5020 Foothills Blvd Ste 1, Roseville
(916) 782-3117

Recent Reviews

Ramona Buffington

Ordered through DoorDash, where is the rest of my ice cream! Not cool!

Timmy Luo

Just alright, I don’t feel any different


The ice cream is awesome, and the people are super nice. My friend dropped their ice cream and got a free new one.

Lillie Larson

We were able to sit down inside and enjoy our ice cream.

Kevin riser

Always great Ice cream, although a bit expensive. Bring your kids anyway they'll love it.

sondra russell

My daughter was disappointed when they told her they don't have the mermaid themed ice cream after she chose it off the menu. Then she asked if she can have a little of two flavors in her cup and they said no.

Christina Larsen

I went in to the store to buy a polar pizza I got it out of the freezer and went to the register. No one was in line in front of me. I was told by one of the employees that I needed to move over so she could ring someone else up. I was there waiting!!! Then she rung it up and my coupon wouldn't come up in the app and instead of offering to take $3 off the order they charged me full price even though it was the app that would not pull up. That is the worst customer service I have ever experienced in a Baskin Robbins and I probably will never step foot in that location again!!!

Ursula O.

My daughter wanted Baskin Robbins today, so we stopped. Normally, I do not come here because I can walk into a grocery store and buy her any two half gallons she wants for the same price... but today, I decided to stop and splurge. We pulled into the grocery store parking lot. It is closest to the bar named Diamond Plate. Easy to find. Since I have last been here, the customer entrance has changed from the parking lot to the back of the store that is closest to the street(and it could've been like this for a while since I can't remember the last time I was here). When we came in, we were greeted by one of two women. One turned around and asked us what we would like before we barely got to the case, but she was nice & eager to help. After my daughter carefully considered the different chocolates they had to offer, she picked one chocolate scoop and with our favorite, mint chocolate chip scoop. In my honest opinion, I don't like the mint chocolate chip here... it tastes better from the grocery store. After we paid $4.99 for the 2 scoops(it reminded me why I stopped coming here) we left to eat in the car. I found myself wondering why ice cream costs so much... is Dairy Queen expensive with their Blizzards? It's not like I'm paying for the experience. I guess someone else scooped the ice cream for me? Of course I got a couple bites of her ice cream after prying it from her cold hands.. it just isn't creamy enough with a lasting flavor. Just as I remember... The shop was very clean because they did not offer indoor seating. We were in & out within minutes and on our way home. I still prefer grocery store ice cream over Baskin Robbins any day... plus, more bang for your buck.

Ana F.

A super guilty pleasure, we call this our "Birthday Ice Cream spot". Everything you want and nothing you need, well.. sort of. Boy has the ole 31 Flavors gotten expensive! Did I just date myself? Just a minute, I have to click over for a call waiting. Ok, I am back. Picked up two of the small pints and two small scoops and it was almost $20. Granted one of the scoops was "fancified" with a little chocolate mermaid tail, sprinkles and a mermaid headband, but still. At any rate, Cedona was wonderfully pleasant and patient with us (in addition to having an awesome name). Note to those who haven't been since before the pandemic: They are understandably not giving samples

prabhmanmeet singh

They have good staff that recommended good ice cream combos that we liked. Their ice creams are of good quality and scoops are big so a win-win. We liked that it was not overly sweet as that can overwhelm the actual flavor.


Very friendly staff! Chatted while she made the order.

Lyla Boyd

Amazing! The workers were outstanding!

Ernz 671

Friendly service and they were quick!!

Marilyn Haycock

Each visit we are treated friendly, polite, and quick. Best place for my favorite flavor!? ?


Went here and there were 4 people working. One gentleman had ordered his shake and was waiting. So a worker asked for my order. It was just a tub of ice cream. Nothing else. She scooped it and weighed it. Then talked with one of the other workers. Then another worker walked by me and ignored me instead of ringing me up. This is all as I'm standing at the register ready to pay on my lunch break. The lady that was scooping weighs my ice cream again and at this point it's been at least 5 minutes. This happens again and still nobody acknowledges me or rings me up. After close to 10 minutes I just left. I don't understand what kind of system they have but it is beyond terrible! Go anywhere else that has ice cream as this place DOES NOT care about their customers. They ignored me the entire time with 4 workers and I was only the 2nd customer in the store.

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