Ruth's Chris Steak House

1185 Galleria Blvd Suite P-120, Roseville
(916) 780-6910

Recent Reviews

Marcia Davis

wonderful food and friendly people

Lee ThojHoua

Food was delicious. Customer service was fantastic. Our waitress did such an amazing job serving us and I think her name was Bella.

Lou K.

My wife and I had dinner at Ruth's Chris this week. The food was exceptional and plentiful. What impressed us the most was all of the staff at every level.. Our server was one of the best we ever had. She was professional, knowledgeable and truly a class act. The coordination of all of the staff was something to behold. They performed their specific tasks like a fine tuned , highly trained team. The manager of this location has to be proud of his staff and their execution. He deserves a big compliment for how he manages the restaurant and his staff. And let me repeat the food was outstanding, We have lived in Northern California for 21 years and have to say this has been the best meal that we have had. We will definitely return!!

Skip Close

The food was good but very expensive. They ruined our 52nd anniversary dinner with the slowest service we have ever had. It took almost three hours and we didn't even have desert. I will be telling all my family friends and neighbors to save their time and money. There are way better places to celebrate.

Cunningham Wayne

Last time I was here with a large group and the food was not as good as others I have been to and ordered same food. Still good and nice atmosphere.

Dave C.

Made a special, 110 mile trip to Roseville (from San Jose) to use a gift card, since we don't have Ruth's Chris in San Jose. Everything was good/ok, until we went to pay and were told that "this is an old gift card and we can't take it with our new system. You'll have to call headquarters and have them send you a new card." Then they added, " sorry, but it's not our fault." Excuse me.. is it MY fault? Aren't you Ruth's Chris? So pissed off about this, especially since it means another 220 mile round trip drive.

Kenny E.

Today we took our oldest to Ruth's Chris in the Roseville Galleria. It was such a great experience for us thanks to our new favorite server Chad. He was so professional and attentive. I look forward to come here again and will definitely call ahead to see if Chad is working.

Gina L.

I went to this location for dinner last Saturday. Had a reservation for 2 and still had to wait for what seemed like forever before finally being seated. After paying $250.00+ for dinner, 1 appetizer, dessert & a bottle of wine, i was appalled at the fact that when I went to the restroom (and had to go really bad) there were 3 stalls. The 1st one didn't not have any seat covers for the toilet... the 2nd stall had a out-of-order sign on the door and the 3rd one was already in use. For what we paid for dinner, I expected way better customer service than this.

Gabby S.

My family and I love Ruth Chris. However, this location was a bit off. Our experience started off on a rocky foot when our hostess (4 hostesses were at the front desk) pointed us to our table instead of walking us to it. Never had that happen to me at any restaurant. There was also a trail of water leading from the bar to the bathroom. I didn't see anyone clean it up. It took a while until our waiter came and service was a bit slow. But my experience only went up from here. Our server, Steven, was very friendly and welcoming. He was also very helpful in recommending dishes and drinks. The food was wonderful and I didn't leave anything on my plate! When Steven asked if we were celebrating, I mentioned how my family just bought our first house. To our surprise, he brought us a celebratory bread pudding at the end of our meal. (To Steven, you are an amazing individual and I wish you all the best) As for the food itself, I loved the filet. The meat just melted in your mouth -no need for excessive chewing. And I didn't get a picture of it, but the sweet potatoes are amazing. The crust on the top is crunchy and sweet and it pairs so well with the rest of the food. If you're looking for a cocktail that doesn't sting your throat with alcohol, then the blueberry cocktail is the perfect refreshing drink.

Wes S.

So since my dinner review here we have come back a handful of times for happy hour. HH is 4-6 Mon-fri and let me tell you Friday is hard to get seated but surprisingly the list moved pretty quick. I recommend getting there right 4 if not slightly earlier. We always get the same food......spicy shrimp(10 bucks?), the filet with shrimp and a good glass of cabrenet(40 bucks) and the steak sandwich with fries. All super good. The filet comes out on a piping hot plate where the butter is boiling. It was perfect medium rare and tender as all heck. The bread on the steak sandwich is toasted garlic bread. You can eat it plain. It is that good. Fries were on point too. The bartender let us take a picture of the recipe for the spicy shrimp. Lol. Going to try and make it at home. I ordered a johnny walker and coke. They werent shy about putting the JW in there. Lol Always love coming here

Renee Whitten

When we walked in and spoke to the Hostess, she looked me and my mom up and down like we were in the wrong place. I almost didn't stay because it really bothered me. However, it was my mom's bday so I ignored the ignorance. Once we were seated, we had the most amazing server, Steven. He was the cream of the crop! The food was great, great drinks and very nice ambiance. Would definitely go back again!

David Thomas

If you have splurge room in your budget, this should be on your To Do list. The food is good, the staff friendly, and you don’t have to dress to the hilt to enjoy it.

Noah A.

Came in here for the first time on my birthday and you could definitely tell they make an effort to make you feel special. I was greeted very nicely and sat at a decorated table with happy birthday confetti. The manager stopped by to say happy birthday and comped us a nice little dessert with a candle! Jim is awesome. He's a top notch server and you'll know what I'm talkin about when you meet him! Last but not least, food was amaziinnnggg! Great overall experience!

Adrian B

Food was great, steak was so soft you could tear it apart with your bare hands, I had some awesome mashed potatoes, I know it's just potatoes but they were so creamy and awesome I have to mention it, my wife had a shrimp soup of some sort, she loved it, service was great, waitress patient and professional, place was clean and comfortable, the only thing I'd say needs attention is the decor, looks outdated and the room was a bit too dark . Overall experience was great. I'd come back for sure .

Amanda A.

What does it take to get someone to either answer the phone or respond to the survey I filled out? I have been trying to reach you since 7/12/2021 about an incident that occurred in your restaurant 7/10/2021. I NEED SOMEONE IN MANAGEMENT TO RESPOND TO ME! Thank you.

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