4029 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
(510) 420-6962

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Kelly W.

Love this place to death!!! Had the best salad with pears/ pomegranate. Omg. It was great. And the gnocchi is to die for. I'll be getting this duo to go in the future if I'm not able to dine in. Dining in is the best tho. Excellent staff and service. Please try this place.

Steve S.

I'm really looking forward, (post COVID & DELTA), to being able to sit down to one of the lovely steaks that make Homestead one of my favs for date night or just because. Service is always is good, your enjoyment of food, drinks and atmosphere is Homestead's job number one and it shows. After which, you have to wonder why other business that I have used don't offer the same caring or courtesy. Highly recommend.


Went to have dinner before they shut down dinner service and fully pivoted to a sandwich shop. The food was delicious as always - standouts were the salads which actually got my salad-hating dinner companion to say were amazing. We ate outside and it was cute but a bit breezy. I have definitely loved my meals here over the years. Thanks for the yummy food and memories, Homestead!

opentable dinner

Awesome place. Sad to see it go. Another great Oakland locale goes away. Very bittersweet. Best of luck to the owners and staff.


Homestead was our favorite restaurant for as long as it was open. We are very sad that it is closing at the end of the week. Our last dinner there was memorable in every way. Every bite was a reminder of what we are losing. Best of luck to Fred and his family. We wish you every happiness in your new home. Please know that we are grateful for your contributions to our neighborhood.

Jonny R.

The food was SO good... things I didn't expect to like, I loved... I have no idea how they made octopus have the consistency and texture of gourmet chicken... everything was delicious, the fixed dinner menu was perfect for sharing, and the portions were perfect. The staff were friendly and courteous, and the outdoor dining felt safe and carefully done vis-a-vis Covid. I'm definitely going to recommend this place to others - do try to make it if you can, the flavors are fantastic!


Homestead was our 1st dinner out after baby to celebrate Father’s Day and despite the initial stress as first-time parents of trying to calm our fussy baby, we were able to enjoy an amazing 4-course meal thanks to the kind staff, friendly owner, and his adorable kids running around. Each dish was my new favorite from the refreshing ceviche to the pillowy soft gnocchi to the buttery halibut to the decadent chocolate tart. I hope we will have a chance to eat here again, especially with its daily new menu to check out.

opentable dinner

Homestead is my go to spot to “host” friends. As usual we had a lovely evening!! We each ordered different items from the gorgeous menu and shared! Every bite was delicious. Our server was friendly and very attentive. The Outdoor seating area is quaint and very inviting. See you again soon Homestead!!

Tin R.

Ate here a year ago or so and it was okay. Thought we'd give it another try tonight, but the person who answered the phone was so rude and curt. My husband and I looked at each other after I hung up the phone shocked that the person was in the hospitality business. Def left a bad taste in our mouth. So many yummy eats, will be avoiding this restaurant. Such a shame


Another great meal at Homestead! Now that we have warm weather, it's really enjoyable to sit outside and enjoy a leisurely and really outstanding meal. While I often wish that there was an option to get half the meat and twice the veg for the entree (probably a portioning nightmare for the chef, I know!!), the menu was great, we really loved all the courses, and we so appreciate that they are always able to accommodate a lactose allergy. I have no idea how much longer Homestead will be able to 'own' the alley, but I'm personally hoping we'll get to keep enjoying that space all summer.

George W.

I ordered the steak sandwich. The meat was so fatty and undercooked that I couldn't eat it. Veggies, bread and aioli were delicious but I paid for a steak sandwich and ended up with a lettuce sandwich.


Trying to soak up as much Homestead as we can! The menu was well-paced, considered, and perfect portions. I can't choose a favorite dish – they were all spectacular. THe outdoor seating is located in between their building and the next. Festooned with market lights, it has a lovely European sidewalk feel. If you have the opportunity to visit before they close dinner services, GO! It doesn't matter what the daily menu will be, everything is fantastic, and the staff is as kind, welcoming, and friendly as ever.


We wanted to give Homestead a visit before it closes the end of June. Ultimately,we thought it was a major bust @ $80/person(does include gratuity). The menu was the exact one from the night before which sounded good enough but the experience was subpar. My ‘charred’ asparagus were essentially so charred the green was lost as was the flavor. I had the soft shell crab tempura in a black bean sauce. The crab was past its prime & the black bean sauce was sooo salty it was not a distraction from the crab. I complained to our waitperson who simply said”yes, the black bean sauce is strong “. She returned and said she had told the “chef”. No offer of another choice or course nor a comp. The porchetta was a very sparse serving & the accompanying “herbed farro” was inedible it was so salty. The redeeming course was the chocolate pot de creamer. The lack of pride in what remains is painfully obvious. It was our first venture out to eat since March 2020. We both felt we could have had a far better meal especially @ the nearly $200 tab. Save your $.

Caroline S.

This review is long overdue and unfortunately I read they will stop their dinner service soon. They will keep the sandwich portion running, which I have not tried yet. But if you can get in for dinner before they close, I highly recommend it. I love that they pay staff living wages and tip is built-into the prices. I've eaten there probably 10 times and it's always stellar. It's all about the details there. The homemade bread and, yes, homemade butter! with course salt sprinkled on top are out of this world. The dishes are expertly crafted, always fresh, well-seasoned, not too heavy, just right. The wine menu is also great, with decently priced options. I love the decor and again it's all about the details. It's french country-inspired like the food, with homey touches. There are open shelves with jars of spices, antiques and old farm implements on the walls, school desk chairs and cozy banquets for seating. The kitchen extends all down one side and I love watching them cook. The staff is always courteous and helpful, and there's an unpretentious, unhurried vibe. I'm going to sorely miss the dinner service, but will have to give the sandwiches a try. I can imagine they're just as delicious.


Great food; friendly service. Each couple ordered so that we could split the entire menu. The salmon and duck entrees were particularly delicious, but really everything was tasty and well presented. The hoisin-based sauce on the soft shell crab appetizer was a little heavy, but even that was quite good. The bottle of Dolcetto d'Alba was sublime, really paired well with every course. So a lovely dining experience overall. Sorry to hear that they are closing soon.

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