Peking Restaurant

9529 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento
(916) 363-3959

Recent Reviews

Thomas Dale

Food wasn't bad, but nothing I would drive out of the way for.

Jessica S.

I came here yesterday and the pot stickers are phenomenal!! I also had the Walnut shrimp which was ok. The service was good over all. I'll be back soon for lunch!

John Burkart

We just had dinner here for the first time. Our server was Liyen she was a delight. The restaurant is very clean, and the portions are very generous. Reasonably priced for two. We highly recommend this restaurant.

Richard Healy

Been eating here occasionally with my family since I was an infant. 20 now, and they're still just as good as ever.

Phil Schaafsma

Always good food nice hostessglad to be able to go there again.

Barbara Cannon

Food here is all wonderful!! Vegetables are so fresh and delicious!! Service is always the best!

Gnome Sayin

Best spot for Jjajjangmyun and Jjambpong in Sacramento. Consistently good. Been going here since I was a kid and its still good.

f sandifer

I have visited the place twice. Both times I ordered the jja jang myeon (black bean noodles) and both times they were just okay (you cannot expect to get as good as can be found in Korea).The problem was with the lack of cleanliness. Today, two of serving dishes had dried red sauce on them, but the worst thing was the water the waitress was refilling our glasses from a plastic pitcher, there were circular rings of orange residue in the recesses of the lid of the pitcher and a bit of black mildew within the pitcher. It was so hard not to notice these. I am not a clean freak, but felt uncomfortable drinking and eating after seeing the water pitcher.If you go here, don't expect clean.

Terri P.

I love Peking. They are right around the block from us and they are always friendly, quick, and will make any adjustments that you want to their menu. The prices are fair, the food is fresh and they give you plenty to eat! Keep up the good cooking Peking!

Leroy Turner

The customer service is constantly efficient, great ambience, kind staff. Will return again when I get here.

Nickolas Zavala

Very well organised and convenient place. They serve big meals and for economical prices. I liked the meals very much and the staff were very personal and informative. Recommended.

erin cordero

Best chinese in Sacramento!


Owner Li Yen is a perfect hostess. If nothing on the menu quite suites your fancy just talk to her about it. Her husband will whip up something just for you. It's more like being in your mother's kitchen - only in China - rather than a restaurant. Sauces are light and flavorful with a minimum amount of oil. Even the fried food isn't greasy. It's not the cheapest Asian food in Sacramento, but certainly THE BEST!

Jessica M.

I've been looking for a black bean noodle shop since moving to Sacramento from LA. I must say, Peking's black bean noodle dish is very comparable to what I've grown up eating. Definitely going back to try their other dishes!

Brad Harrington

not happy with quality of the food and the flavor!!! Very disappointed in their chow mein!!!!!! Was really looking forward to it and was recommended by a friend!! I don't know if they were having an off day .. I usually give a place three times and I will be back to try it!!!

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