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Li Z.

This is my worst Experience at Michelin restaurant , I have no clue how they Remain the two stars. Servers weren't hospitable ,dishes none of them impressive .about 3 or 4 courses they are only vegetables and fruits maxed , flavorless , the main course ,they use a part of dark meat on the black cod .and the Duck meat , So many Restaurants can handle duck better than them . those foods thin and tiny, placed on the enormous plates. Not enough food to eat . In the end We paid the bill not for our table , we found out by ourselve after come home , Then sent a Email to their servers . They said it accidentally swiped my Credit card to another table , then apologize, refund the money that We paid extra. Unbelievable !

Maureen L.

This place deserves its 2 Michelin stars. The servers were amazing and there wasn't a single dish I didn't like. Even the desserts were exceptionally unique and larger on the serving size than I expected (which was a plus). I left extremely satisfied and would, without hesitation, dine here again!

Robert V.

A hallmark of a Michelin Star restaurant is its consistency in food and service. Two years ago, we went to Commis and everything was right, the service was excellent and the food was too. We had talked about going back for the last two years. We just went back and neither the the service or the food was great, not even really good; not even good. Service: To begin with, if you are wanting a dinning experience to be special a you would expect with a place who has earned those 2 stars from Michelin, then this is where it starts. I like to get away from the every day hectic world we live in and enjoy the dinner. When I show up, IF I bring my phone, I shut it off. At Commis, it is a requirement to see the menu that you have a phone. They give you a rock with a QR Code on it, real classy. And if you ask that you would prefer something to hold and look it, they just say NO. If it would have been a different time, it was a birthday, I would have walked out. So instead I explained, the phone is so small it is difficult to read for me, and they say, well just use your fingers and make it bigger. Again, Classy. The wait staff had no personality. The recited the canned information about each beverage and why it went with the next course fine, but that was it. Because we have to wear mask they look at one person and ignore the fact that the other one can't hear what they say, even when after each time I would say to my wife, I don't know what they said, I can't hear them, and they just would look at me and walk away while she explained it to me. They flew threw the courses after 45 minutes we were almost done, and only then did they realize maybe that they should slow down. It made no sense it was like they wanted us out. I would give the service a 1 star. When we were eating the signature egg and bread dish, we were not even done, and they were grabbing our plates and moving them out of the way. My wife picked up the bread to break off a piece and the waiter pulled the dish away from her so she had to sit the bread back on her bread plate which had no room for the slice she wanted and the rest! The other waitress grabbed my plate as I was sitting down my bread and moved it out of my way. Now, when someone is eating you do not grab their plate so you can make room, who does that. Hint here, ask your guest if they are done before doing anything. If you don't, it makes it seem like you could care less about the guest and just wanting to move on to the next course because the kitchen is ready to go. The food: Well everything had the same one note to all of the dishes, nothing stood out. All of us at one point in the night could have easily sent them back. The desert tasted like the appetizer. The egg dish was suppose to be a slow poached soft yolk, mine was like a hard boiled egg yolk nothing ozzed out to mix in the rest of the dish. They caviar and taro root was nice, but then they mixed in palm sugar which made no sense, I just ate around it. It wasn't until we were done and they offered us salted Carmel with fish sauce that it all made sense. That was the flavor that was the one thing that stood out throughout the whole meal and not in a good way. It was all I could taste on the drive home. It definitely needed acid or something to bring some balance to the dishes. If the excuse has something to do with COVID, like can't find good help etc, then don't charge the 2 star Michelin prices. So I give this place the 2 stars it deserves, not Michelin, but YELP!

Courtney Dixon

Amazing food and very attentive service! Will definitely be back!!We ordered the calamari, shrimp and cod app -- would def recommend. Chrissy and perfect salted. Came out popping hot which was delightfully tasty.The drinks we well priced and wine was perfect chilled.The special, lamb chops, was a nice portion and so delightfully seasoned!5 stars!

Qiuren Fang

Summer fruit salad is great, it has a fresh and multilayered taste. Black cod was more than amazing, the soup is so tasty. Both desserts are awesome, I especially like the second one with tofu, they balanced the sweetness with raspberry (first one) and shaved ice (second one). One thing that can be improved is the steak, although the flavor is good, texture is a bit too chewy.

juve a

Absolutely delicious menu and pairings. The customer service was also phenomenal. I will definitely be returning again!

Cynthia S.

I wanted to try this Michelin 2 stars fine dining restaurant even since I moved to the area. Then COVID 19 totally destroyed our lives and routines. Thanks for the available vaccines and safety measures in place, we start restoring our routines and rebuilding our new normal. I am so pleased that Commis reopens. This past Wednesday, my girl friend and I finally had our fixed menu (with 12 courses) experience at Commis. The staff were attentive and knowledgeable. Each dish was so amazingly done (from ingredients, creativities, flavor, and presentation). Without a doubt, it was a magical night for us. 2 stars are well deserved!

Elizabeth Rodgers

I was surprised to read some of the mixed bag reviews prior to my visit and wondered if the Michelin rating did indeed get something wrong, so I went curiosity and suspicion. My evening was wonderful. The decor and atmosphere of this well laid-out intimate restaurant welcomed at the door. The staff was professional attentive and knowledgeable and they got the pacing just right leaving enough time between the courses.

Tanya Moore

This place fully deserves its Michelin star. Sit at the bar if possible (couple's only) to see the dishes being played and interact with the cooks. Custom cocktails are some of the tastiest I've ever tried. Not cheap but well worth the price for a special occasion. I would not recommend this place for vegetarians, however. It's the meat and seafood dishes that are the best.

Kyle D.

Phenomenal. I was so impressed with every dish - all very unique and delicious. We opted for cocktails instead of the wine paring, which felt like the right choice - the cocktails were easily some of the best I've ever had. All in all, this was a wonderful experience, and I would definitely come back for another special occasion. For a 2 Michelin star restaurant, the prices were a great value as well.

Nic B.

We have been looking at Commis for a long time and the group was super excited to get a reservation. What started out as high hopes, ended with large disappointment for half of us. Positive first - the place is beautiful and the drinks are an A plus. Some of the best cocktails I have ever had. Most of the meal was amazing and very unique. There was an egg dish that was amazing, as well as a few other items. Very well done and what you would expect from this type of restaurant. Neutral - the wait staff was very attentive, but when we had issues with specific courses they did not do anything about it. I found that odd when reflecting the next day. Negative - two of the servings were just horrible. In any other restaurant, I would just let it go, but for this type of restaurant, I just expected better. They had a fruit salad to start and almost all of my fruit was unripe and/or tasteless. The wagye beef should have been a highlight and it was horrible. Rock hard and tasteless. One of the people at my table just did not eat it and when asked she expressed the issue with it. Nothing was done. I did not eat mine and gave it to my husband. Everyone agreed there was some random mistake, but 1) nothing was done 2) expect more out of this restaurant. I am local and wished it was better, but it was not. I sat thinking about this a few days before writing this review and I feel super reluctant to post this, but it what it is.

Shannon Kelly

Wow. Wow wow wow. And this was just don't he C. D. P. Bar side. The bartender was engaging and informative, the drinks were adventurous and well balanced, the food was impeccable.

Camie K.

Prepare to be dazzled! Excellent $189 prix-fixe menu. I won't bother explaining all the exquisite gastronomic experiences that went on. Each dish boasted a bold and unique flavor. You just have to take my word (and the thousand esteemed Yelpers' too). No words could truly embody the ever scintillating but quiet Commis. We opted out of beverage pairing so we could try their signature cocktails - old fashioned and ode to the farallons specifically - and did not regret this decision at all! The old fashioned had a layer of complexity from the slightly bitter but citrusy bergamot, and it was well balanced. Ode to the farallons, served in a coupe glass, looked as if it was a concoction that came from the dark and magical realm. I was smitten and bewitched by it! Its taste described a perfect marriage between fresh ocean breeze and earthy greens. I now want a bottle of Automatic Sea Gin, on a side note. Hubby also got a glass of a 2001 red which was smooth, low in tannin, and deliciously tart (surprisingly!). Outdoor seating has heaters btw. The intimate and minimal decor with neutral colors made this place so inviting and unpretentious. It felt like we were dining at a friend's backyard. We loved chatting with all the servers that came by, each attentive and friendly. Like another Yelper pointed out, this is an extremely well orchestrated team. Although we had arrived 15 min late (blame it on forgetfulness due to middle age brain fog), no gripes were given at the front door and we were warmly ushered in. We got a little confused with the entrance when we tried to enter the door clearly labeled "EXIT" (we thought "cdp" was a whole different restaurant). But all good. The night ended well with full bellies and food coma daze. They even gave us a thank you card hand-signed by all staff there. Classy AF. We are so lucky to have this Michelin-starred establishment here in the Bay.

Al D.

Been coming here for years, even back when this place took walk ins. Dinner here was awesome, every dish was on point. Love the flavors of every dish. My favorites were the caviar and the congee. The caviar was a perfect balance of sweet and savory. And the congee had so much umami, the barrel aged soy made the dish stand out incredibly. Always a great experience to see what the chef comes up with every time we visit. Service was also in point. As for the haters on here: It's interesting going into the profiles of people who leave negative comments, especially for Michelin rated restaurants. Usually it turns out that they hate half of the restaurants that they go to, lol. Maybe some self reflection would help, lol.

Tam Tassanakajohn

Amazing time no second thought if you read this go let them make you happy trust them! Its was a fantastic time.Food wine all together very top of the game!?

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