Round Table Pizza

44204 10th St W, Lancaster
(661) 945-6677

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Jeffrey Todd Rorex


Chris Carson

Always the best quality and service. The salad bar was not only delicious it had many options even including proteins. The gourmet vegetarian pizza was absolutely amazing! Me and my girlfriend agreed it was THE best pizza we have ever had. I love this location and I don't go as much as I would like to... but every time it's a win!

George G.

I came in to round table pizza ready to pick up a pizza I had order but I made the mistake of ordering a cheese pizza instead of a pepperoni Pizza. They when ahead and said don't worry about it I will make you the right pizza it will be out in 8-10min. That's great customer service. I will keep coming back.

Herb Williams

Great pizza. The best in the AV

krystol Red

First time here. The food was good, service was fast. The wings where hot, love it. The price was great but, it was hot inside and there was a fly and a few gnats bothering me while I ate. I can't look past that. Working in the food industry, I know what that means and it's hard to pass.

Mike Stanimirovich

Great pizza Great atmosphere and good music. Every one that worked there was pleasant, happy and helpful. Makes an awesome FAMILY environment. Although I like extra sauce unlike my wife she thought it was perfect, nice crispy crust. Abbondanza-- meaning (Great abundance) live life this way with Family. Eat well my friend's


Just ate lunch here, enjoyed the pizza!

Ane V.

This spot is offering to go and curbside pick up. It is my first time to try this Pizza Place. We got half pepperoni and half veggies. It was pretty good. I would definitely try other flavors.

Dina Degero

Delicious I'll be coming back..HAPPY.The king author was something to read about.

Mrs. Evans

Excellent service, great food, friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere

Kayden K.

Food was great but customer service sucks the lady was rude to my family but she was nice to the other customers I wouldn't be so rude to your customers

Monique Reaux

Still amazing after all these years.

Larry LeDuc

We ordered over the phone, and used a coupon. The pizza was great.

Rebecca N.

I grew up on Round Table Pizza. It was one of our first choices to go to when indoor dining resumed. The food was amazing however the service was AWFUL. We were made to feel like an inconvenience for coming in to eat. I understand Covid protocols are very specific and regimented and we follow them, to make it easier on everyone. One specific employee made it my worst experience eating out ever. From getting an eye roll for asking for a menu (as no menus were posted or readily available to look at) to continuous asking for napkins, plates, forks, drinks because we didn't get the number we asked for. We dealt with one lady only who looked like she'd rather be anywhere than work but Kayla picked up all her slack! Kayla really was amazing and I felt bad for her working harder than she had to. I let all the bad service go...from this individual and rude stares, and telling of my children not touch the games (they weren't) shooing my child on to a sticker when they were telling me what they wanted to eat, telling us only 5 to a table when the regulations are really 6 to a table but we split up anyways to avoid any problems, I let it all go and figured they are taking Covid protocols pretty serious until I saw the same lady, who picked us apart at every turn, TAKE HER MASK OFF and let it hang around her neck as she had a little necklace connected to it.. the same one for eyeglasses. Not only was her mask OFF, she was refilling the ice and walking by food waiting to be ran under the heat lamps with NO mask on her face. That's when I decided she doesn't take Covid protocols seriously AT ALL and was absolutely rude and unprofessional and food service isn't for her. She should really seek a new job if she hates customers and serving others so much. For that reason, I will not return and encourage others who really take Covid seriously to do the same. I am not one to ever post reviews but felt this necessary to spare any others the hypocrisy and embarrassment of being told you're doing everything wrong.

James M.

Round Table Pizza has been my favorite for years, and the Lancaster location has never made me a bad pizza in the past 6 + years. My only complaint is; with a coupon for a Large they used to upgrade my order to X-Large at cupon price. Now its NEVER coupon price and Large to X-Large, go back to full memu price. This change is why they don't get 5 stars from me and has slowed my business with them.

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