19 Handles Pub & Grill

4235 Arden Way, Sacramento
(916) 487-4979

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Angie M.

19 Handles what happened to you? So I totally understand that restaurants are having a rough time right now and it is entirely excusable that a restaurants service might not be as prompt and the food might not be as good as it was pre-Covid. That is not my complaint with 19 Handles. We walked in and most of the staff had their masks around their chins and not over their mouth and nose (including the man who appeared to be in charge) as I am pretty sure the health department requires right now. Which makes you wonder what other health department rules they are lax on? The food was meh - not as great as the previous management but times are hard right now so that gets a pass. There are a few other things that were kinda lame but not worth going into in this review. I am just sad that one of Arden Arcade's best little restaurant has staff that is clearly not concerned for the health of their patrons and community.

Scott Wilson

Really good food and friendly staff and atmosphere and of course a wide variety of delicious beer to choose from

Rob M.

Met co-worker here after work, hadn't been here in years. Settled in with a selection of good beers. Decent food, solid burger decent nachos. Lots of work going on as they get going I guess. For it being tough to find good employees, our server and the staff were great. Definitely coming back... Talked briefly with an elderly man wearing veterans hat, he was just out walking. We had just sat down in the patio. A guy walking by obviously working and carry stuff stopped and talked with the older man. Still carrying his stuff, he talked with this guy in a really pleasant and respectful way that struck me. The connection literally made the older gentleman's day; he was beaming. The guy finished his conversation, politely turned and walked across the parking into 19 handles. I thought I hope he sits down because I am gonna buy that guys first beer. I walked in. It was the owner. He thanked me for coming in and hoped I was enjoying my day and the food. Good stuff.

Monya McCoy

We tried 19 Handles with new owners. We won't be returning. They told me this very dark beer was Track 7 on tap. I don't think I ink so I've been drinking it for years. And it took an extra 10 for my husband to get his beer because they were having foam issues. My fish and onion ring were ok. I'm not a fan of warm (room temp ) cole slaw. My husband burger was terrible. They didn't ask how he wanted it cooked. It was cremated and a huge blob of mayo.The flowers are gone from the tables no more water bottles and the ambience was not there.No more Jalapeño burgers or my fav the Guiness burger.

Ed Sandoval

Cool place very friendly staff just had a beer we will return for the fish and chips looks good

steve l.

We recently had a very great lunch. I'm so happy this business is open and thriving! My husband and I will definitely be back!

Fawn Sanchez

This is a great community minded business!’ The owner is involved in every aspect of the experience! He can be seen as cheerleader to his staff, & customer service expert to his patrons. You can even see his 86 year old pop sitting at the bar to make sure all is running smooth!!The food is on point! The customer service is above and beyond!!We have been here 4 times since opening, last month and love love love it!!

Nathan S

Not sure what this place is supposed to be? German/English pub food with all IPA beers on tap?Poor beer verity, pretty much 19 taps of IPA or Budweiser Products. Price was to high for the quality of food. When you get beat by Skips down, and the food is better, at 1/3 the price?Service was fantastic, just need to figure out your food and beverage issues. No one wants generic beer in Sacramento.

Stuart Snider

New ownership is trying hard but they’re also flailing hard.Did a phone in order last night and 3 people tried but couldn’t put my call on hold. Nor do they have online ordering, which is a punishable offense in the era of Covid.They said they were really busy and the order would be 30 minutes before I could pick up, but when I got there the place was maybe 20% full, aka “not busy”.My chicken salad had hours if not day old chicken that was cold—not freshly cooked. And my wife’s mushroom burger I had watery barbecue sauce, skimpy tomato/lettuce, and not fully cooked mushrooms. Fries were meh – how do you screw up fries?Lots of recent 5 star reviews on Google and Yelp, which are plants IMO. I don’t think these people have ever eaten at 19 Handles in the last 2 months, or ever for that matter.I wish the new owners the best but I think that they’re in over their heads.

Danica M.

My girlfriend and I came here for dinner on a whim. Every staff member was friendly, welcoming to us and our pup, and provided excellent customer service. The owner introduced himself and told us that in the future we could request something not on the menu, if we so desired. The philly cheese steak and nachos were excellent, and the ambiance was fun and laid back. We will be back often!

Carol A.

Met the new owners over lunch today. What a pleasure! A very sincere and welcoming couple. Thoroughly enjoyed our meals.. a fish sandwich , fish and chips and fish tacos. Delicious!! And of course a bit of beer on tap doesn't hurt.

Alex Arbios

The owner was fantastic. We had a gift certificate from the previous owner and he still honored it. The burger was excellent, my wife's chicken wrap was good and the gain fries were pretty good as well.You throw in a great server and a low key ambiance and you have a winning date night restaurant.

Wendy Cams

We luv that its a welcoming environment with fantastic food. We enjoyed the the spicy chicken wrap and Artie Au Jus mushroom burger was delightful!It’s family owned and operated. We will be back soon

Kristin O.

First and foremost-Amazing food!!! We were just here today for a large private party (approximately 40 people) they gave us the room adjacent to the main dining room and we fit perfectly. The service was prompt, kind and very accommodating of food sensitivities and changes to orders. I can not say enough to express my gratitude at how wonderful they were to us. I had the prime rib sandwich and it was excellent!! I also heard rave reviews about the taco salad and Chinese chicken salad. Overall everyone was very happy with their food! We will definitely be dining here again in the future, both personally and as a group.


Nice local pub, great selection of tap beers and wine. Great menu. Sidewalk seating. Reasonable prices and lovely service. Would recommend while visiting the area or for a group hangout.

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