1147 E Colorado St, Glendale
(818) 484-7654

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Anna “Krimzin Art”

Fried Nitro Bird Sandwich with Mac & cheese, 3 strips with Chipotle & Garlic aoli & Cheese fries & Dr pepper to wash it all down. The burger was so delicious! They have a nice chunky piece of meat, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Good flavor with the sauce and other stuff they add inside. Mac and cheese was cooked well and had good texture just wish it was a little bit more salty. The strips were delicious too, cook really nice crispy on the outside juicy inside and the chipotle sauce was really good. The garlic aioli was okay, not a huge fan. I wasn't able to eat there but I know if I did it would have tasted that much better because it was cold by the time I got to eat it. Cute little place in a small Plaza with some parking, you can also park on the street. They do have some seating available outside

Daniel S

10/10 best chicken sandwich in the area. Don’t miss out at least try it once

Jay S

One of the very best chicken tenders I've ever had! Their tenders are battered and fried like fried chicken on the bone and their honey mustard is perfect 50/50 mixture of mustard and honey. Excited to go back.

Daniel K

What a hidden gem in Glendale! Rockbird is snuggled in a small plaza not too far from the Americana with limited lot parking, but plenty of street parking. The interior has a few seats is very clean, but they've also set up plenty of outdoor seating on the sidewalk.I came here with my girlfriend and got the fried honey bird sandwich with fries while she got the fried wok sandwich with Brussels sprouts. While the sandwich is definitely on the pricier side, it's definitely worth it, considering how large and delicious the sandwich is. The wok sandwich was seasoned perfectly, but I wish the honey sandwich came with more sauce since it was a little bland. The Brussels sprouts were roasted to perfection and the fries had a unique seasoning that tasted so familiar, but I couldn't pinpoint.Overall, we really enjoyed our food and hopefully we'll be back again soon!

emily spence

Amazing food. Chicken sandwich was freshly grilled with quality chicken breast. The tenders were huge and not frozen and breaded like usual. They tasted like boneless fried chicken. Both came with a side. The Mac and cheese was home made and creamy. Large portions for $. Nice outdoor seating.

Gary Stockdale

This may be the best chicken sandwich in Los Angeles. All the sides are great as well, especially the Brussels sprouts and the tasty French fries. Love the WokBird.

Trevor Pudvan

Tasty chicken sandwiches, nice and crispy fries and a friendly staff. Worth a visit. I had "The Heater" which is their version of a Nashville hot chicken sandwich and it was good. Not particularly spicy, so if you're looking for a Howlin' Ray's type experience this isn't the place. But they've got HR's beat in the number of other flavors on offer so there's that. The parking lot is fairly treacherous to navigate so I'd recommend parking on either Chevy Chase or Colorado and just hoofing it an extra 20ft.

Jerry Foltz

It was alright. The promo photos are better than the real deal. There are a lot of people in the chicken sandwich game. Their Kale Tabbouleh salad was killer, that's for sure.

Rudy K

TASTY! Impressed with fried chicken texture. Super welcoming staff. Pricing is what you'd expect for freshly prepared food. Parking is terrible, like 9 spots for a strip mall. So prepare for that. Don't judge by it's decor - best for quick bite.

Joseph Skaf

Great place, Great food, Great service

Estelle Mendez

You don't come here for the ambiance, you come for the food. Don't get me wrong, it's clean and modern. But it's small and made for a quick lunch. The food is superb. we ordered 2 different chicken sandwiches and split them. Both were excellent. And the fries were better than any fast food place could provide!!

Jacob Skoda

Very delicious! The sandwich was perfectly spicy, crispy, and tender, topped with creamy coleslaw and a special sauce. I can't wait to come back and try all of the others! And don't even get me started on the fries :)

Alex Jason H.

Ordered pickup and when I went in I got some rough customer service. Since the bag was stapled I trusted that everything was in there. Sadly when I got home there all the sauces I chose for the tenders were missing. The saving grace was that the food was pretty close to excellent especially all the sides! Yes on the brussels and potatos. I’ve been meaning to try this place once since it’s in my neighborhood for awhile and I’m glad that I did!

Doris Evans

Ahhhh this place is SOOO good. I love how huge the sandwiches are and so filling.

Michael Rosales

Came here to get a meal for my autistic son-in-law. They were so warm and accepting. The kid loved the Honey chicken sandwich with fries and the lemonade. Devoured it. Cashier was an amazing dude and helped with everything. Very kind and thoughtful.Highly recommended..

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