Paesanos Midtown

1806 Capitol Ave, Sacramento
(916) 447-8646

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John Hardman

Excellent service, warm, professional staff. Great food, from the ricotta garlic bread to the Alfredo and the prawn scampi. But honestly one of the best pizzas I have ever had in my life. In my life! Wish I could have that pizza every day. Go!! Enjoy!!!

Sacramento C C

I've been to Paesanos so many times, I've always loved it. It's been a minute and finding out on my birthday they no longer have Stromboli was disappointing. I found something good. Service was really bad.

Navneet Kaur

This review is only for the gluten free food ( pasta and pizza)The gluten free pizza had an odd bitter after taste that I didn’t like.The pasta also had an odd texture. I’ve had great gluten free pasta and pizza at other places. Wouldn’t recommend it.They had amazing service and extremely nice staff.

Megs S.

Call me a snob, but I prefer fresh pasta. Felt and tasted like a jazzed up Buca di Beppo minus family portions lol. No fresh or homemade pasta on the menu but the sauces were good- not a pop of the prego can and pour. What was interesting to me was the calamari. I thought they accidentally fried up a sliver of lemon but then realized after digging that there were a handful more lemon wheels, coated and fried like the squid. Definitely Made the portion look larger! Fried ravioli was good but similar to fried rice, you fry the old stuff. Leaving perplexed to the say the least lol

Sharon Whitted

Paesanos pizzeria on capital and 18th upon arriving the staff greeted us and was seated right away on the front patio.Katie-was our server, and gave us a few suggestions from the menu which was a online app. Where you would scan a bar code . The pizza were one size and could feed two if not hungry , we were hungry so ordered two and took half home .my guest had the Greek pizza andI had the Sicilian pizza, we had guava margarita for our beverage.Katie suggested the margarita and the pizza and she was spot on everything and was delicious.The drink was-real refreshing and the pizzas were well prepared with the right amount of toppings, the crust was thin crust which was light and crispy.The guava margarita was fruity and delicious ,my mouth is watering just thinking about it.The atmosphere at 8:30pm on a Saturday was mild ,with some children still present which were well behaved.I definitely would come back especially for the margarita. Well done paesanos.And thank you server KATIE.

Jake B.

I'm not sure if it is just for take-out but I feel like I just got robbed by the portion size I was given . The tomato basil soup for $7.95 was like 3-4 spoonfuls in this tiny cup. When I initially grabbed it out of the book it felt almost empty. The portion size of the spaghetti carbonara for $14.95 was a little more reasonable but still pretty light. I've been here in person but don't remember having this issue before, and it is good quality food. But the portions they give if you're getting take-out from here is shocking!

Alex L.

Cute place, really nice staff. Lemon ricotta bread is fire, however, my pizza was extremely burnt on the bottom. I saw others reviews about receiving burnt pizza but I thought that was maybe just their experience. Nope, my almost $20 pizza was burnt on the bottom.

Lauran A.

Went their on a date. Baked Garlic Sourdough was amazing. We got the Sicilian Pizza. That amount of Food was just enough for two. Had a strong drink that I definitely had to dilute with some Sprite. But it was worth it. Definitely want to go back again and try their pasta

Samantha G.

I love this spot! Mostly this has been a go-to lunch spot for me. But also sometimes dinner and delivery too. You really can't go wrong with any of their pasta dishes - each one I've had has been fabulous. My absolute forever favorite is their pork fusilli. Nom nom nom. The pork is packed with flavor. And that spicy pesto with the sour cream just completes the dish. It adds this punch of spice and touch of coolness. Seriously, I've been eating this for over a decade. There's indoor and outdoor seating, as well as takeout and delivery.

Earl Davis

This is a very wholesome place to chill!! Love the vibes, the staff, and the view. Definitely recommended

Tony N.

I thought Paesanos was a good restaurant. The old fashion was good, the deep fried ravioli was good, the pappardillo bolagnase was good although the pasta did stick together, I am sure just a one off. The best part of the meal was the in house tiramisu.

Raheem R.

Wow those fried polenta are on point! They should sell those in a larger entrée size. Had to try those fried raviolis and they were pretty good but i was expecting favor and wow factor like the fried polenta. My main course Pork Fusilli was very good. The flavors, the pork, and pasta married very well together. I would definitely order that dish again. Customer service was on point, this is a great spot to eat and enjoy friends and family.

Christine Spurgin

the food was excellent and the service was great. We had our food in a timely manner and we were very comfortable

Sam Barish

The food was spectacular. We got a generous pitcher of sangria, which was perfect! Appetizers are great and the portions sizes were just right. Outdoor and indoor seating. With this wonderful weather I would highly recommend the outdoor seating!

Johnny Shade

Great food but they need to clean the taps, ordered 3 different beers and they all had the same after taste.

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