Pizza Boy

1321 E Colorado St, Glendale
(818) 247-5555

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Chloe J.

Excellent vegan options. Vegan salads and pizzas have all been delicious. There's a lot of vegetables available. It's pizza, not really the healthiest meal, but they do a good job adding lots of ways to make it better. They have cauliflower crusts, etc., but I've never tried them. Enjoy!

Emma G.

This is one of my favorite pizza joint ever. Their salads are also extremely fresh and the service is always excellent.

T C.

Pizza is delish! they have many i like. The staff is very kind and helpful. They are generous with Putin enough sauce, cheese n toppings.

Johanna B.

Such an underrated place for how good and flavorful the pizza is. This place really deserves more hype. It's kind of in an odd corner, there's lots of parking for the place but I usually just order it take out and enjoy at home w friends. The Armenian pizza is my favorite, however they have so many healthy, gluten free and even vegan options at this place. The crust is replaceable with zucchini, cauliflower, flaxseed, beet and many more options and they are ALL delicious and NOT oily! Their portions are large and filling and definitely worth every dollar! The herbs and cheese are so wonderful definitely will come back! TLDR: Armenian pizza is my fav and there's lots of healthy and yummy options! More comfy to take out although there is seating there, worth the price!

M. W.

Love the options for their keto crust. Very tasty and crunchy. I tried the cauliflower crust but can't wait to try their other keto crusts. Will be back.

Renee M.

Owner assured me the gluten free pizza was safe for Celiac, and it was fine in the past. No longer safe, maybe has a new owner.

Jeremy S.

Wow, I have yet to find a place that makes gluten free garlic knots. Look no further than pizza boy. The garlic knots were so flavorful and delicious. I highly recommend them!

Jerome Boyd

If you are craving excellent down home-style Italian, better try this restaurant. They served the most delicious kinds of pasta and pizzas in town. Their foods were to die for. The place was so spacious and clean. The ambiance of its place was captivating. It feels like you're in Italy. The staves were very accommodating and friendly. A must-visit pasta restaurant in town.

Armen Parsighian

Large variety of pizzas and appetizers with many veggie crusts. Delicious food, awesome customer service. Nice and clean dining area. Reasonable prices. Located on Colorado Blvd right across from McDonald’s in beautiful Glendale, CA. Family friendly, convenient parking for pick up. Online ordering/Delivery available as well. Loved the supreme pizza on guilt free cauliflower crust:) ????Thank you Hamik jan for taking care of our order, everything was awesome!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lauren S.

Their pizza is DIABOLICALLY good. The crust is okay but all together it is soooo good. I always get pepperoni, mushroom and extra cheese and man oh man is it good! Their cheese is damn delicious! This is honestly my favorite pizza in LA for just good old fashioned pizza!

Gagik Z.

One armenian pizza one regular pizza with chicken wings for 87 dollars not bad all What did u guys put in it

Chuck Howard

Great pizza. The big baked bread bowl containing egg and feta cheese with a name I can't pronounce is fantastic and a go-to when I return!

Megan Holmes

Delicious and very safely packaged gluten free/vegan pizza. Thank you for the crazy amount of options for both dietary restrictions- I love Pizza Boy!


Literally the best gluten free vegetarian burger I've ever had in my life which is saying a lot because I'm on a constant quest for good burgers. It haunts me. Unfortunately I found this place passing thru town otherwise I would eat here constantly. Oo french fries are great too! Just the right shape and size. They also have a bunch of crazy pizza crusts I wanted to try.

Fan t.

ZERO stars. If you're actually trying to avoid the allergens they claim to care about, like gluten and animal products DO NOT come here. They boast a vegan menu but will give you cheese on your vegan order. On wed 8/11at 5:01pm I ordered a vegan pizza to go from Nick as it states on my receipt. Once I was about to eat the pizza I realized it had cheese so I called Pizza Boy. While I was on hold I listed to a recording about their "vegan menu" while unable to eat my "vegan" pizza with cheese - the irony. I expressed to the lady that answered that I would like a refund or something for my order as I absolutely could not eat it. The owner lied to his employee (as he would not personally take my phone call) and told her that I hadn't said anything about wanting a vegan pizza. I ABSOLUTELY asked if the gluten free crust was also vegan. I also listed all the ingredients I wanted and never once did I request cheese. To make matters worst, he refused to refund me or even offer a store credit for his mistake. So $26.60 later I was late to an appointment (he told me when I ordered it would take 15 minutes but it turned into 25 minutes), out $26.60 for one pizza and still very hungry. To think I was excited to find a place with so many gluten free pizza options. I would NOT trust these people to actually understand the allergens they're claiming to accommodate. Apparently "vegan" is just a buzz word to capture a broader audience, but not an actual concern of the business.

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