5317 University Dr, Irvine
(949) 381-3660

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Vera Hong

genuinely the worst tan-cha in all of socal !!!!upon entering, we were hit with the strongest chlorine smell - like walking into a public poolthe singular employee they had took almost 15 minutes to come out from behind once we arrived (he saw us and just stayed in the back) and was extremely short with us. i asked for brulee and he just said "NO." in a very aggressive toneafter waiting about 20 minutes for our drinks, we got them and they tasted like chlorine and had an overall terrible chemical taste. i couldnt take more than one sipi usually love tan-cha, so im really disappointed that the irvine location is so bad

Yukino Takenaka

Tan-Cha is located in a good place since there is Zion Market right next to. So you can enjoy boba after your grocery:)

Danbi Kim

Terrible customer service every single time from the same young girl with glasses that works the counter. Unbelievably rude. Acts like I’m being a burden for literally paying to get some drinks. Won’t be coming back again. Get some better employees, she doesn’t deserve to be paid.

Cai Jo

The Taro Lattee with Boba is my favorite so far. Love the drinks here, so many options, and the employees are always super helpful in giving me recommendations if I can't decide.


Worst customer service . Very rude girl in the counter. Felt like they were doing me a favor by serving the tea. Will never enter this place again.

Elaph Mia

Great drinks with lots of options, and even substitutes for milk. We also didn't have to wait for long either!

Glad Choosing

Very rude female merchant. I did not receive a greeting at all. Instead I got a very rude stare and remark. I would have bought something if the young merchant lady wasn’t so rude.

David L

Not great service .. employees seem to not like working there and both were a bit short with me. I can’t tell if it’s a cultural thing or if that’s a store specific thing. No greeting or thank you back.I have some trouble understanding what they are saying back to me. I think maybe the service would have been better without the language barrier but not sure…Drinks were just ok.. nothing phenomenal but not the worst I have ever had.

Kimiko Ho

OMG! I ordered a white peach onlong tea. After I had it, I found out that the cheese foam was spoiled. I am so disappointed.?

Y. Z.

Very disappointed. First time came there was a Tuesday afternoon but no employees were there. Waited 10 mins, called them but nobody ever picked up. The second time they messed up my order without even an apology. The guy who took my order almost fell asleep while at work. The lady that made my order even rolled her eyes to me. These employees are extremely rude and disrespectful. They deserve to be fired.


Worst service ever. The short girl with the grandma hair is super rude to multiple customers. We witnessed her being rude to a much elderly gentleman because he only spoke chinese. I don't think it's an unreasonable for the gentleman to request to see if the staff spoke chinese at a chinese boba shop. Very unprofessional. The 1 star is for the tea, tasted decent.

navneeta mukherjee

The older lady with glasses is rude and unfriendly. Just kept saying no to my requests for toppings that were totally doable and I always get at other Tan-cha locations. The young girl at the counter is nice, though.Some of the employees were not wearing any masks or gloves while handing the food and drinks even during the pandemic.Also, the drinks are a little overpriced for what they are.

courtnay roland

The drinks are pretty big. I got a matcha and cream with boba, I couldn't finish it. But it was really good.

Daniel zheng

The service who wear glasses one she’s very rude and aggressive she acting like a boss

Nick Beard

I was craving Tan-Cha in the middle of the week and definitely was able to satisfy my craving! I first had it in Hacienda Heights, then was super excited when it came to Garden grove... And now it's in Irvine! I love the drinks here, but it seems like the Irvine one has a limited menu? The environment is way classier that the other locations, but sucks we can't sit and dine just yet. We got there when it wasn't super busy and then all of a sudden at least 10+ people came into the store. It was a little difficult to social distance because people were just congregating, but I did my best to move away from them. The workers seem to be overworked and stressed seemingly bc of the amount of UberEats and other deliver type orders they were also receiving...In terms of drink quality, it was good. The cups are cool- reusable with a swivel lid for the part where you drink. It seems smaller than the cups at other locations though, but not sure. The other cups are taller and more narrow so may be the same. I got the #1 fave with tiramisu foam and it definitely hit the spot. Will be coming back when I need my tiramisu/cheese foam fix!

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