1324 E Hatch Rd, Modesto
(209) 537-7587

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Josh House

As far as mcdonald's goes this one is a little better than most..New staff when I visited ..and they were slammed..still got my food in a reasonable amount of time.

Thomas Pham

Don't go late nights drive through unless you wanna wait 30+ mins. Slowest McDonald's in CA. Faster to drive to Modesto and get McDonald's there and drive back. Or, faster to get hired by McDonald's, go through training, and make your own order by the time drive through night shift is done.

Lisa Andrade

not a good experience at all..I did a mobile order in the app with curbside and I was there for like 35 min .....I wait patiently for 15min playing game on ph..then impatiently for another 5 before I got out..went inside & stood in line for 8 min yet i was the only one in line but then I asked if they forgot to bring my order...she looked confused went to ask someone for another 4 min wait then walks over hands me a bag & when i asked about my drink she took about 3 min then handed me a large drink with no ice & filled a lil over half of the cup .now im not feelin very nice..anyway she brought me a do over on the drink..All i could say was Thats beautiful.. now thats a drink. Thank you... THEN i get in car & drivethru cars are now overflowed blocking all 3 curbside spaces so cars is stuck. ALL i ordered was a cookie and a dr pepper. I could only say Yeah at least I wet my whistle and I got points on the app from Mcdonalds new reward system so lesson learned wait for Turlock McDonalds :)

Cornelia Van Winkle

My unsweetened ice tea taste old.It should be fresh considering it's @10:30.It's like drinking day old coffee. It's yucky !!

Stephanie Fisher

The line was really long but went really fast.

Christopher Freeman (Chris)

McDonalds sold their soul to the devil now their coffee( namely mocha frap) are possibly the best in the world.

Jason W.

Time travel truly is possible, I just took a step back 30 years at this McDonald's! Only accepts cash, no mobile orders, manual registers, and literally has not had a building update in 30 years. You guys are really a waste of space in Ceres. Get with the program or shut down.

Xavier Escobedo

Gets very busy and the line moves slow perhaps they are understaffed. Food was hot and as expected.

Jaime Williams

Lots of interesting characters in this area. But the restaurant itself wad fast and friendly. Hi used the drive thru. I did not go in so I can't say much else. They seem to be pretty busy always. Plenty of parking in the area but like I said the patrons in the area seem to be homeless or even mentally ill. Park at your own risk.

Osiel Luna

Fast drive through better than the rest Mcdonald in the area.

Lucifer Morningstar

This was an excellent experience right off of work getting a satisfying meal that tasted so wonderful!!!

Lynda Bohnet

Great food a bit of a wait but, worth it

carlos perez

Messed up my order...they corrected that part... BUT!!! and my fault for not checking but when i get home im missing a sandwich..ugh not cool

dolores Duque

Long wait, also their meal deals are lies. No $3.00 bundle, says on the app- mcdouble and medium fry, or spicy chicken and medium fry for $3.00. Not true. Isn't McDonald's, McDonald's, WRONG!! SCAM

Diego Ramos

Need to hire more people for night shift the line is ridicules long every nigh. Other than that it's good

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