Romano's Macaroni Grill

2010 Douglas Blvd, Roseville
(916) 773-6399

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Good service & attitude


Always have liked Macaroni Grill - Very good value and service with nice ambiance.


Very friendly greeting by the front desk, and We were seated exactly on time. Service was excellent throughout our meal. Food however was a different story. There were 4 of us. Lamb shank had to be sent back. It was very salty, on the tough side, and had a weird flavor. The Lasagna was good. The fettuccine alfredo with salmon were both very dry. The Salmon with rice and salad was ok. Additionally, we sat at the bar prior to our meal. There is a big sign at the bar saying happy hour every day from 3 to close. WRONG. In small writing it said, not available. Very misleading. We have eaten at The Macaroni grill several times before, add the food has always been good. This time it was a totally different story. I have to compliment the Manager for how she handled the situation in order to make things right. She did the right thing!!


Fast, friendly service!

opentable dinner

The service was horrible our waitress was super nice we felt bad for her. Manager was completely incompetent, the restaurant was 89 degrees (yes we checked) Manager wouldn’t even walk over to our table he laughed when the waitress told him her customers were hot he seated us and forgot to give us menus or a wine list. Wouldn’t go back don’t waist your time.

Frankie Reed

My grandson and I had an exceptional dinner. The best service that was genuine. I plan to bring one of my friends to try the BEST lobster bisque in the world! And stuffed mushrooms.

Pieter Michels

Very consistently good food. Server was especially friendly and chill. Enjoyed our lunch.

Scott H.

This restaurant has seen better days! From the paint faded doors, to the dirty restrooms, it is time for this place to close and become a distant memory. We had reservations on a Wednesday night, and checked it on time. Hostess then proceeded to direct us to a table right against the kitchen door. We then asked and were moved to a table right next to a large party of 8. (this was at time when the place was less than 20% full. Ok, let that pass. We then placed our order with ---- and waited for the salads to arrive. Not 15 minutes later, our main course comes! I asked the person bringing the food that we had not even had our salads yet. Her response." I am sorry, just wanted to get your dinners to you." I asked what about our salads.? She said she would go get them. Unless the format has changed, we prefer to have our salads or appetizers before our entree not with it. The individual then left to get the salads, and our server shows up 5 minutes later and apologizes to us and blames the kitchen staff for the mixup, and says she told them to not bring out the entres but they did anyway. She then leaves, the person who brought the cooling entrees comes with our salads! I then told them to forget the salads and take it off the bill. Well our entrees of chicken scallopini are cold and terrible. No tomatoes, little prosciutto , one dish has tons of capers, other dish does not. Chicken cutlets are dry and small, etc. At this point it seems pointless to complain, and I don't trust them to fix the meal. We called it a loss, paid the full price for these enhanced " tv dinner entrees) and left. Oh by the way, the server then told us to have a "great rest of the day!". This "kitchen on skids" could not pass muster as a roadside mini-mart, let alone call themselves a restaurant. No common sense to have done the right thing and taken back the entrees and promised new ones to be prepared after we finished the salad we ordered, just how could they save themselves the trouble of what you go to any restaurant for, and that is good food, reasonably priced, served to you as you requested. Must be cutting corners on upkeep, training of staff, and increasing prices for inedible food.


Worst service in over 20 years of going here, I spoke to the Manager and he said they were short staff everybody wants to stay home and collect government hand outs. The restaurant was less than half full on a Saturday night.

Mike Schramm

Food was average. Portions generous. Service very friendly.Caution. with the pandemic, they are short staffed so it was a bit slow.Bar cocktails solid. Tiramasu was above average. Kids menu, coloring, chicken strips A+!

sabrina stone

Our server was so welcoming, and provided quality service. Not only that, our food came relatively quick! Not long of a wait at all! This was my first time coming and I definetly plan on coming back! Great food too!!

Danielle O.

We decided to stop in since we've never been here before and man was it a mistake. The spinach artichoke dip was very watery however that's just a personal preference the real issue was the food. I ordered the penne with Alfredo sauce and got a few different surprises. We moved the digital menu over to the side and realized there was some very old food or something on our table we proceeded to call it a "snail shell/troll toenail" for the rest of our meal just to make the experience a little better. On their menu it states unlimited soup or salad with purchase of entree it does fail to say it's a 3 dollar charge as well. We surely will not be returning.

Bill C.

Haven't had MG for over a decade (at the Dublin, CA) location. The food here was superb as before and the service was outstanding!!

Victoria Helie

I ordered off DoorDash for the meatball corner which is related to Macaroni Grill. After one mess up order, I said maybe they packaged the wrong orders, so I got refunded and reordered. Well 30 minutes later my food comes(again) and it’s wrong, AGAIN! I call to talk to someone so that I can get it straightened out before I have to reorder, for a THIRD TIME. They told me they were having issues in the kitchen and they would make sure my food was made quickly and correct this time. They said the manager would watch for my ticket and handle it. Well 45-60 minutes later, THREE DASHERS (2 were at the restaurant and then left and I got a new one), two phone calls and contact with DoorDash and still no food. It is beyond frustrating when everyone just points the blame and doesn’t handle the situation in a timely fashion. So I have now waited a total of two hours and still no food.I ordered the Korean MEATBALL penne bowl. This is what I received both times!

John S.

Went there for pickup tonight. Absolutely disorganized, out of meatballs, what? Arrived at time they gave for pickup waited over an hour on top of that. Mismanaged I would pass until they figure it out.

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