evening there with very good meal and a nice crew and a great chef. We put this restaurant in our list and we shall surely go again very soon. We warmly recommend.

Gauge C

This restaurant has great service and delightful meals. My favourite place around here. The drinks and food arrived quick and the rates are inexpensive. Highly recommended.

Meg Mansell

The food, amazing! Service, perfect! They have taken every precaution to cater to their customers - going above and beyond - with safety measures during this pandemic. And to top it off, when the restaurant received my incorrectly addressed DHL package (we live in an adjacent building), they contacted our building manager and held the package until I tracked it down. Customer Service at its FINEST! xx

Stephanie M.

I miss the old Panda Inn. The one in Pasadena is good too. Not sure what's going on with the cooks but it seems like they need some training from the Pasadena location. I had some food catered Sunday and everything seemed decent except for the beef Lo-mein. It tasted terrible and the noodles were extremely soft and tasteless. I called the next day to give feedback and the female manager I spoke with seemed defensive and annoyed. I told her I wasn't calling to try to get free food. I was just calling so that maybe she could speak with her cooks and give feedback. She told me next time I need to call the same day and not wait till the next day. I guess she expected me to go out of my way and pick up the food when I don't live in the area and for my guest to wait around. In the end she offered a free entree but I declined it. Maybe she realized she was being a little rude.

Partida Trinidad

Highly recommended .! Amazing people & great service .!

Azi B.

Very disappointed! Panda Express taste better. For the price they charge you would think it would taste amazing. I ordered orange chicken and it taste like it had been sitting there for days. Would no recommend.

Renita M.

Last night we decided to order in and chose Panda Inn. I called around 8 pm to order for delivery. The person helping me took my order and gave me an estimate of 35-45 minutes of delivery time. My food arrived within 30 minutes and I was so pleased with the arrival time! I chose a variety of dishes and each one tasted so good! Each entree was in its own take out containers and they even included their infamous white chocolate dipped fortune cookies. One of the dishes we ordered was the walnut shrimp and I love the fact that they separated the walnuts and included it on the side. Everything tasted phenomenal and my guests were very pleased!

Amelia Tsui

Dine in restaurant in this pandemic period, food taste above average, good service, good precaution for social distances & disinfecting constantly.

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