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13011 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 579-4344

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Lynne H.

Open late! This place has so many options and you get more for your buck. The employees were so friendly and even gave us extra sauce of our choosing to try on the side. Definitely found my new poke spot!

Nicole H.

Super cool spot!! Food is fresh and delicious and the service is awesome! Definitely coming back!!

Andrea G.

No stars whatsoever. Worst customer service ever! The lady working behind the counter was so miserable and had such a strong attitude. She was scooping my proteins with such hate. I actually feel bad for her she looked so unhappy like if she hated her life. She's pretty with long black hair but ugly with that attitude. I hope she finds light and peace within herself. DMV is hiring. Sucks for Ownership for having these type of employees not good for business. Never coming back to this location.

Pedro T.

Food is good ... but there was this lady that was the most rude person I've came across too... first time there was good, the owner was super nice... this time was sus, we were gonna get a bowl and right away with a face that looks like crap she say "what do you want" in the most rudest way possible.... Never going back again sorry ... WORST EXPERIENCE EVER

Matthew A.

I have given this place so many chances (at least 5-6) after my orders being incorrect or just straight up weird, but I think I've reached my limit. I don't think my order has ever been 100% correct. Either they don't use the requested sauce or they swap out ahi tuna for spicy tuna, or put random toppings on I didn't ask for. One time they put whole, unshelled edamame in it. Unshelled! Today it was massive pieces of kale with the entire rib left on. It just seems like the people working there either don't read the order or just don't care, nor do they seem to know that you don't eat unshelled edamame or ribs of kale in your poke. I really want to like this place because the flavors are usually pretty good, but they just need to train their employees better. It's a shame really.

Karen M.

I've been coming here for a while now i love the bowls but the costumer service isn't quiet there at the moment the lady in front isn't so friendly. Not very welcoming just looks very intense when she helps me out. The younger girl is much more friendly and even suggests things I can add to my bowl. The old lady needs to at least pretend she likes her job. She's not helpful.

Sterling O.

They DO NOT use sushi rice in the poke bowls. The blow just tastes weird. I'd go to another spot that actually knows how to make a poke bowl.

evguenia stepanova

I just found a live bug in my bowl. Called them because i wanted to return my food back to them and get a refund. They refused it and they blamed postmates on it. Will never order from them againP. S i used to be their customer who was ordering food from them almost every single day


not delivered ... when you call to ask a new demivery, they said OK but never delivery .. waiting for 1h40 ....

Evguenia S.

I just found a live bug in my food. Called them and they refused to pick up my food and give me a refund. They blamed postmates. Unbelievable! P. S i used to be their customer who used to order their food almost every day

Youssra K.

It used to be really goood this place but now not at all The food used to be amazing , the most things that pissed me off is the owner keeps hiring unprofessional people . The girl was at the front doesn't know anything and she's working like she's at her own house not professional at all The food taste weird and the fish is old ..the rice is not soft as it should be I can't eat it

Chuck Northrop

Excellent selection of toppings (can be overwhelming). Very fresh ingredients. Pleasant staff (who were sanitizingmwiping down chairs, tables, coolers, and even the walls). Price is a bit high, but when you're hungry...

Tigran Matikozyan


Lauren P.

For me, this is the best poke place I've encountered in the area. The fish is always fresh tasting and the different toppings offered are the best here too. I would choose and recommend this place over any others I've tried.

Tigrannn Matikozyan


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