Round Table Pizza

8755-A, Sierra College Blvd, Roseville
(916) 791-7288

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Tastes good but not worth the price of the pizza for the size that you get

Squirrel Guy

I love this round table!We were there last night and stayed until closing time. They didn't rush us out or make us feel uncomfortable.When we got there they didn't have any salad bar available. The young man behind the counter heard me and said he'd bring it right out. It was out and ready in less than two minutes!!They really try hard to make this place a family friendly spot! If you're looking for good pizza, a place to watch a game or a good salad bar....this is your spot!Thanks again guys!!!

Preston L.

The customer service was great, I was immediately helped with my order in a friendly and timely manner. The food was freshly made hot out of the oven and made to perfection.Dining area was standard, kept nice and clean. Has two TV's running sports with good visibility from practically any seating position.

Laurie P.

We have been going here for years. Our kids would gather here with their friends to study together in High School and College. They were never harassed to leave because they were there for too long. The employees have consistently been nice, pleasant as well as accommodating.

A Day in the Life of a Grunt

Staff really takes care of business. I've been to a few meetings here and the atmosphere is great. Never Packed. Of course the Pizza is to die for.

Nathan Lauppe

Currently no beer kr wine and building seems to have maintenance issues

Char Martini

Dropped in for lunch specials. I had 4 topping personal, generous side salad; SO had wings and side salad. The Manager served us with a smile and expedient. Will definitely be a return customer.

M F.

Pizza is delicious but service could be better! I'd choose a different pizza place! :-) Round Table needs some customer service be nice training.

Sarah L.

Not the best. Pizza was cold and didn't taste fresh. Not the typical Round Table pizza I know. Probably won't be back

T C.

1 star because that's all they deserve, overpriced pizza in a abundance of pizza choices. Pizza cold, workers indefferent, long wait. This was my Last roindtae pizza.

Jeff Clark

Best pizza by far will go outta my way to pick up from this location!

Rachael G.

I wanted something quick and knew RoundTable Pizza was very close to me and on my way home. So I placed an online order, and it said it would be ready roughly 35 minutes, which was great since I had to wait else were at the time. GARLIC PARMESAN TWISTS - Garlic Parmesan Twists are rolled fresh daily and baked to perfection with fresh garlic, our three-cheese blend, and Parmesan cheese. King Arthur's Supreme - Pepperoni, Italian sausage, salami, linguica, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives on zesty red sauce. I ordered a large because it is just that good, and you can almost eat the entire thing. It was very delicious and so fresh and good. Everything was ready to go when I arrived just had to sign and was out the door in less than two-three seconds.


We are long time fans of Round Table Pizza and this has been a location we have been to many times before without issue. Unfortunately I was really really disappointed in my experience tonight. They were running a bit behind which was not really a problem at all, I completely understand how slammed it can get in the service industry during peak times! The part I found disappointing was the food itself. We specifically put in the comment section of the pizza, as well as the comment section during checkout that we would like the pizza run through the oven twice as my family likes it extra crispy. We have almost never had an issue with that being done when we request it. It was not cooked that way at all, and honestly we don’t find it that good when it isn’t cooked that way. On top of that, we had paid for extra pepperoni and it just had the normal amount. And the twists we ordered came with marinara sauce, instead of the zesty red sauce. We love RTP but I am disappointed with how our order came out this time.

Rick VanLandingham

Tonight I ordered a Wambo Combo and received a Maui Zaui instead. I order pizzas from this place a lot and did not want to make an issue of the mistake, so we tried to eat the Maui Zaui. Making a mistake on preparing the proper pizza is one thing, but this was the absolute worst pizza we have ever eaten. It was not a fact that we did not like the Maui Zaui (as far as I am concerned pineapple does not belong on a pizza :-), but the crust on the pizza was like eating overcooked, very hard to chew cardboard. My wife and I ate one piece, threw it away and made a sandwich instead.Update: A Manager (Tanya) called and went above and beyond to make things right with her customer. Although this was not necessary, it is greatly appreciated. This Round Table always has had my business and will always continue to have my business. When I placed my order, because of the lengthy estimated delivery time, I knew they were 'slammed.' I once owned a "fast casual" restaurant and I understand how easy it is for mistakes to happen when employees are stressed during periods of very high customer activity. So, I changed my rating to a 5 star. Thank you Tanya and Round Table.

Jeff Fiscus

They were very busy, but were very cool and got our order ready. It was really good.

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