Scramblez Grill & Bar

2715 W Ave L, Lancaster
(661) 722-9096

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Ben Lopez

Never ever will I return, except for our waiter Chris customer service there was horrible. No one is nice, their attitude is unacceptable for the type of business that it is. When I began coming to this place I couldn't wait to return, now I wouldn't recommend it to an enemy.

Nelson Hernandez

We've had their lunch once and breakfast once. The lunch was eh, but we're going to try it again in case it was a fluke. Breakfast, on the other hand, was great ?

Zathara Delaney

Very poor. Best thing I can say is at least I didnt get sick. Sorry to see Scrambles fall so far from when they first started.

Hugo S.

How to lose my business forever. I order over $100 in food from this restaurant. I'm limping because of a meniscus tear in my right knee. 3 blue bodied dudes at the front register, and I have 4 bags. I ask where the restroom is, limp there and back and they have my check ready and my food is waiting on the bench by the door. There are now 2 guys there as I'm signing one guy leaves, I leave a $20 tip on a to go order. The last guy looks at the ticket, as I start to limp off, I grab my first 2 bags and then try and get the door, I'm struggling a bit because my knee hurts and I'm juggling the bags, and the door, and my injury. I guess I would have been a dick if I hadn't tipped, and I didn't tip expecting anything, but I've done this same thing to a of times and can't even count the number of women who help with the door, bring bags to the car, etc. These guys just looked at me, and never even asked once if I needed anything. It's cool, you live and you learn, I usually never write reviews, but these guys definitely inspired me.

Michelle h

Charles, you absolutely made our day! My bestie and I decided to go to Scrambles for breakfast this morning. We sat at the bar and were met by someone who totally made us feel welcome. Tried twisting our arm for a "Breakfast shot ". After a bunch of kidding around we were served one and our arm twisted. LOL Little did we know we were talking to the owner. The food is outstanding, the shot was fantastic and Charles is AWESOME! I am a firm believer if you give a little, you get a lot in return. Charles you are a good business man. We will be frequenting both of your businesses.

Tyler Dougherty

One of my favorite breakfast/brunch spots in the AV. Always good food and friendly staff!


The food was very good...the alcohol drinks are very strong... nd the service is fast nd nice

Michele Flynn

The food was great.Very nice place to go to.

Julio Yniguez

Very good dining and very good portioned. Reasonably priced!!

Veronica M.

The food here was horrible. I ordered the steak and eggs the quality of the steaks was cheap and when I told the waiter he looked at me like I was crazy and the food took forever to come . Would not recommend.

warlock 998

Food and drinks is god tier. I love the margaritas..

Cheryl Nelson

Thank goodness we got there at 4 PM, just in time for the dinner slot to begin. Tiger got the pork chops and I got the beef stroganoff, which was one of the specials for tonight. Both were prepared perfectly and absolutely delicious. The house made potato chips and dip are just about my favorite thing ever.

Catherine Gause

Great breakfast, and Bloody Marys. I wish they had a bigger place, they are soo good, and getting even more recognized. Sundays ate always a wait but well worth it

Trevor & Savannah Doggett

DISGUSTING! I usually go to Easy Egg ...I regret going to scramblez. Word to the wise steer clear of this place.

Judy Cooperberg

Really good food. Fast and friendly service. It was delightful!

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