Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

1064 W Highland Ave, San Bernardino
(909) 881-8400

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Roadking 2012

The chicken sandwich was really good. I haven't had Popeyes in about ten years. Well it's still delicious.

Santa Teresita Arguelles

they take long to service on drive thru,nd your order is always incomplete,if i want popeyes i go to the one on valley nd sierra, fast service nd good customer service

Stacy Deguzman

Horriable service I ordered online and when i arrived they were rude dont have my order ready they serve all the walk ins and tell me they have to make more chicken so i have to wait for them to cook chicken . I will never come to this place again and dont recommend it to anyone.

Gabriella Villarreal

When i ordered on the app it said counter pick up, and I got to the restaurant a bit early and waited to go inside and I could see they had a big line. So then it was time to pick up my order and when I went the door was locked, so I knocked and someone came out and told me that for pick up we had to go in the line. So I wasted my time waiting in the parking lot when I could have been waiting in the line. And I saw that many others were also waiting and were told the same thing. Very frustrating and bad experience, Never coming here again!

Gabriela Rivera

YALL!! Time stamp whoever was working this night because I am forever coming to this popeyes. BEST customer service from the night crew. I was the very last customer in the drive thru and guy working the window was GREAT!

Kasandra Leon

Would leave zero stars if I could. Ordered online but when I arrived they were out of chicken and said they couldn’t give me a refund, even though I had the email receipt ? UPDATE: the manager wouldn’t “double my order” the next day (like they said they would for the inconvenience) because I left one star ? like ok popeyes keep your food I stick by what I said. And the store manager should have been there yesterday to support their team when they needed help! Poor employees looked stressed. They didn’t even give me everything in my order but I’m so done with them idc. Would never come here again ?


I love the fact that they speak both English and Spanish, which gave my parent confidence in ordering in their native language. Only down side was that mac n cheese came a bit burn and one of the chicken came with blood inside (not sure if it should come like that).

Vera Green

The chicken was greasy, I was given the wrong pieces. Asked for spicy white meat and got all thighs. Drive thru Customer service was very poor!! I would give it a negative ? but not an option. Second time the order was not correct. Again, Drive thru service is very poor!!!

Robert J. Dilworth II

This place is always fast and clean even with a line around the building!

Medina Bernadette

I asked for the Cajun rice which they no longer have.. the beans and rice is not tasty and I declined the beans and rice, but was still placed in my order when I said no to it IS WHY I know that it was not tasty.. I did not order macNcheese my son did ..my son and I both got the same order and we ordered 2 different combos...BUT THE CHICKEN WAS GOOD AS ALWAYS , I WISH THE CAJUN RICE WAS BACK..I WAS IN WYOMING FIRB2 YEARS AND MISSED POPEYES CHICKEN


These guys have great customer service and were extremley polite, not to mention the food was top tier 10/10 would eat here again.

Louis cabral

Dissaponted had not been here in a while, the drive trough cashier did not wear a mask she handled cash and touched the food not sure that is ok w the manager or owner but this happened before.The last time I went a few months ago same thing happened so I complained to the owner the older Indian man but they are still doing this. I guess they don't care, the cashiers act very defensive if you complain.

vincent wallace

Popeyes San Bernardino highland is horrible!When it first opened Pre Covid it was goodNow most of the chicken taste like yesterday’s batch coupled with that brown color on all piecesIn addition my 5 piece got turned into a 4 pieceThis location has employees that are not customer friendly neither do they get your order right 2 out of 4 timesAdmittedly they got me for the 3rd and last time.On the other hand the location in Fontana is people friendly and they have always gotten my Oder right.Save yourself some time and frustration.Drive an extra 8 minutes for a pleasurable dining experience..Sorry to have to post as I found the owner /manager to be a pleasant fellow..

Javier Espinoza de los Monteros

45 mins waiting for drive thru its happened to me before and i just brushed it off thinking they were probably short handed that day, but it seems to be a norm here.

Winter Snell

The worse Popeyes ever!!! First off the little girl at the window had an effing attitude out this world!! After I waited over an hour in the drive thru, and then I get to the speaker, takes them another 10 minutes to even ACKNOWLEDGE ME!! Then they finally get to me, and LITERALLY EVERYTHING i order is out of stock!!! After me waiting over an hour to order!!! Why is it on the menu still??? And then she had an attitude to top it off!!! I will never come back here!!! Ever!!!! 5 things out of stock?? That’s ridiculous. All they had was chicken lol!!

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