4140 Convoy St, San Diego
(858) 277-7020

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HiSoL recordings

New chicken ? sandwich would probably be very good if it was fresh?

David Schaller

Over all great but they need to make sure the biscuits are cooked all the way as mine were gooey.

Jack Nickolaisen

Don't get the Nashville hot. Greasy and not as good as crispy. Get regular and just ask for hot sauce.

Michael Fourie

Hit and miss location. Really oily on this occasion and the spicy sandwich was tons of bone dry batter

Janet Ugaitafa

Drive through was empty, got my food pretty quickly and staff was courteous. ?

zain alsaeedi

The new chicken sandwich was really good but the customer service was really poor my cashier her name was sarah she forgot to give me my drink and also what made me really upset was she gave me 3 different crumbled receipts i was shocked and i dident even know what to say i just left and enjoyed my meal but that customer service was really really poor

Karen W.

The typical review for KFC (here) seems pretty unrealistic and mean. Bottom line is this location is extremely clean, the food tastes like classic --and timeless-- KFC and the Staff are professional and courteous. My expectations for drive through food is that I am going to get something pretty quick, satisfying and hopefully my order is correct. Even if my order isn't correct, I am going to figure that out before I drive home with my food. Considering that the crew here look like maybe old enough to vote and not likely had years of experience working at KFC or elsewhere, they all were doing a great job. I do love my classic little box of KFC on a summer night. The bone heads that want to whine about sauce or whatever are clearly not able to open their bag before they leave. Plus anyone can mess up an order at any level dining establishment. Do your part people! And don't mess with the Colonel.

Jesse M

Very good combo meal. Food was warm and I was given condiments I asked for.

Mark Svendsen

Yummy spicy chicken sandwich. Box dinner not as good, was two sides now one side is replaced with a cookie.

Lynda Casey

Deelish as usual. Love their lemonade......

Andrew Nguyen

Missing items from drive through order, wouldn't answer phone for refund. Poor experience

Ryan M.

Swung by and got their new spicy chicken sandwich which all the fast food places seem to be jumping on now. It was pretty good, not bad at all, probably better than most other fast food places, although i haven't tried all of them. I thought it was a little dry for being KFC which uses pressure fryers. I still enjoy their fried chicken which i think is always moist, i prefer the extra tasty crispy over the original recipe and am a fan of their biscuits, mash potatoes and gravy as well. I used to really like their seasoned potato wedges but they have changed them to some kind of battered seasoned fries, which are good but not as good as before. Maybe I'm just being nostalgic. At this time the dining room was still closed and was only the drive thru was open.

Ken Wilson

Love this kfc. Fast friendly service

Zak Khanfar

I love to order chicken wingsThey do it right

Steve W.

Check out the chicken sandwich here. Edwin at drive thru will hook you up with a damn good sandwich & excellent customer service

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