Ootoro Sushi

2222 Michelson Dr #246, Irvine
(949) 222-0688

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Chelsea G.

Get the lunch combo!!! It's so worth it. $25 for two choices out of so many great options. The miso black cod was buttery and crisp on the outside, and the sashimi/sushi were super fresh and melty as I expected. The real surprise to me was how large the bowl of udon was--incredibly filling. The table next to us got the large Ten-Don (tempura bowl) and poke salad which was also Huge like I really cannot emphasize enough how much food you could get in this lunch combo. Can't wait to go back and try some of the dishes I spotted on other tables or the omakase. Highly suggest arriving about 10 min before they open (11:20ish) like we did so there's only a brief wait.

Pauline N.

Hmmm so my first experience here was absolutely terrific during restaurant week, however my recent experience was subpar. I ordered the lunch hand roll special and they gave me three of the same hand rolls and two of another type of roll. WTH? lol. Why would I would three bluefin tuna hand rolls (I love bluefin but three of them?!) - the point is, what I thought is trying something different and having five unique rolls if it's for myself. However restaurant week and their chirashi was fantastic but this was over a year ago so not sure if something has changed

Carl Perry

Went at lunch time on a Tuesday and had a short wait.The sashimi and fish was fantastic. Really good fish here. Good thick cuts. Presentation is quite good too.Menu is quite extensive and the lunch specials allow for a big variety.Our party was 5 people and the food came out when it was ready, and some of it took quite a while, but with a big lunch time rush, it's expected. Service was attentive and great.I'll certainly be back. This is my kind of sushi spot.

Kim T.

ootoro has to be one of the best sushi spots in orange county. i have had the omakase here & bento boxes togo. i will definitely say i had a better experience with omakase then i did with to go because even though i placed my order for the handroll and sashimi bento box for pick up at 6:30 pm, i did not get my food until close to 8 pm. it was not just me, but 3 other people who also placed their order for 6:30 pm and did not get their order until close to when i did as well. so, the main take away is your wait time for to go food may not be what you expect - expect LONG wait times, but i will say both bento boxes were great. the omakase was fantastic. the fish was fresh & their was great variety. servers were really nice too, but looked a little flustered due to how busy it was. be prepared to wait 1-2 hours at least for a table if you walk in during dinner time.

SJ Yang

Food and presentation are all good... sushi boxes are good value. But on two occasions, I’ve waited a very long time for to-go and dining in. They need better operations as to alleviate the painfully slow kitchen and speedier service.

Titan L.

Food and service very average. Server made my group wait an hour amid empty tables inside. It is worthwhile inspecting the menu with pricing because the one without pricing can be deceiving. Three pieces of toro sushi would cost you $75 plus service and tax!



Irene W.

1st time visit Parking lot ok Clam ginger soup ver tasty Mix sashimi with eel bowl - very fresh Hood services too Will visit again

Steven S

Arrived for lunch, and even though there were a few people ahead of us, we sat down fairly soon after. We also waited for a table, as the sushi bar does mostly sashimi / nigri and the wife wanted ramen. I ordered the Premium Chirashi, with the shrimp head deep fried, and she ordered the combo, with Ramen and BBQ Don Pork. Everything was excellent. The ramen, while not having an egg to my slight disappoinment, was very good. The broth was rich, the noodles just Al dente enough to where they wouldn't be soggy 10 minutes in, and the pork was delicious and thicker cut than usual. The BBQ Don was great as well. The Chirashi was fantastic. Everything was premium as the name implies, the fish incredibly fresh, and each piece of sashimi is larger than your normal sushi place serves. This is a Japanese sushi restaurant. Not a Korean, Japanese inspired style sushi. I'll be back for the omakase dinner one of these nights, it looks beautiful.

Bert Mouler

Some of the best sushi in Orange County.

Shushan Razmig Madenlian Zupic

excellent exquisite fresh sashimi

James Weinstock

Great sushi but the wait after ordering was almost an hour so that would make it difficult to come back for lunch on a workday.


One of my favorite sushi restaurants! The lunch combo and chirashi bowls are awesome, and a fairly decent deal IMO.

Eddie Songtanin

Best if you reserve ahead of time, otherwise we waited for less than 10mins

C A.

This place is next level sushi! I warn - it's hard to get reservations but was super stoked they fit us girls in at the sushi bar on a Saturday! Chefs & staff are extremely knowledgeable & friendly. However, it's the selection of fish that's beyond anywhere else offered in Orange County. Expensive but worth it for the high quality & experience. Not my first visit and most certainly will not be my last!

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