4790 Irvine Blvd # 103, Irvine
(714) 389-4202

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The spicy tuna don salad was pretty good. Veggie roll, rainbow roll were ok. Good service. Booths inside and two outdoor tables

Elizabeth W.

Take out was perfect!!!!! I was looking for a place that served chicken Katsu and wow did I hit the jackpot!!! We ordered chicken katsu and some sushi rolls and wow were my husband and I impressed. The chicken was soo crunchy and juicy on the inside perfectly seasoned. The curry we ordered on the side was good ... order one for two people --- we ordered two and it wasn't necessary. I can't wait to dine in and try other items on the menu!

Henry U.

Dine in service really bad. Came in at around 7pm Saturday, Restaurant was half empty. We wrote our name down for 2 in the party, but had to wait 40 minutes to be seated even with half empty restaurant. After seated, we still had to wait another 20 minutes to get our order taken. All the staff was focused on the to-go orders. So perhaps order-to-go instead of dine-in here. Foods are OK, price is reasonable. Unfortunately, that was my one and last wait.

Laura W.

We love this spot. And it's so close to home. The chicken Katsu is the best we've had. The curry sauce could be a little spicier, but you can add that at home. We get the shrimp and vegetable tempura also--very good. We tried the pork Katsu also. Haven't tried much else, but I'm sure it would all be delicious. They're generous with their sauces and ginger--not all places are. They're still wearing masks, which we like. Enjoy

Min Jeong Cho

Food is too expensive for the quality. The service was minimal and the staff was not able to explain about the food. I do not recommend this place. Especially don't order udon, it's way too salty.

Nathan A.

You can eat very simiror with real Japanese Tonkatsu"Pork cutlet". I ordered cheese katsu, it very volumy but easy to eat by light test cheese. But I will try Hako Katsu next time if I have chance to visit.

Emily Kim

My family loves this restaurant. We frequently order hako donkatsu to go. Package for to go service is so tidily packed and organized that I feel like that i am in the restaurant even though i am not.

James Y.

Been here twice: once on my own and another time through one of their Friday IG giveaways. Both experiences were great! Their katsus are super delicious (side of curry highly recommended) and their service/management is on point and extremely friendly!

Amahni E. Yarber

We had a great experience at Hako! We ordered the curry tonkatsu and the salmon roll and they were both delicious!! The portions are HUGE—they give you so much meat for one portion! The breading is light and crispy and the tonkatsu is very juicy. The service here is fantastic, your order comes out super quick, and everyone is attentive and very accommodating. Special shout-out to our server Joe who was amazing and very friendly and funny. We’ll definitely be back!

Michelle L.

Management is soo nice. I came here because I won their Instagram giveaway! We ordered combo A with curry and it comes with salad, rice, and hako tonkatsu. I really liked dipping the fried chicken in the katsu sauce or switching it up and dipping it in the curry. I tried a piece of the hire tonkatsu (pork filet cutlet) vs. the hako tonkatsu (pork loin cutlet) and didn't really taste much of a texture difference. The hire tonkatsu is slightly more tender. Service: fast and friendly Parking: plenty in a parking lot I would come back for katsu!

Christine N.

First time back to Hako to dine-in since Covid/Shut Down. I have always loved coming here pre-Covid but even more so now. The appreciation for the staff and quality of their foods are AMAZING for such a GEM in Irvine. We came in around 8pm and only had to wait 5 minutes until a table opened up. The first thing I noticed was their take-out boxes resembled their dine-in bento boxes. While other restaurants are using the basic "To-Go" boxes, Hako is upping their "Take-Out" game, KUDOS for leading the the game strong. I don't know the name of the Korean guy that helped us but he was AWESOME, so attentive, helpful and friendly. I know he speaks fluent Spanish. Our Order: 01. 2-Combo A - Hako Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet) + CA Rolls (4pcs) - $17.95 - 5 Stars - Just as I remembered, the batter was light & super crispy and the pork was JUICY! Their Katsu sauce had a perfect balance or sweet/savory. CA Rolls were fresh, we enjoyed this box and have MISSED Hako so much. 02. Fish Katsu (Wild Caught Alaskan Cod) - $15.95 - 5 Stars - I've never ordered their Fish Katsu before and was told its pretty good. Reminded us of eating a really good "Fish & Chips". The Cod held up well in their batter, it was delicious! 03. Chicken Katsu - $13.95 - 5 Stars - Can't go wrong with Chicken, same batter, same yumminess, super juicy. CUSTOMER SERVICE - AWESOME, STELLAR, AMAZING!!! While the nice guy was taking our order, I was on the fence about getting the Hamburg Beef Katsu but I went with the Hako Combo. While we were eating, the nice guy brings us a Hamburg Beef Katsu to try!!! WTH, we were so surprised. He didn't have to do that but he wanted us to try it. How awesome is that! We all loved it, the beef was so moist, one of the best Hamburg I've had in OC. The balanced flavors and the moistness was incredible. I'll be ordering this at my next visit. This is why I continue to be impressed every time I visit them. FOODS/PORTIONS - Generous portions, you can share if you have a small tummy. But it's so good, you'll want your own box. Their food quality is consistent and always FRESH and DELICIOUS. All of the Katsu Entrees are served with Rice, Miso Soup & Cabbage Salad. PARKING - Don't worry, they are located in a huge plaza shared by Zion Market & Dada Shabu Shabu so there are more then plenty parking spaces. VERDICT - IMO, Hako is one of the higher quality Katsu restaurants in OC. I love that they are a smaller size restaurant, I feel they can better control their quality of foods and better manage the kitchen. Definitely one of my FAVE Gems in OC/Irvine. I have to thank my Bestie Justin for taking me here when they first opened, if not for him, I'd still be driving to LA for Katsu.

Robert Kajita

I go for one item, it's a side item, the CURRY is above good; 4-stars. The pork, hamburger, and chicken katsu is good; 3-stars. Oh, the attitude of their servers and the cleanliness of their bathrooms is great; 5-stars. Price fits, $30.00 for a meal, a side item, a drink, and 20% tip.

Beau Taylor

Super great food and the staff was amazing! Would definitely recommend. We got the cheese katsu which is perfect if you're a cheese lover.

Christine C.

The food is amazingly fresh and delicious but the service here is just out of this world! The people working here went out of their way to make sure you have the best dinning experience! The cheese tonkatsu cannot be matched when biting into the hot gooey cheese in combination with the crispy outside and the juicy pork!

Carla C.

I had a wonderful dining experience at Hako - the food was amazing and the staff was very friendly! I was craving Katsu and sushi so I was happy to find a place close to home that offers both at reasonable prices. I also tried their Shrimp Tempura Udon and it was very good - the whole meal was delicious. What I ordered: * Shrimp Tempura Udon * Chicken Katsu * Alaskan Roll * Rainbow Roll

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