Sunny's Sushi Hut

11672 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood
(818) 508-8680

Recent Reviews

Marisol D.

This lil sushi spot is my fave quick lunch spot so far. Tasty food and super speedy delivery.

Tina B.

Staff is rude as hell, the cashier does this thing where they forget to give u ur change unless u ask for it back.. I once asked why this strange practice and the worker informed me he was "taught and trained" to do so.. i call this stealing.. thats not how u get a tip! One time i saw a worker come from outside and walked in and straight went to bagging a customer's food!! Gross!!!

Cassandra C.

My favorite valley sushi spot! Probably my favorite sushi spot in LA. Great prices, friendly staff, and their takeout got me through the pandemic.

Duncan V.

My regular sushi joint. Super affordable and tasty. The dinner combinations are an insane deal. Like 20 bucks for salmon teriyaki, 12 chef sushi rolls, miso, etc. $50 is a great date for 2 plus leftovers. There's also a 7/11 in the same parking lot to pick up alcoholic drinks and snacks if needed. I've never had an issue with parking, at least for picking up the food. The only downside is a small credit card fee (maybe 4%) that's unusual, but a small price to pay compared to other sushi spots in LA.

G S.

Nestled in a small shopping center is Sunny's Sushi Hut. If you aren't looking for it, you might miss it. But if you are reading this, please give them a try. Everything we ordered was delicious. GREAT prices. GREAT food. What are you waiting for?

Rachel A.

I love this little hidden gem. Fresh sushi. Great prices. So good! My favorite is the spicy tuna on crispy rice.

Jerilyn A.

Love their sushi, anything I got was delicious. I think I got some special rolls and their regular rolls. It was mixed raw and cooked sushi rolls.

Jacob K.

Amazing hole in the wall type of take-out sushi place in noho, price is very fair and their sushi/rolls are bomb.

Sumamarn Konlawit

Nice food and very yummy. Fresh. Reasonable price.

Mike R

My wife and I order from them almost once a week. Their sushi is amazing, and same with their service. Parking lot is a little tight but it's no biggie. Definitely worth it

Patrick Espiritu

I love this place! Great food! Great prices! Great service! Thank you sunny!

Vinh B.

Great price and so good. I would recommend the 3 item combination plate with specialty roll. Best deal in LA period

Karan J.

This place is the unsung hero of North Hollywood. The best sushi and at an affordable price. The Pyramid roll is our favorite. Great value, fresh sushi and great service. Support this small business and then support them again.

Diana L.

I started working in a North Hollywood office and Sunny's is a few streets away..I CAN'T BELIEVE I NEVER STOPPED HERE BEFORE! The sushi is always fresh, melt in your mouth. I order through Yelp and although the automated message says that my food will be ready in 30-45 mins, it's usually out before then. I think yesterday it was ready within 10 minutes. The Chef's lunch special (I think that's what it's called), the price cannot be beat for the quality of the roll. Highly highly recommend this place. The only bone I would pick is, why don't they like giving me spicy mayo?! :( I'm sorry that I love it so much and I always need 2 little tiny servings. *side note: parking is truly an adventure here.

TT Tran

Amazing sushi! Friendly staff, prices are great for the value you get! This place is going to be my regular go-to for sushi?

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