Ike's Love & Sandwiches

1780 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa
(707) 293-9814

Recent Reviews

Paula Marshall Arguello

They have the best sandwiches around. The dutch crunch bread is out of this world. Easily the best vegan sandwiches anywhere with a lot of choices! Highly recommend this place.

Samantha R.

This is my go to when I'm feeling under the weather. Call ahead normally takes about 20min, online orders take bout 40min and delivery normally takes a little over an hr.

Helen V.

Their sandwiches are delicious it is a little confusing what to choose since their menu is huge. I think they are a little bit over priced but they are good.

Levi 501

Little disappointed today, ordered 5 sandwiches to go for a total of $62, drove all the way from Sonoma. One of them was #118 , the Tony Soprano BUT what I got wasn't the one I ordered. Receipt was right and the writing on the wrap said Soprano but that's not what I got. Not even sure what the sandwich was but I didn't care for it and I'm not about to drive back. I do love this place in general.

Rogue A.

By far THE BEST sandwich I have had in years! Stumbled upon this gem about a month ago. Incredible all around sandwiches. A bit pricey however stacked with meat and other goodies, phenomenal French bread, homemade sauce. Order ahead if your in a hurry because it can get pretty busy.

Tenaya Allen

Their sandwiches are always good but their systems for ordering are garbage! Trying to order from the website - says they're closed. Try to order on the app - will not accept my credit card info without a first and last name but there is no prompt or space to put in my name...? Call to order and you just get left on hold forever until you give up. I honestly feel like they leave you on hold intentionally when they're busy so they don't have to deal with you. Even when you do get to place an order make sure you show up 10 minutes after it's supposed to be done or it wont be ready. After today I'm over it. The sandwiches are not THAT good.

O Mora

Almost no parking available, its best to phone ahead and pick it up. Havent had a bad sandwich here yet. Staff is friendly. If you like sandwiches you can't go wrong with ikes. Definitely recommend to any one.

Sierra F.

Best sandwiches! Their app needs work though. Ordering is spotty. But still worth the wait

Hugo Lujano

friendly staff, quick service, and great food

Joe Quinn

You cannot have a bad experience

Peter B.

The worst experience, went to get sandwich, they closed at 3 so they could eat. Refused to take my order, or anyone else's. What's wrong with a company like this? This is the 3rd time in a few months I've had a bad experience at Ike's Santa Rosa.

Jodi T.

Every Ike's is so good, but this one consistently gives me great service. Don't want a bag or lollipop? Never a problem here. They always remember and don't fight me about it like other places. They also consistently make my order correctly. I've had issues with some places adding avocado when my sandwich doesn't come with it and I did not ask for it (I'm super allergic). Keep up the great work and I recommend the Luther Burbank to the vegetarians out there!

Stephanie Fox

On a road trip and my husband wanted a sandwich. So I saw this place and thought we’d try it. Got of the highway, drove there, passed it, turned around. Finally got there. The doors were open and there were other customers. We walked in to get in line. Then we’re told that they were closed. This was 6:10 but both their website and google say they are open until 7. The clerk was unapologetic even when I explained the situation that we just wanted to get a sandwich and get back on the road. He just said, “it’s not my responsibility to update the website”. Well buddy, I hope a lot of people see this review and just head to Subway instead. At least they are open when they say they are. Very poor customer service.

Xavier Bendorf

OMG! I love your guys Steve Young Sandwhichs! I just went to this location for the very first time! I’m not from around Cali I live in Washington State and I just felt in love with it! Pretty PLEASE have one in Washington state!!P.S you guys are better than subway!!#moveversubway

Stephanie F.

Both their website and google say they are open until 7pm. We are on a road trip and wanted to try a local place so got off the highway and drove through town to get there. The doors were open and customers were being served. It was 6:10. We went in and were told they were closed. I explained why we thought they were open and we drove all the way there for a sandwich. But, the response I got was "I'm not responsible for the website". Not a sorry or thanks for you interest we can make you something quick to help you out. Just rude. I won't be coming to this or any of their locations in the future. Bad customer service.

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