10942 W Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 766-9991

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went in to grab some food and they refused to serve me because I wouldnt wear a mask.. tried to tell me its the law in the state of california. I then explained that there was never a law requiring masks but there was a mandate that was LIFTED today for the whole state. Still no service. No more subway for me.

Ryan T.

NEVER going to this place around lunch time. There was only one person here and a line near out the door. That poor woman had to deal with that line by herself. How could management not staff at least two for a very busy lunch?!

Danica T.

I was craving a late night meal and they literally wrapped my sandwich in nothing but a brown paper bag.... Is that even safe/sanitary?

Kiel Hunt

Best subway sandwiches every made by a subway employee! When I buy 5 sandwiches and everyone in my family is raving about how good the sandwiches are....that one person deserves some recognition and single handedly carried the faith of this subway location! Just gained a loyal customer. Her patience with my 15 year old daughter was astounding! She deserves a raise! Waiting to see how good the remaining staff is. My Fiance, who has worked as a Subway employee some years ago was shocked at how good it was prepared as well. A++++ on her part. If proof is needed....check the cameras Monday May 17th 2021 after 12:30am!

Glenn Wolfe

Great customer service

Tiffany F.

Only because I can't give zero stars. I ordered a foot long tuna melt with double meat. It was so but even the wrapper was burned.

SaritA Duer

The best ❣️

Cooking W. Machaazah

Love the ladies that work their

Alexsander Saintjames

Good people, fast service, busy shopping center.

Vance Burton

Super awesome employees!! Mafia Is an amazing worker!!

Angela X

I ordered 2 sandwiches through DoorDash and after 20 minutes it showed an update that my driver had been waiting for my food. 30 minutes later, my driver was still waiting for my food. I called the driver and he said he had been waiting for a long time and he thought something was wrong so he went into the store and said the girl working was in the bathroom and she yelled at him for coming into the store even though it was open. I continued to wait 5 more minutes then called the store and spoke to the woman working named Jenny, she told me she was on a “bathroom break” (50 minute long break) and she didn’t like that the guy walked into the store so she didn’t make the order for him and made people’s order who were after him/us. She was the only one working so I asked her how long until the sandwiches were done and she said “mm.. maybe 10 minutes or you can just cancel it” in a smug tone after I was being very polite and patient with her. After waiting almost an hour for something I could’ve picked up in 5 minutes and having to cancel my order and losing my money, I will never go to this subway again.

Renaissance Man

Great new Protein Bowls

David Standel

Not even close to a acceptable experience!

Gerardo Valle

Friendly and quick service ?

Virginia Martinez

Jr favorite place. ?

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