1200 W Ave K, Lancaster
(661) 945-8615

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opposing phantom

This McDonald's has really gone downhill the workers there are lazy and I really think management should reconsider all of the new hires there today we went to go order McDonalds through the drive through and some guy said welcome to McDonald's would you like a manwich. We were obviously confused and ordered what we usually get then he started laughing and messed up our order aswell

Tom Thomas

When I order my burger with no pickles they always put pickles on it. Other than that there great..

Sharon Nali!

They were messing up orders right and left, taking orders from drive thru and ignoring customers in line my daughter waited 30 minutes for two sm cheeseburgers ... and the lady ahead of her had already been in line 40 minutes...and it was 110°I won't be going back to this certain McDonald' the orders they were messing up were the drive thru orders....I have never seen a worse mess....

Perry Ward

Hey try the Double Quarter Pounder Here its bomb and tastes like homemade . Hamburger Garrentee to satisfy.!

Ursula Williams

After ordering just 2 smoothies, we were told to pull forward and wait for one of the smoothies. I'd rather just wait in the line. I do understand that this keeps the line moving for the rest of the customers, but parking and waiting can take quite a long time for a small order, and it feels like they've forgotten you after 10 or so minutes. I hope there can be another solution to resolve this inconvenience so that customers don't feel forgotten.

Luvv K.

The reason for two stars is because it took 15 mins to get my food and the Dr Pepper tasted like water instead of soda and the chicken nuggets tasted like soggy wet towels please do better next time!

Ronald Mitchell

Excellent customer service up to date restaurant very fast service and very clean especially during the post pandemic experience that we all been through I would visit again

Ruben Castaneda

The coca-cola was so watered down. Put more syrup! Hamburger was too salty! Get it right! Too busy is not an excuse.

Caleb S.

It was terrible the food took for ever to come out. They messed up our order and are always out of something. It drives me nuts have dumb the people are who work here and how crappy their machines are. There are always homeless people or crack heads everywhere.

Mic Ty

Upgraded interior design but they don't give soda refills.

Maggie Shadow

Got in and out pretty good. Liked the service. It was late at night. Fries could have been fresher though. You know that's what we all like, and now that I think about it, it seems late night fries are never the best.

Tommy M.

Worse McDonalds ever. The only thing good about this place is that its close to home. Theres homeless people around the place super long lines, machines are broken, missing orders, damaged food, wrong orders. Next time I woll drive to the one on L because they know what they are doing.

Craig Shaver

This place is HORRIBLE!!! First they took my order and screwed that then when i got to window to pay for my food they over charged me by 10$ on a what should have been only 3.64 Then i saw a couple of workers flip me the bird. Stay FAR away from this McDonald's This place was absolutely filthy, i wouldn't let my dogs eat here

Kanesha Ortega

Disappointed! Mc Donald's usually have 2 people at the window? One collect the money and one giving you the food?! And he didn't wear gloves or use sanitizer??

Lori E.

Would you feed this to a child? NOOOO!! so why would you serve me this!! It's dark can tell it's been sitting for a long ass time

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