Rosati's Sports Pub & Pizza

5140 Foothills Blvd #110, Roseville
(916) 797-7492

Recent Reviews

Joel Ybarra

Very well made Chicago style pizza. Definitely worth trying!

Marisa Leon

Seriously the best Pizza in Roseville! The Deep dish Chicago style and the regular crust pepperoni pizza were superb!! Sauce is on point, crust is good with a hint of sweetness, and the crust on both are done just right

Joe E.

We recently moved to Roseville and was looking for some Chicago style pizza and found Rosati's. Overall, the dining experience was great and we loved the environment and decor. We had a Chicago style pepperoni and sausage pizza and it was amazing. Really loved the sauce that was used. The fried dough was also a big hit. We will be back!

Renee V.

The medium pizza was tiny, the crust was Ultra Thin we thought we had ordered a thin crust pizza by mistake , way too thin. The toppings were very very scarce and the cheese was dumped on top. I feel ripped off. Won't ever go back. They pizzas used to be much larger, absolutely piled high with delious toppings and not sparing the sauce. I dunno maybe the management has changed hands. I was very embarrassed at the pizza I received and so disappointed. Definitely not Chicago style.

Denise Stein

Love the food and the service and Christine and Amanda are the greatest!! They greet you by name !

David S.

I enjoy the food but the prices are sky high. You might want to work the volume angle and lower the prices a bit

Trish Brown

My husband (from Chicago) & I were having a Italian Roast Beef discussion. We miss Portillo’s (one of our stopping points when visiting family in Chicago).I said I thought Rosati’s in Roseville was pretty darn close. My hubby likes Chicago Fire. We decided to have a local Italian Beef Sandwich taste off!We performed a double blind taste test. Yes with a blindfold!The results? Rosati’s nailed it hands down. Hubby and I are in full agreement.If you want really excellent Italian Beef sandwiches here’s the place to go locally.I personally like the wider slices of sweet peppers offered by Portillo’s, but this sandwich tonight was a gift. We haven’t made it back to visit family since COVID, so this was special (and yes we have shared this event and results with family).

Patti Gurney

We love this neighborhood pizza and pasta gem. Great food, nice space to eat in (or order for takeout). And now that I know we can bring our own wine for a super reasonable corkage, it's a no brainer as to where we go when the need for delicious thin crust hits.

Ken T.

It was ~110 degrees outside & I was in no Moro bbq or turn on oven for take and bake. We ordered online for pickup. It was worth the short drive from Rocklin. pizza was ready on time and tasted great. Owner is friendly and clearly cares about customers. We did take out this time but it can be a fun place to stay & have beverages too. Will be back for Italian beef sandwiches! Ps. Update: Forgot to mention pizza is not cut in triangles. I'm agnostic on the topic, I understand it can be better as it allows for center squares with no crust as well as edge pieces. I know some people just have to have their triangle slices and might be surprised

Domonique H.

This pizza is so good, first time we tried it and delivery was fast. My kids loved it. We will definitely be back to try the deep dish.

David Winchell

What a fun place. I will certainly be back as it was great food and a real fun trivia game, too.Men's room wall filled with Illinois license plates.

Barry B.

This was one of the best pieces that of pizza that I've ever had if you've never had this your going to hell

Tiffany B.

I hate to give a bad review to a locally owned restaurant, but this is $50 I can't get back that I wish I could. We were quite excited to try a restaurant a bit closer to us and outside our norm, and from the reviews it seemed like it was gonna be a win, but boy was that further from the truth! One of our pizzas was burned, the other was half raw, and the dressing that came with our salad was spoiled. Idk maybe it was a bad day but I know we will NOT be going back here again. The only reason I am giving 2 stars is just because maybe it was a bad night but idk ... the food was pretty bad!


Best Deep dish pizza there is!!!! It is amazing and the dough is very good as well. Also have had the calzone and it was one of the best I have had. My wife got the meatball sub before and loved it! We go about once a month now!

Kimberly Good-Kester

We love Rosati‘s! Family place great people!!!

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