Sushi Ran

10658 Riverside Dr, North Hollywood
(818) 623-0567

Recent Reviews

Kimberly Flack

Very fast and efficient service and the selection is amazing. Everything tasted really good as well.

Jennifer K.

I am such a big fan of Sushi Ran, been going for years! I have been using Postmates for delivery over the past year. Now suddenly (last 2 weeks) I can't order my previous orders anymore! I love the fish, the servings, all of it. But If I can no longer order items I love (I can't order spicy tuna cut roll???) I will need to see what other options I have. If this is a Postmates problem PLEASE resolve! Thank you!

Adriana R.

This place has the most inoffensive sushi. It was not bad like too fishy and not fresh, in fact half of the sushi didn't really taste like anything or have much texture. We ordered: Spicy tuna roll Albacore nigiri Amberjack nigiri Gyoza Shishito peppers Seared tuna nigiri Yellow tail nigirl Tuna nigiri Shrimp nigiri *The last 3 being the best and decent Overall I feel bad to say it was meh

Noah B.

One of the best sushi spots I've tried, the workers are super cool and the food is insane.

Gaukhar R.

Bad experience with this sushi place. I ordered sushi for my dinner and it didn't come at time. The driver came early. And he didn't wait, he just left. Just for your knowledge my order was for 77$. After this I ordered sushi again but the food did not impress me. The seaweed salad is not real. Like it was very little seaweed. Baked salmon rolls are very tiny. It's very small roll and not so much of salmon. Disappointed.

Patricia Perry

Tasty, fresh and always nicely presented. The staff is friendly and prices are reasonable.

Amanda J.

New fave sushi spot in the Valley! Small interior but very cute and most importantly very fresh fish!

Ivonne G.

It was my first time in this place, and it won't be the last. I'll be back because the food is amazing, affordable and the staff is nice and gentle.

Kathy S.

So happy to have Sushi RAN just two blocks from my home. It's a favorite for me for takeout....I haven't had a single item on their menu that was not completely delicious. Highly recommended.

Melissa Marcil

Very good on presentation and taste, always happy when I return.

richard mitchell

My favorite place after missing it for a year I can wait to go back!!!

Thomas B.

Sushi is superb, Jeremy is the shit !!! Volcano roll was very tasty Garlic edamame and cucumber salad were some of the best I've had in LA.

Dominique C.

My fiancé and I recently moved from sac to LA and have been having fun trying out new spots but this by far has been the best food, customer service, and hospitality. We have never felt so welcomed and had so much fun in a LONG time since the pandemic. Jeremy and his staff made our night so wonderful! We definitely found our new spot that we'll be visiting atleast once a week! I wish I can give 10 out of 5 stars!

Sara D.

I happened to be in Toluca lake and was super hungry and Nearest sushi place on the map was izakaya Ran. Wasn't sure how the food would be but decided to give it a try even though I can be super picky with my sushi. I was pleasantly surprised! Great quality fish and very fresh. Great service and staff all very attentive! I would definitely recommend to anyone in the area!

Gb Gb

Very good .. Excellent service

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