Phở Đông Restaurant

2610 Broadway, Redwood City
(650) 298-9900

Recent Reviews

Blackheart Shade

Vegetarian spring rolls with peanut sauce, vegetarian pho rice noodle soup and hot tea...delicious, good price and very friendly server. I'm very happy with the food and service here!

Michele Lata

Food was good and service was really nice...server was very detailed in taking our order...the price is a little on the high side compared to other Vietnamese restaurants but overall was good

deng zhonghan

Absolutely overpriced. They made so many mistakes about the order. The fried rice is overpriced. The large size pho is the same as the small size pho in other similar places. The taste is below average. Not recommended.

Dmitriy Ganapolskiy

Good pho...but little pricey.


Excellent food. Friendly staff. Get the coffee with milk... Excellent way to end the meal.

Jacques R.

Sadly this place did not impressed us.. At lunch time, we ordered the chicken wings . They had so much crust on it that they did not look like wings anymore and there was barely any meat on it.. It also tasted like the wings had been in the freezer way too long.. The rice dish had no flavor and the strings of chicken in it did not look appetizing at all so we barely touched it.. After they deliver the food nobody came back to check on us . At one point we could not find anyone to bring us the check so I had to flagged down the bus boy.. The owner came at the end to bring us the check and clear the table and did not even mention the full plate we left on the side..Sad customer service , better Vietnamese eateries elsewhere.

Legus Y.

There are so many pho restaurants in the Bay Area, and this is one of the worst. Go try other pho restaurants and you’ll know what I mean. Their food is expensive as well, combined with the mediocre quality of food, it’s not really worth your time and money to dine here.

Myles M

The price is unreasonable because the food portion is quite small. An order of shrimp fried rice costs $19. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous? As a student, I can’t afford a $19 meal at this restaurant anymore. Good luck with your business! I will never go back again.

A90 G.

Got a delivery from here and it was the worst. Chicken pho was plain and their salad is very sugary. It was such a shock when I opened the boxes and saw the food :/


After seeing the back alley of this restaurant we said no way are we eating here. When the restaurant owners don't keep up with the outside who knows how clean the kitchen is.

Michelle H.

I ordered delivery from here and it's definitely one of the better bun rieu I've had. It was very flavorful. I also ordered the Japanese soufflé cheesecake and it was delicious!! However, I wasn't a fan of the XLB. Can't wait to try more from this restaurant!

Nazo S.

Thsi place never fails me ....!!! The pho is soo good, their fried rice is the best in my opinion that I have ever had and their strawberry drink goes well with the dish. It's my go to place for lunch.

Steve L.

There are not many authentic Vietnamese options in the area so I was happy to see Pho Dong. During the pandemic it's still take out and they have established a table by the front door with a menu you can see. I went with a straight forward option of grilled pork over vermicelli that typically a rest like this should be able to get right. Overall the staff was nice, the food was okay, nothing to write home about and not of the quality and quantity I would expect for the price. On the other hand it is tough now with overhead etc so I get it. Probably not going to be my top option for pho or Vietnamese food.

Nerissa Lin

When I crave pho, this place will help satisfy that craving. It's not the best pho in the bay but if I want to grab a quick hearty soup locally this is my place to go to. I think the soup could be more rich but it otherwise hits the spot. Also comes with a bit of bay area markup but that's not uncommon here.

Candace C.

Love this place! Our go to dishes are pho (lots of variety of meats to choose from) and grilled chicken over rice. Plus the spring rolls and egg rolls are delicious too. The food is always fresh and the service is excellent. The owners always smile and thank us for coming. Super safe set up for take out during the pandemic too.

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