5757 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 754-1051

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Frida R.

The people at this restaurant were extremely accommodating and provided exceptional service. I called them at 11am for a last minute catering order and they went beyond expectations to deliver for my Grandpa's 85 Birthday

Ill Daniel

These guys are awesome!It was five of us and we were running late for our flight (LAX) but we wanted to try their food based on a high recommendation. These guys not only sat us, but they got fed and made sure we were in and out in 40 minutes. They did not compromise on service and the quality of their food. We were all able to make our flights.Can’t wait to go back!

Carlos Carbonell

It was great to find a Puerto Rican Spot in Los Angeles.Food/Service was great.Will definitely stop by next time im LA.

So What

Real Puerto rican food in LA ! Food tasty always good, feel like home. Also Pedro very helpful and he is very gentle,polite even ! U must try to have mofongo for sure ! Im sure that u gonna love this restaurant.최고의식당입니다!

Guillermo Mendez

Beer warm taste bad platano saltie y méat over cook

Avi T.

Love this place so much.. the pechuga asada is my go to. It's grilled chicken that's still super tender and juicy with a delicious garlicky secret sauce on top plus plantains, rice and peas what more do you want? The skirt steak with chimichurri is also

Reena G.

Came for the first time yesterday by myself and tried the Mofongo De Carne Guisado - this was my first time having Mofongo and I loved it! The beef and potato balls were also delicious. The staff was so pleasant as well. Honestly, it was a lovely experience!

David Galindez

Very delicious you should try the mofongo and pernile

Caleb H.

We spent our honeymoon in Puerto Rico and were looking to recreate some memories for our anniversary this year. We were able to order some of our favorite dishes that we had in Old San Juan and were transported back there with what we ate. I'm disappointed that there aren't more Puerto Rican restaurants in LA, but Mofongos does a great job of filling the void. I really recommend the Bistec Encebollado. The tres leches cake was worth a trip on its own. I only wish I could get a Medalla Light to wash it all down!

Michelly A.

For it being my friends first time and being so excited to try this place they walked out never wanting to go again. It's a Latin American restaurant the menu has Spanish names it's Puerto Rican for Gods sake that even has salsa playing in the background and waiter didn't respond in Spanish and service overall was horrible everything seemed to bother him. The food quality wasn't like the first time , today the flavor was very bland . If customer service wasn't as bad as it was I'd probably rethink to go back but no thank you ! He seemed annoyed to be working there. You should consider getting people who are happy and enjoy working there.

Mike Ryan

I had no idea what I was getting into, but I am so glad I went. I had the pork Mofongo and it was so good! Tons of flavor both in the meat and the broth. Our waiter was great and walked me through the whole menu when I told him it was my first visit.Definitely eat here when you have the chance!


Expensive and the food is not as great. The prices in the receipt didn’t match the prices on the menu. Pasteles, ARE NOT good, try before buying (they have worst pasteles I’ve ever tasted…too soft, tastes like mashed viandas with no salt). Rellenos are OK. Beef patties, OK. Some food had too much spice. Pernil and desert were good. Service was good.

Taylor L.

I love this food but I was treated like a liar while also being lied to. Ordered through postmates $60 worth of food, as we were plating our food, we noticed a long hair in the rice. Called mofongos, he proceeded to tell me there is no one here who has long hair. I said okay thanks, I will be refunded on postmates and I got off the phone. Then he calls me back and really tries to figure out how this happened. Saying how weird it is and maybe it was the postmates driver since she had long hair. IT WAS A GUY WITH SILVER/BLONDE HAIR WHO DROPPED OFF THE FOOD. Some weeks, we get this food three times. Very unfortunate how I was treated, as if I was just wanting free food. I've spent so much money here, absolutely ridiculous. Lost a customer for sure. Little tip, DONT call the customer back and blame them because then they post a Yelp. K thanks.

Jeremy Riddick

Food was amazing and the service was great. I definitely will be returning.

Jessica Stokes

I was so excited to come here and it fell short. 1. The drinks are WAY over priced. 1 can of kola champagne is $2.75!!!! Read the menu really close!! We order a sandwich, clearly pictured with fries and they ask you if you want fries but surprise you with the $2.99 charge for the fries. The sandwich is almost $12!!!! A small sized one for that prize worst yet. The mofongo was ok, but lacked true flavor and DID NOT come with the little pieces of pork chicharron it describes in the menu at all. The fried pork was bland, dry and a bit tough. Also, if they ask you do you want tostones or amarillos with that say no unless you want to pay extra. The waitress NEVER said it was extra, they were pictured with the dish ordered and never mentioned it was extra, but it was sure enough on my tab. I was nickle and dimed to death in that place. The cherry on top was when they automatically charged me 18% gratuity because it was 6 of us!!! It was nowhere on the menu, no sign at the entrance or the counter NOTHING. They just threw that in there without warning. We should have been warned when we walked in. The food wasn't that great, but the nickle and diming alone would make me NEVER come back or recommend it.?‍♀️ I love to support my local fellow Puertorricans, but this just left a bad impression all around.

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