A&J Restaurant

14805 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine
(949) 786-3585

Recent Reviews

Sarah P.

The food is pretty good and I really enjoyed all the dishes. We ordered the Spicy Beef Noodle Soup, Chinese Style Fried Pork Chop on Rice, and Chinese Beef Wrap. I really enjoyed the Chinese beef wrap. There was so much flavor every time I took a bite. The beef noodle soup and pork chop on rice was also very delicious. I can't wait to go again to try the other food on their menu!!

Caitlin K.

It was a cold day and I was craving for some authentic beef noodle soup. Saw this place on Yelp so I decided to give it a try! Service is great and everything came out really fast. The beef noodle soup with the clear broth was super comforting and delicious. Will definitely be back!

Aimee H.

DELICIOUS! Incredible food, easy no-fuss atmosphere and great service. Honestly, this place was exactly perfect. Hot jasmine tea was served as soon as we sat. Our entrees arrived quickly after we ordered and each dish was hot and delicious!

Trey McNair

Delicious and authentic selection of Taiwanese dishes

Xiaoyin Wang

First time there. Small dishes are good. Recommend one per guest (we over ordered, but we loved them) ran out of soy milk which we wanted to order. A busy place with crowded parking lot.

Audrey C.

Finally got around to trying A&J for the first time - didn't disappoint . I normally don't eat spicy food, but the spicy beef noodle soup was just the right about of spice for me. Loved it and would highly recommend!! The noodle consistency was perfectly chewy too. Ended up taking the minced pork on rice to go - was still delicious eating it later as well!

Danica V.

Classic and a staple restaurant located in Arbor village in Irvine. Such a solid spot for Taiwanese and Chinese food. Everything on their menu was really good. For starters I enjoyed the bean curd with mushrooms and cucumber salad. So light and refreshing. Definitely recommend trying their Chinese beef wrap and spicy beef tendon noodle soup. While you're at it get a little side of their spicy wonton and XLB. Sooo delish. I prefer this over din tai fung for a fraction of the price. Overall would continue to support this local business

Rachel F.

Great Taiwanese food, some of the best in the area. Loved it! Got pork chop on rice, big ear, and beef noodle soup. The hand pulled noodles were very nicely textured

Juzenne C.

my bf and I stopped by here after Disneyland bc we were in the mood for dumplings. We ordered the spicy wontons and beef noodle soup bc they seemed popular on Yelp, and bc I saw people around us happily eating them. We got so much food, we were so stuffed afterwards. The food was sooo delicious, the chili oil that came with the dishes tied everything together perfectly. we were glad that we came there, it was perfect for a day after walking a lot at Disney!


PHENOMENAL and FRESH food. All their noodle dishes are excellent. We ordered the cold noodles 涼麵, which was so refreshing on this hot day. Loved all their 小菜.Fast and efficient service. Takes COVID seriously. This is the real deal; very genuine and delicious Taiwanese cuisine.

Li Lin

Pretty amazing noodles and appetizers for a low cost. Food comes out quickly with very little wait time. Would recommend for anyone with noodle cravings.


The flavor profile of the spicy wontons are astonishing, and the noodles are (I think?) handmade. Portions are generous, we ordered 5 dishes including 2 sides of the aforementioned wontons and the pan fried pork dumplings on a dim sum-style checklist. Highly recommend.

Xuan N.

Great Taiwanese food and super fast service! Came around noon and it was packed! We put our name down and were told to wait for 10-15 minutes. The only thing that I would improve would be the waitlist procedure. You just get a number and I guess you're expected to wait outside the restaurant until they call you number but for a restaurant as popular as this one, they should offer the text message service! On the other hand, because the service is so quick, I can understand how they've kept up with this system. Once we ordered, we probably got our food within 5 minutes. The staff is responsive and they were pretty nice as well. I got the hot and sour noodles and they were DELICIOUS. Super refreshing and had the right amount of spiciness and sourness. It was the perfect portion size for me too, especially since we ordered appetizers. The thousand year old egg was surprisingly pretty good. I've never tried it but it tastes pretty similar to a regular egg in my opinion. We also got scallion pancakes but it didn't come until after we had already finished eating. Bad timing but it was fresh and piping hot! If you are looking for a fast and satiating lunch, this is the place to go!

Dickson Y.

I always wanted to try this place since 101 Noodles across the street have recent bad reviews. They have indoor dining and take credit cards! I was seated right away in a Tuesday at 1:30 pm. Is a check off list menu like Ding Tai Fung. I was told their beef tendons noodles soups are good so I tried one without disappointment! I also tried their 4 pieces soup dumplings but won't get those anymore. I will for sure go back to try other dishes.

Lily Y.

Great place for Taiwanese Beef noodle soup. The beef is tender and the noodles are chewy. The broth is really flavorful. If you want to get an appetizer, you should order the Thousand layer pancake which is filled with lots of crispy layers.

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