Submarina California Subs

830 W Ave L, Lancaster
(661) 949-8683

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anthony escandon

I have been a long time customer several years and last three times I came here the same server tall male prepared my sandwich but service has been short flavor and content last time I ordered half sandwich he put 2 slices total of each meat on my Italian sandwich and loaded with lettuce tomato and onions and very dry. Tonight I ordered foot long same situation 4 slices of each meat and dry no flavor as many times before . I was very disappointed I drove clear across town because the sandwiches here were best in area but I’m sorry three times us too much I hope things change in the near future because you can pay way less over town and get a better sandwich.


Not happy with the overall customer experience. It was okay but nothing special. Certainly pricey compared to other similar places. Honestly cannot recommend. The three stars is generous.

Steve B.

Great subs! A little bit of a wait only because they were so busy. Good to see a this place survived.


A very professional staff and a fresh, deliciously crisp, vegetable selection. Reasonable prices!

Tim Talley

As always, the service was outstanding. I phoned in the order and the very nice young lady, (name?? She told me and I forgot. Most unusual for me. ) was closing up the bags when I arrived.Submarina should give seminars to Subway. Not really I guess as its not even close. Particularly in respect to the service.Submarina will see me soon, Subway...not so much.

Audra Koepsel

I love their sandwiches here and their soup. Yummy!!My favorite sandwich is the turkey and avacodo on squaw roll.The place smells so good when you go in and the staff is awesome.I love that they give you a cookie or an Andis mint. There is never a long wait even when they are crowded. But I never feel rushed eitherTry their tomato bisque soup. It is so good!

Alete Skillz

Food was good and ready when they said would. Great job


The sandwiches made here, in my opinion at least, rival subway and jersey mike's. The staff are professional and friendly, the food is spot on, with just the perfect amount of selections for sandwich toppings without leaving you overwhelmed. Amazing place to stop by, highly recommend

D Smith

I've only been here once so I don't really feel comfortable leaving a review yet. But staff was friendly and the food seems to be better with a bit more options than Subway and the like. I like their squaw bread. Review should probably really be a 4.5.

Dolores Sierra

Always great!! Tuna albacore is my fav!

Wendy Mckune

Favorite sandwich place. Fresh meat, fresh veggies. Little pricey though.

Jason Storey

Just went and got a meat ball for my lady and a pastrami for myself. Both Sooooo Good Nice, hot plenty on topping and great service cant ask for more from the place. A must try if in the area.

samuel sherman

Nice basic sandwich is always good.

Jon Clark

Always good service and good ingredients.

Annie A.

This sub was missing italian dressing, oil and vinegar and cucumbers. The remade sub was missing the Lg Extra Cheese that was paid for and the meat overall was lower quality. My husband also thought he was missing the extra meat but found it piled on 1/2 the sandwich.

He disliked the sandwich so much he threw it in the trash.

East Coast Signature Sub
* Large 
* Cold 
* French roll 
* Provolone 
* Add Black Pepper 
* Add Cucumber 
* Add Green Bell Pepper 
* Add Pepperoncini 
* Add Pickle 
* Add Salt 
* Add Spinach 
* Add Spring Mix 
* Add Large Extra Cheese 
* Add Large Extra Meat 
* Balsamic Vinaigrette 
* Italian Dressing 
* Oil and Vinegar 
"All dressings on the side, please"

This sub was missing Pepperoncinis, Oil and Vinegar and Italian dressing. The second time it was STILL missing Pepperoncinis.
Italian Signature Sub
* Regular 
* Cold 
* French roll 
* Provolone 
* Add Black Olives 
* Add Black Pepper 
* Add Pepperoncini 
* Add Pickle 
* Add Salt 
* Add Shredded Lettuce 
* Chipotle Dressing 
* Italian Dressing 
* Oil and Vinegar 
"Extra Oil and Vinegar, Italian and Chipotle Dressing ON THE SIDE and EXTRA ONIONS please."

2 visits for one meal and they could not get our order correct. Matter of fact the remade subs were worse than the initial subs.

I do not understand why onions and tomatoes are NOT on the online order system so unless you specify them you do not get them.  Although cucumbers, that they were out of, were on the menu to order. Although, even if you specify them you may not get them, reference my twice withheld pepperoncinis.

We paid more then $31.62 for 2 sandwiches with a tip. I called the store to complain and got blame apportionment. Luckily GrubHub was quick to refund.

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