Rigos Taco

11324 Vanowen St, North Hollywood
(818) 508-7446

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Renata Sdao

Stopped here for take out. Service was adequate for drive-thru. The food was standard California Mexican style but bland. The enchiladas were dry and the sauce was tasteless. The refried beans were watery and smothered with an unremarkable cheese. The chili relleno had a nice flavor but was little more than a pepper stuffed with cheese - no sauce, no egg. I've had better luck with their burritos and dining in.


Despite this restaurant being a little on the expensive side, it's definitely worth the price as the food is delicious for fast food standards. I've been eating at this restaurant for the majority of my life, and my favorite item on the menu that I'd personally recommend is the burrito de asada.

Kenny Maldonado

I don't if they were in a hurry or something but the carne asada undercooked and taff

Olga L.

Received our food with a fly on top of our tortilla chips and beans! When my boyfriend took the plate up to The cashier all he did was look at it and said OH! took the plate and tossed it in the trash and walked away! Not a apology was said from anyone that kitchen! HORRIBLE SERVICE

Miel C

Spent $36 on two meals, the tacos were ok. Probably never coming back it was 100° outside, it was hotter inside. Definitely not a place to be at when its hot. Cashier was friendly.

Marvin S

I love this place, because their burrito is pretty solid, but a burrito and a large drink was $18? ummmmmmmm... hmmmm. questionable pricing. oh and if you order inside, the burritos are bigger than if you order drive thru.

Jeanette R.

If you want a good detox and get the runs right away this is the place! Ordered regular nachos 2 days with massive pain and runs. Who would've thought $8.99 nachos would cause a big mess. No more for me

danielle Ruiz

There food is way better than any other Mexican restaurant around the valley.

Chandana Silva

Alpastor Burritos were good.

Vecino S.

I think this pass year must of change the attitude are environment. Food now is horrible with stale refined beans, and day old rice all up in my burrito! What a waiste of $10!

Ryan McEachern

Rigos is standard for Mexican street food. Everything is solid to great. Lots of meat choices. Their lengua and cabeza are my favorites there. The quesdilla is their weakest item, but still delicious. Though, you better like cheese...cuz you're going to get a lot of cheese.

Erika Martinez

Great food, though some prices have gone up like everything else

Oli Arteaga

Excellent sea food restaurant.

Aimee Hager

Not the best area but good, authentic food.

Yousef Murad

They younger cashier seems to be having a bad day or something, I simply asked for certain condiments she gave them to me one bag didn't have any, I showed her asked for more she rudely said I can't them back, the words take back never came out my mouth, people like this need to work in the back of the house, no customer service skills once so ever, please find another job, I've been eating at rigos tacos since before you entered the country please show some respect.

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