4140 Convoy St, San Diego
(858) 277-7020

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Jason King

I enjoy eating from KFC from time to time. I used to like getting the bowls which are a real good value. Nowadays I enjoy the strips especially the Nashville ones they are really good.


Great chicken sandwichesSuper sweet staff

Vik Cero

Excessive vandalism all around property but the food was good.

Rakesh Krishnan

Just imagine waiting to order for more than 5 mins in a drive through lane

j mac

I have never had a bad meal here till today bought chicken sandwich and it has always been good and always friendly staff but today the chicken smelled rancid I brout it back to the woman and told here she said it was fresh and I said no but then she asked what do you want why did you order it if you not going to eat it she said it was fresh which it was not. I should not have to bicker if it's rancid she should be concerned. Bad customer service

Michelle S

My bf went to order food for lunch and the workers didn't even acknowledge him. He waited and waited finally tried to grab their attention. The lady working the drive thru was rude and didn't seem to care. I wouldn't recommend coming to this KFC. Don't waste your time!!!

John Lee

Drive thru ordering is too slow. But good service. Nothing forget.

BJ Kean

Normally use the drive thru at this location, just got a strong feeling to have my meal inside their dining room. The young black woman that took my order was fantastic. So upbeat and friendly. She is their best employee working there that I have come in contact with.. Wish I would have gotten her name to give her the recognition she so deserves!! She even delivered my order to my table. Amazing!!

Ana Garlick

This is my only fast food indulgence. I grew up eating KFC and I love the flavor of the fry batter.All I want is the chicken strips and a biscuit. I don't need or want a meal, and they charge me over $9 for that. I'm trying not be wasteful. They need to reevaluate their prices.

Z0mb13 Gh0st

They closed their walk in services I don't know why. so I couldn't get no food, thank goodness the taco shop next store is open for service.

Adriana Kirkland

Disappointed that their crispy chicken tasted old and reheatedI guess Popeyes will be the place from now on.

Edwin SanDiego

One of the world's worst coustermer service i had to stared at the cashier to get my order taking and the way the talk was not the appropriate custurmer services go to a difrent one

doug tripp

Very good quality food service was good and I got to pay with a food card which is really cool


very good and the manager leti,she is so nice and professional

Jae Forsythe McCabe

Fast service and good food. Chicken strips box was tasty!

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