Alberto's Mexican Food

1008 W Highland Ave, San Bernardino
(909) 882-5667

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elevated science

The Carne asada taste great. But the beans are the best thing here. They taste great.

Charlene Chavez

Love their carne asada burrito without guacamole and pico de gallo

Crystal D.

Best carnitas!!!!so much flavor and crispy. .they should sell it buy the pound I would be a regular can't find good carnitas

Honey Bee

Combo number 9 is the truth. I love this place, always fresh and always a good experience.

Catherine Sheble

Asked for 2 orders of rolled tacos with guacamole without cheese at the drive thru. Ended up getting home to find out there was just cheese on the rolled tacos. I did order a pint of guacamole which wasn't enough for 8 rolled tacos.

Damian C.

I really enjoy Alberto’s but this location is the only place that is not opened for dine in okay I get that, but if I go to a restaurant to order food for all my coworkers and we are all paying don’t tell me at the drive thru I can only order 3 meals anything more I have to exit and return back to a line to reorder imagine if I’m ordering for 10 people I would have to go thru the line 4 times what do you think will happens to the first 9 meals by the time I got them all? Common sense all the other meals would be cold not to mention you’d be late returning to work if you only have a 30 minute lunch overall I was very displeased with their service and they didn’t even want to listen to reason perhaps the consumer isn’t always right however because of their managements attitude and not wanting to even listen to reason or their customers concerns I will never entertain or support this establishment one must realize they are in business because of their clients your clients are the very reason why your in business your clients are the ones that are paying your salary so provide the absolute best service don’t have an attitude with your client that leaves a very negative impression on your client nevertheless I wish them the best in the future I personally I will not support this establishment because of the managements I don’t care attitude.

Juan Lopez

Bunch of overgrown children for staff.. also the carne asada here is the most foul tasting carne asada I've had in my life. Disgusting.


The carne asada fries are the best. Only place I’ll go when I’m hungry late nights

David J. Gallardo

Albertos is ok. Mexican food varies by region so its all about preference... the food was good and service was fast.

Tiffany M.

The special fajita was so good and reasonably priced. We had the chicken and beef combo. I was particularly impressed with the beef which was very juicy and tender. The green burrito was so tasty too

Felipe Rubio

I found a tooth pick in my taquitos! I could have died never ever! GOING BACK!!

Jungle is Massive

Alberto's Mexican food has the best taco salads and they're called flying saucers I got mine with carne asada and it came with beans cheese shredded fine lettuce and it came with green sauce so if you're on the run and you got a couple minutes I just highly suggest to get this order come check it out for yourself it's right off the freeway you won't be sorry...

Michael G.

Ordered a breakfast burrito and server refused to give me extra sauce even though I agreed to pay $1 each as he was charging. I get the same order every Sunday. He canceled my order saying he refuses the right to not serve me over salsa that I paid for. Transaction went on my card and didn't get food. Went through drive through again and refused to open window Bean and Cheese Burrito

judith castro

Loved there rolled taqitos, my son ate there carne asada nachos which were amazing.

Belly Mo Melly

Food is always fresh. The burritos are a bit small for being almost $10. But other than that the food is good.

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