Little Star Pizza Divisadero

846 Divisadero St, San Francisco
(415) 441-1118

Recent Reviews

Naama Altermalin

Beautiful place!!Good vibe, friendly staff, and the food is amazing!The deep dish was perfect

Benoît Soufflet

Great location offering delicious deep dish pizzas for a fairly reasonable price. Recommended if you want a slightly different pizza experience with plenty of good quality vegetarian-friendly options.

Misha Potabenko

One of the best pizza places I've been to. Great service as well.

Respondent Because

It's the best pizza in town! The crust, sauces, and cooking methods were all outstanding and wonderful. In addition, when I came to visit this restaurant for the first time, I had a great day. Overall, their pizzas were excellent and well worth the cost. In addition, the environment was clean and smelt wonderful. Giving you 5 stars as a satisfied customer was the best thing I could do.

Rachel Rohn

This pizza was so amazing! Really enjoyed it. A great place to eat at especially if you’re visiting from out of town! Bo was our server and he was SO insanely kind and accommodating with us. Made the experience so warm and friendly. Thank you so much!


Excellent experience! Best deep dish pizza, great flavor! Friendly staff, helpful and energetic! Excellent ginger cocktail too!

Brendan Burkart

I love their crust on the deep dish. It has a texture that I haven't had anywhere else. The filling / topping is also great, but I think the crust is what sets them apart. It's been a long time since I had the thin crust pizza, so if you're going to try that...also get a deep dish so you can have this crust.

Michael Wu PhD

This is one of the famous Little Star chain in Divisadero. The pizza never fails us. But since this is the artistic and musical neighborhood of SF, this restaurant is filled with beautiful paintings to satisfy your eye, and it also has a jukebox that will satisfy your ears, all while you are satisfying your mouth with their delicious pizza.

Kevin Y.

Pretty decent deep dish pizza, but I think Zachary's is much better.

Rachel Dawson

Oh my goodness!! On our first night in San Francisco, my husband and I were looking for a simple, informal meal and decided that pizza was perfect. Little Star was close to our B & B, so we went.To say that the pizza was amazing and delicious is really an understatement!! It’s honestly the best pizza I’ve had in years. (We did thin crust.)To say the experience was wonderful is an understatement, too! The staff was so nice. And our waitress was THE best! When my husband asked her about other good restaurants in SF, she wrote down a list for us! And they were great recommendations.If I’m ever in San Francisco again, Little Star Pizza is the first place I’ll go. If you’re lucky enough to live there, I highly recommend going!

Allie B.

I've ordered delivery from this place a few times. The food is always fantastic! Highly recommend the deep dish pizzas. My only wish is that they would do personal size deep dish pizzas all the time! Even if they weren't on the lunch special pricing, I'd be willing to pay a bit more. If you're craving deep dish this is your spot.

Andy L.

Little Star Pizza is a popular and highly rated pizza place and I would say it mostly delivered. The Italian Combo had meat in it while some of the other flavors don't. It was very filling but the taste wares off when I ate the second slice. The dough is thick and the Marianna sauce definitely was a lot. You should know they inform you that the food will come in about 30 minutes, which was accurate. My time at Little Star Pizza was good, and I can see the appeal here.

Erika T.

First time here! My friends got here on Fourth of July around 5 PM and it was not busy. Fortunately, we got seated before the wave of people in after 6 pm. We ordered an Italian Combo Deep Dish 12" and first bite it was good!! The cheese was too stringy for my comfort and the marinara sauce was solid! The diced tomatoes were my favorite part! The bite into the tomatoes gave the pizza so much more interestingly good. The deep dish crust was hard as expected. I'm not a fan of deep dish pizzas but I'd definitely come back to order thin crust! We had to wait about 30 minutes for our deep dish pizza but thankfully our waiter notified us beforehand.

Derek R.

We picked up the small (9 inch) Little Star Pizza and Roasted Kale tonight. The small size pizza was perfect for the two of us, we still had 2 slices leftover after our meal. We reheated the pizza when we got home at 400 for 10 minutes, per the hostess' instructions. The Little Star hit the spot for us, after a day of exploring the city. We paired it with a Tannat from Tablas Creek (Paso Robles) and it was a great combo. The pizza has an ideal balance of ingredients (spinach blended with ricotta and feta, mushroom, onion, garlic) and we enjoyed the unique cornmeal crust as well as the garlicky red sauce. The kale held up well (even after we microwaved to reheat, it still kept a crunch!). Overall, we really enjoyed our meal and plan to return here soon.

Tucker Braga (madtextureenvy)

This place is the bees knees.Large deep dish Little Star and a large salad.You will not be disappointed.

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