Blue Nami

1465 Eureka Rd #120, Roseville
(916) 787-1177

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Jesse H.

Well we tried again today and actually got sat at the Folsom location. The server was very nice but I could tell she didn't have much training. We ordered an appetizer on the menu but they didn't have it. Then we ordered another one and we'll they didn't have it either. So we finally ordered another one and they did have it. Then we ordered three different rolls and they all came out looking the same. And they all tasted the same. We also had our 9 year old daughter with us and ordered her a side salad. The salad only had a little bit of lettuce and a little bit of dressing. The way to explain the size of the salad is about the size of a wine glass. And they charged us 6$ for it. The rice on the rolls was horrible. I felt like we got gas station rolls. Then we got our check and the server said we are paying for someone else's bill because she gave them ours. She said don't worry it's only a matter of a couple dollars. I would never want our server to ever get reprimanded for this as I've said it comes from management. I don't usually do reviews but I was completely disappointed. We will never go back.

Daniel M.

Anyone who reviews this place positively either does not know what good sushi is or has never eaten at the sushi bar to witness the disheveled manor the fish is kept or how the sushi "chefs" work. The last time I was here will be the last time I wil be here. There were flies everywhere, the fish refrigerators had no doors and the back kitchen looked filthy. You are less likely to crap your brains out eating at a Taco Bell. This place uses sushi chefs as loosely as Apple uses Genius. Do yourself a favor and don't go here.

Joyce DeYoung

This Sushi restaurant is fabulous. They have all the same expensive things you can get anywhere else but fit a lot less money.Love this place. We used to love to sit at the sushi bar and watch them make things so I am hoping it will be allowed soon.

Laura Parsons

I'm very sad to post but I had the worst experience here. I have gone here for years and always a 5 star meal until now. We were seated and not asked about drinks, orders appetizers that never came out, the items we ordered were all incorrect expect for my 8 yr Olds food and that was chicken and cream cheese role. We tried numerous times to flag a server or anyone down to be completely ignored and they weren't even busy. Our server came to the table and said she was off and waved. When we spoke to the manager about items missing and food quality she didn't understand very well and she was extremely food. She stated" if your food was wrong you should have said something" and I told her I tried no one came to our table when I tried to wave them down. I wasn't expecting a free meal but a sorry would have been nice. I'm a server, I would have never treated a customer that way. After 5 years I won't be going back because it wasn't made right and the owner didn't even do a thing as well.

Kelly J.

Super disappointed. My food was subpar, beef was chewy, sesame chicken was rubbery and the fried outside just slipped off the meat. Blegh. AND THERE WAS A FRUIT FLY IN MY DRINK. Which of course I didn't notice until I was halfway done drinking it. Bad service as well. Definitely don't recommend and will not be coming back. I'm still grossed out as I write this.

Wendy Knight

I had the Blue Poke, and it was amazing. I also had the Lighthouse roll and that was fantastic. My husband had sashimi, nice size portions. The service was great, he was really nice. We can't wait to go back again. You got to go.

Sophia Jensen

This is my go-to whenever I’m in town. Yummy sushi. My sisters and I always order from the last two pages (50% off rolls) and never leave disappointed!

Robin Hill

Godzilla Roll. Very yummy !

Lindsey C.

Blue Nami is standard sushi. Their rolls are cheap which is nice when you just want to taste sushi. The first time I went they were so crowded that we had to order take out which was fine but they weren't very pleasant about it, however I understand they get busy. The second time I ordered takeout and they messed up on one of my rolls which was disappointing. They even repeated my order to me over the phone and it was right, but when I received it at home they had rung it up wrong and I got the wrong roll. It was fine but just disappointing.

Vanessa D.

We ordered a couple of appetizers, rolls and two entrees. The calamari was delicious and the portion of edamame was HUGE. The rolls were really good - we got the lighthouse and the spider. The lighthouse is one of my favorites because of the unexpected flavor combo. Lastly, the chicken teriyaki tasted typical, not anything spectacular but not bad. The tonkatsu gets two thumbs up. The food presentation could use some improving but otherwise we were happy with our dinner.

Erica Granera

I’ve always been a fan of this place. The half off house rolls are very good, my personal favorite is the Kawaii roll. Good place for date night!

Mark Montgomery

Very good sushi. Huge menu, delicious drinks, friendly staff and very artistic dishes. Great for a date or out with friends. Good vibes!

Stephanie H.

My biggest issue with this place is they never get the ready time correct. They are always 20-30 minutes late on to go orders. The sushi is ok but having to wait an additional 20-30 minutes at the restaurant each time we order is ridiculous. They need to get better at estimating the food ready time. 10 minutes over is acceptable but this is ridiculous.

Vlad P.

Yea just picked up my rolls during my lunch! Had to go back to work. I opened up the box to find horrible made sushi! All full of rice and almost no fish. It's sad that they are scamming people! Update I called them back and they said that roll is made right and that's how much fish and rice goes in there. That roll is priced at $20 + 50% off.

Linda W.

Ordered teriyaki chicken plates (2) for kids and it was undercooked (pink). They love teriyaki chicken but would not eat it . I followed their instincts, looked at the chicken and saw pink. Told the waitress and she said she would tell the chef. They comp'ed one of the children's meals but he didn't have the decency to come and talk or apologize for the food. I write this so the owner hears and learns from it. I would hate to have anyone get sick from undercooked chicken. Customer service is still king and sad some businesses don't care!

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