5065 Clairemont Dr, San Diego
(858) 274-3344

Recent Reviews

Corey Mitskevich

It's McDonalds!! Curbside ordering through the app is the way to go. When there is a long line of cars in the drive-thru, curbside service far exceeds! The employees bringing the food are super nice!

Nikalish 1031

Got my order correct, but my fish filet had this half cheese on it... ?

Annette Swanson

The drive-thru is always very fast.

Jeff P.

Saw the recent ad for the crispy chicken sandwich. Looked so good on TV. The one I purchased was awful. Bun was soggy and smashed. The chicken was cold and greasy. Yuk!

Glenn Gaarder

Predictable food and at a great price. People are friendly. Weird dining room tho, odd walls in odd places.

Karina S.

Screw this place. dont come after 9 PM u buy anything that involves them putting sauce becausw they will dip the entire patty in sauce. This continues to happen i dont care if you dont want to be working wtf did i do to you? i get off work late and now for the second time i throw my sandwhiches away. im contacting coorporate and making sure the closers working 10:40-11:05 PM on Sept. 15 get reeducated and or an opening shift or make them take shots of sauce after a ten hour shift

William Hill

Decent experience, tasteless overpriced food, dirty tables...

Eric Leftwich

When did big mac's get so expensive?!


Drive through needs improvement in communication. In store experience is really good with big screens to order good seating.

Emmett Rodda

Way too expensive $24 for a hamburger a big Mac 2 fries and 2 drinks. The fries were cold the top bun on the big Mac was in 2 pieces.

Janey Anderson

This McDonald's is fast, efficient and gets my order correct. I use the drive through. The cashier is separate from food handlers, which is how fast food should be done, especially during a pandemic. Definitely, a well run location.

Vivian Garcia

They are not customer friendly at all! Was waiting a good 6 mins and I knew they were busy and I was the only person in line and the cashier helped another customer before me and never,asked me if I needed anything

Cod Mobile guy plays

I asked for a large mcflurry cup and i put soda in it and then asked for extra fudge and it was gping cost 2 dollars but i got it for free

frank martinez

McDonald..i love it ..sometimes just want. have a pie..they should check employees at thi location.san Diego..for sure they are doing the Good for God's kingdom..God loves you Mcdonald.

Daniel Massie

Amazing customer service fresh and hot

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