Hyatt Place Sacramento/Roseville

220 Conference Center Dr, Roseville
(916) 781-6400

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Nell Anitra Scannon

Wonderful rooms and very helpful staff. Coffee in the rooms is quite bad however :/

Catherine McGuire

The room is always clean when we come here. The service was also good! :)


Excellent Hotel. The rooms were bigger than I expected, the check in process was super easy, and there were plenty of parking close to the entrance. I never felt like I had to hurry up from my car or anything because the area was great.Wifi was fast, and the computer desk was comfortable. Great experience.Would absolutely stay here again.

Gwen Wilder

Very helpful and very understanding. We stayed there because of a house fire. Front staff asked us daily if there was anything else they could help us with. Very friendly and empathetic. They allowed our 75lb dog to stay with us. So greatful.


Worst service of any Hyatt. Laurel the supposed manager is so unprofessional and rude! I had to call consumer affairs. My room wasn't ready for the early check in I paid for so they gave me a room so I could "shower" for a meeting. It hasn't been cleaned yet. In fact, housekeeping walked in while I was there and said the room still had to be cleaned.

Jen G.

Terrible service not representative of the Hyatt. I'm a member. They promised me an early check in for my 2 rooms. At the time I booked I asked for an early check in and a late check The adjoining room they promised would be available was accidentally booked out so while my daughter was doing school (and taking a bio test) I couldn't shower and get ready for my appt. I called Laurel the manager and she was unapologetic. I called the HYATT Sacramento and thy told me Hyatt Place wasn't really related directly to The Hyatt Regency Hotel but he gave me the corporate consumer affairs number. I called them and they were so nice. After they heard my situation they put me in touch on a conference call with the manager (Laurel) where the manager was suddenly so nice and offered me a discount on the room and a room for me to shower in down the hall. While I was in the room it looked dirty and it didn't dawn on me it hadn't been cleaned yet until housekeeping opened the door. They told me the room hadn't been cleaned yet. I left and waited for my room to be ready (which was 3 hours!) There's more but this is a long post!


Great accommodations except for one thing: the coffee is horrrible.

James Bond

Good place to stay when going to Thunder Valley Casino. Just need a do not disturb sign for the rooms and better social distancing. Breakfast is provided, which is a good thing for hotels. The staff is friendly.


Overall, check-in was fast, the staff were professional, room was clean and protocols in regards to Covid were in place. All request were met with urgency. I felt safe staying at the Hyatt. Definitely plan on returning.

thermite inside

Breakfast was bomb and everything tasted fresh, bed wasn't as comfy as other places I've been, also my room didn't have a microwave, it did have a fridge though, I also got a room with a not working toilet in the beginning, maintenance fixed it but still. Room size was cool and I liked the divider between couch and room but I wish it could fully close. Favorite part is that they allow pets.


Great place to stay very clean and staff was friendly! Enjoyed the boxed breakfast and coffee! I would stay again, felt that they made sure I was taken care of. I like the spacious room and felt very comfortable.


This hotel did not live up to Hyatt brand. Common areas are dirty and worn. The are a lot of stains in the carpet and smudges on the windows and door glass. Tables in the breakfast areas didn't appear to have been wiped. People would leave food containers on top of the trash can near the elevators that would sit there for hours before being picked up. Imagine checking in and heading up to your room and the first thing you see is someone's dinner from the night before sitting on top of the trash (which you almost have to touch in order to reach the elevator buttons). The room was in a little better condition but looks dated. You don't see many "cottage cheese" ceilings anymore. The partition separating the living area from the sleeping area had many scuff marks and wipe marks. The lighting in the bathroom is too low. The sink is separate from the toilet and shower area but I don't particularly like that there is carpet underneath the sink. There's no way that carpet can be clean and that's why most wet areas have tile or laminate. To the hotel's credit (and why I didn't give fewer stars), it is very quiet here. The beds were comfortable and appeared clean and the staff was great. It gets the job done for a hotel but I think they could do better with keeping up appearances.

Mandy Schaller

I love staying at the Hyatt. My boyfriend and i do. When he has to go out of town for his other business we always stay there. Staff. Is always very helpful and very sweet


The staff was great and very helpful. Covid protocols are followed and enforced. The other guests were very friendly and accommodating with elevators and other areas. Overall, a great experience. Would recommend and come back again.

Peter Fuller 2011

Nice location. Some good places to eat nearby and a nice gym.

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