Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

238 Gibson Dr Bldg 6, Roseville
(916) 727-6321

Recent Reviews

Cynthia Well Ejiogu

Was good food and atmosphere. Like the outside area here is bigger then a few other locations.

Ginny Cozby

best food and service

Rita Marie

You can bring your dog! Outdoor patio allows dogs and even serves them food and water on their own personal mat! The Bacon, Broccoli, Ham & Cheese Macaroni is so very delicious! Service was excellent Try the Banana pudding too!

Sally S.

We were seated immediately and the server was great. My problem was the tiny quantity of food for $12.95. I ordered the teriyaki bowl. The bowl itself was large and in middle was a very small serving of terriyaki, not even a cup, and another cup of rice to the side. It was tasty just not generous My friend was satisfied with her chicken potpie which was $15.95 but a substantial amount of food. I've eaten here before. I wish I had ordered a burger with a side of fries so I wouldn't have left hungry.

Rocky S.

Front hostess was ridiculously bad customer Service skills. We waited about 40 min of what we were told 15 minutes. Everyone else who came after us got seated. We went to inquire and was given deer in the headlights look. We were a party of 6. Once we were seated the table was still dirty so we asked that it gets wiped down. The hostess came and literally wiped the crumbs off the table onto my daughters' lap. She left with the menus and we just sat. We had to go back to the front to get our menus. Reason for 4 starts was our waiter Matt and the quality of food. We had cheeseburger, BBQ, spicy and blue burgers and Tex mex salad and fish tacos. Drinks from the bar. All delicious. Food came hot and the wait wasn't too bad. Thx to Matt with his Pleasant smile and sense of humor. We'll come again. I didn't pay the bill so I don't have the out the door price. However the burger and we're about 14$ each.

Savannah R.

I came to Lazy Dog Restaurant for a quick lunch outing on 8/11/21. I tried the Pot Roast Beef Dip Sandwich with fries and a Chicken Tortilla Soup Bowl! The meat in the sandwich was flavorful and tender. It paired so deliciously when it was dipped into the Au Jus. The soup was tasty as well. I enjoyed coming here. I left the restaurant feeling full and satisfied. I definitely felt like a "Lazy Dog" and wanted to take a GOOD nap after my meal. I would come back!

Tony Gibbons

Two days in a row decided that we needed to eat here. The first day it was how good the food looked on line when I was looking for something to be delivered. That night after getting an amazing fried chicken sandwich and fries delivered I once again when through the menu excited to see what I wanted to try next. After finding out that they had bowls for dogs and a patio where you can bring them to eat with you my so and I decided to double date with our dogs here. The service was slow paced but not terribly so, our waiter did his best to make sure we were well taken care of along with all the other customers he had. That night I had the bison burger and it was perfect! So many other things on the menu I'm so excited to try and can't wait to get back to try them all!

Priscilla Brown

The food was incredible. We had the Alfredo pasta and wow the sauce was delicious. Also ordered the Blackened chicken bowl. I could eat that every day for lunch. Service was excellent. Thank you for a great meal!

Ben K.

Stopped in here to celebrate a birthday with the family and it was great. I wound up ordering the Black and Blue burger and the Cajun fries. The burger is huge, and you will get messy eating it! But the fries.... the fries needed work. I was expecting 'Cajun' fries to be spicy. These fries tasted like any other fries, normal. The atmosphere is very friendly, and a plus thing is that they're dog friendly. Can't wait to go back and try something different!

Chris Harris

There were enough choices that we were able to find a few "good for you dishes."Food was good for 4 stars, depending on what you like for seasoning, maybe 3.5 stars.My wife did not like the pot pie, I did. I had fish tacos, (they were good but interesting, a breaded fish patty placed into the taco shell, (tasty IF NOT "good for you"). I traded with her after one taco to avoid the wait for another dish. It was already approaching 8:30 pm by then.The wait staff is definitely young and learning, they were adequate. I assume they'll learn to check drink needs for large parties more often than once a sitting.We were seated relatively quickly, but sat for some time before ordering. We were advised they were out of the appetizers we ordered about 30 mins after we made the order. Our visit was near 2 hours total. By then we thought our main courses were too close to order another choice and didn't really want another choice anyway.Ticketing for each separate party in our group was handled well, we were able to pay on our phones with a quick pic of our receipt. NICE!We'll give it another go with a smaller group sometime.I wish I had dogs that were trained enough to take, the seating for that looked fun.


Really nice place! Great service, nice waiters and the food was very good! Good for a date night or even a family dinner!

Nicole Ceasar

Devon and Gus at the bar are amazing! Actually the whole staff has been great every time we go. We have been there on busy nights and slower afternoons and while it can be slower service when they are busy, that is to be expected. We will continue to come back!


The food was pretty good but the service was terrible. I don't know who is managing this place but they are not doing a good job at making sure everything is fine with the experience the guests are having. We had to wait long to be greeted, waited long for refills, waited long for food and waited long to receive the check and again waited long to get the receipt with payment card. I won't be going to Lazy Dog ever again.

Bella S.

Came here with coworkers for a work party. We were seated outside due to our large party. It was a sauna sitting outside in the patio area with plastic coverings that didn't block the sun nor allow the wind breeze through. It was probably around 110 degrees - let's just say sweaty BBQ humans!! Yuck! Also, they allow dogs here and I agree with other reviewers that it causes dog fur to fly all over the place, which is not ideal for those who are allergic to dogs. What's the deal with bringing dogs to a restaurant?? Pets and food should be kept separate for health concerns. The waitress was really friendly and attentive. She was frequently checking up on our needs, doing her best to keep everyone's order straight. She also provided us with some complementary crisps, which I'll give them a star for. In terms of the food here, it's not bad, but not the best. I'd say it's your typical American food. The Crispy Deviled Eggs are probably my favorite. Nice and crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside. It was not eggy at all. The Brussel sprouts were soggy and quite bitter. The chicken lettuce wrap was light and refreshing in the heat. The chicken was flavored just right. Not too salty. Lastly, drinks here are sweet as hell - "diabetes in a cup" is what I call it. I asked for minimal to no sugar and still ended up having to dilute it with hella water. Im not a fan, but that's just my opinion since I do not have a sweet tooth. I'd only come here for events or special gatherings.

Kathy Guerard

Friend recommended this place so we tried it. Very interesting menu! The food was good, I had a really tasty Southwestern chicken salad that was delicious, our son's fish and chips were good but not great. We did try a few of their small plates too and decided that's the strong point in this menu. They are innovative and delicious (at least the ones we tried were) and we'll go back to try more of them. Your dog can join you on the patio if you absolutely have to have your dog with you everywhere you go.

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